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Afterwards, when he left, the man who had reported in just now told her that he would be going to the hospital again tomorrow. Wen Hui did not feel much about it, and whether or not she was needed was just a single sentence from Qi Yuanming.

Since her life was so cheap, it would not be difficult for her to draw blood and die. Stamping her feet in Ming City was enough to shock any man in the world, and killing her would be as easy as flipping her palm.

Wen Hui laid on the bed. His eyes were sore and tired, but he was still unable to sleep, as though something had come out from his chest.

However, she didn't feel any pain at all. There was a kind of pain called numbness, and when Wen Hui opened the door and walked out, the night seemed so quiet it was as if the darkness had engulfed the entire sky in darkness.

She found a chair to sit on, the night wind blew violently by her ears, it was unknown how it spread throughout her body, even her skin would be scratched in pain. Wen Hui smiled lightly, and for a moment, she felt that dying like that was not bad, she did not need to be a rag doll anymore, and could be pulled by others.

Wen Junguo had said more than once that he did not like Wen Hui's personality.

He did not know that Wen Hui did not like him either, living seemed to be a promise to his mother, she had promised not to give up her life easily, but she lived it life slowly and with difficulty, the mist in her eyes condensed, as though thinking of his mother, Wen Hui could only feel warmth in his heart, only when he felt it.


Wen Hui hurriedly raised his head to force her back into tears. Suddenly, he bumped into the deep gaze of the man on the second floor's balcony, his eyes were as deep as the ocean, so dark that one could not see the bottom.

Wen Hui quickly retracted her gaze and lowered her head to take a deep breath. Her sorry state was just a joke to him, so retracting her pitiful act of pretending to be cold was what she should do!

When she was ready to go back to her room, she just stood up and felt a warm feeling coming from her. Qi Yuanming covered her with a black outer coat, and when he put it on her, it made her feel even more out of place.

She wanted to directly pull off his clothes without even raising her head, but the man's hand was as forceful as a screw as he nailed it onto her shoulder. "Put it on."

His voice was actually very pleasant to hear, as if he had been drinking for many years.

Wen Hui was unable to move, his hands that were wrapped in his palms were boiling hot, slowly warming her entire body, "Thank you!" Acknowledgments are not pretentious, they are just inappropriate.

The moment she opened her mouth, the man with the thick nasal voice frowned, he forcefully pulled Wen Hui to his side and dragged her into the house. She was unable to adapt for a moment and staggered a few steps before she almost fell over, only then did she have the strength to struggle free from his grasp.

"What are you doing?"

Qi Yuanming squinted his dangerous eyes and looked at her, "Afraid that I'll touch you?"

This was the first time she showed any emotion in front of him. Qi Yuanming originally thought that this woman was born to be made of wood, but it turns out that she was not made of wood, she just didn't hit a point that could make her lose control, that's why she didn't feel anything.

"Heh, I thought that a woman like you, who doesn't care for worldly affairs, would have no temper. It turns out you aren't as noble as I thought."

He originally didn't mean it that way, but the moment he said it he became like this. He didn't understand how a woman with a cold personality who could walk the red carpet of a marriage on her own could change her mood because of his actions.

"I'm not a Qing Guan with two sleeves and a light breeze, and even more so not a nun from the deep mountains and forests. I don't need the so-called lofty sentiments."

She was only an ordinary person. Wen Hui, who was standing in front of him, looked at him with a cautious gaze.

"You married me because I'm useful to you, and I only married you because I have no other choice."

It was unknown whether it was because he was angry or because the other Wen Hui's face had a layer of reddish color, and looked especially lively under the light of the lamp. Qi Yuanming just stared into her pair of bright and large eyes without moving an inch.

The woman had been as mysterious as a mystery from the start, but she knew her place, and she had made their connection clear, and the intelligence of it had irritated him.

After a long while, when Wen Hui thought that he would take the next step, Qi Yuanming said indifferently: "Go to sleep, I'll be upstairs."

Wen Hui still could not understand his words even after he disappeared from the staircase. No, it was unacceptable, that this devilish man actually made her feel at ease after he finished speaking. He knew that the reason why she was unable to sleep was because of fear!

His words seemed to carry some magic power behind it. Wen Hui actually fell asleep and only woke up the next day at noon, she fearfully opened her eyes and looked at the sunlight shining outside the window before sighing. This sleep was too deep, to the point that she had the illusion that she had awoken from a trance-like state.

When they walked outside, they miraculously discovered that the Aunt Lin, who usually treated her as transparent, had actually helped her prepare breakfast. It was inconceivable, "Young Mistress, breakfast is already prepared."

Wen Hui nodded as he drank a mouthful of milk in a daze. When he turned his head around, he saw a few girls standing behind him, "Young Mistress, these are the new girls that you picked out. Take a look which ones you want, I'll send them to your room to serve."

Wen Hui almost swallowed his words. Did he really think that there was such a thing as being inferior in ancient times? She looked at all the eighteen year old girls and thought that they were very young. Qi Yuanming thought that this was probably the best choice.

"No need, I can clean it pretty well by myself." She didn't need a follower, the surveillance was too strong.

Without waiting for Aunt Lin to speak again and directly look at the man from last night, she found out later that his name was actually Lin Cheng, "Let's go."

Lin Cheng was originally in a robotic state, but after being asked by Wen Hui, he remembered, "Boss said that you should stay home to rest today."

"Not going to the hospital today?"


Wen Hui thought that he heard wrongly, did these words mean that she did not need to go to the hospital? Su Man's condition seemed to be very unstable, if he didn't go to Su Man, would he be able to hold on? Although he was surprised, he still nodded to show that he understood.

"Alright, I have some private matters to attend to."

Lin Cheng originally wanted to stop him, but then he remembered that Qi Yuanming did not instruct him to restrict his actions, so he turned around and left as well.

Aunt Lin looked at her with a dark expression, but Wen Hui automatically ignored her and left the room. She was not a genuine young mistress, so she did not need to fawn on them one by one.

Wen Hui's so-called private matter was to choose a present. A friend who got along quite well in high school was about to get married, she had to present a gift that would satisfy her.

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