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The business center of the Ming City, which was full of people, was just a golden spot. Wen Hui strolled around randomly, not knowing what to give.

Jewelry? Furniture? Or was it an ornament? Because there were too many things that dazzled her eyes and left her at a loss on what to do.

In the end, she walked into a jewelry store. The sales clerk looked at her with a smile, asking if she wanted any styles.

"I'd like to choose a more complete jewelry box to gift to others."

"So it's like that, Miss, how about these?"

Wen Hui was indeed attracted by one of the necklaces. The natural grapes stone gems had a gold necklace, the yellow-green grapes stone emitted a jade-like glow and glimmer, she thought it was not bad. Just as he wanted Shopping Guide to wrap this up, a gentle and deep voice interrupted, "Wen Hui!"

Surprise was mixed within it. Wen Hui actually heard it, she turned around and saw Sui Yi Ru wearing a light gray suit standing in front of her, the smile on his face was too bright, it was as if he was his name.

"Hello, long time no see."

"I didn't expect to meet you here. I'm so happy."

Wen Hui had never seen a man who could use such a gentle and gentle tone to speak without being hypocritical, and he could feel a feeling of flowing water flowing through his body.

"Are you here to buy jewelry? If you like it, I'll send you off. "

He lowered his head to look at the gold-jeweled necklace, as if he had seen it before. "This necklace is very suitable for you. Could you wrap it up and give it to this young lady?"

The Shopping Guide smiled and said that it was alright, but Wen Hui did not have the time to stop her. She wanted to explain, but was influenced by Sui Yi's bright smile, thought about it, and decided to choose another one.

"Are you free later? Old friends give me a chance to treat you to a meal one at a time. Would you like a Chinese or Western meal? "

Wen Hui laughed and wanted to refuse, but a loud and clear voice at the door sounded very familiar, "We agreed to go eat Korean food at noon."

A group of people followed behind the man. He stood at the front of the group with a long body and a jade body, looking at Wen Hui with a cold and threatening gaze.

There were countless businesses under his name, but she had neglected to come to this one.

Sui Yi's eyes gazed back and forth between the two of them. For a moment, the light in his eyes seemed to have been shattered, yet he pretended to be ignorant. "Who is this?"

Wen Hui didn't know how to answer so he gave her the best answer. Qi Yuanming could see her hesitation, "She is my wife!" Straight to the point!

The man's arm was slightly twisted, causing her to feel pain. She lowered her head to look at the little woman in her embrace. Her rosy lips slightly parted, as if she couldn't accept this answer.

Sui Yiru never thought that she would actually get married! The silent family did not inform him, is he insignificant or naive? He did not know that on the day of Wen Hui's wedding, he was not in the country.

"I wish you happiness!" Sui Yi Ru looked at the faint smile on her face. He didn't hide his disappointment when he saw her walking away.

Wen Hui frowned her eyebrows as she looked at his leaving figure with a little sadness. She had no intention to hurt him, she had originally placed her heart on the bright moon, but it was useless.

Although it was a bit perfunctory, it was a good illustration of his current state.

"Have you seen enough? They're really reluctant to part with it! "

Qi Yuanming had not let go of her, his voice still as cold as ice. Only now did Wen Hui remember that there was still a dangerous person by her side, and the action of hugging her caused even her face to turn a little red.

Seeing that she did not react, the man said harshly: "Didn't I warn you to be obedient! "Where did you throw my words when you saw a man?"

Was it because all women were like her? They did not have the slightest bit of shame and did not fear their image.

Wen Hui lifted her clear eyes and looked at him. When Qi Yuanming said this, she was obviously ridiculing and ridiculing him.

"He was a blind date before me, but we're not suitable." This was the gaze of the crowd outside. She didn't have to put on a show to share her interest.

Wen Junguo had to put in a lot of effort to find a golden turtle for her. When he found out that Sui Yiru's background was just a small unknown company, he didn't allow Wen Hui to interact with him anymore. Sui Yiru had also only just taken over and was frequently sent abroad to take over orders.

Qi Yuanming accidentally touched his nose, this small action of his was obviously a little cute, although she could not be used to describe him, but Wen Hui knew that it was the word.

"You mean you don't like him?"

He thought about how Prince Xiang had the Divine Dream Girl's heart. Although that man just now didn't have the aura of a king, the woman in front of him could be considered to have the temperament of a fairy.

Today, she was wearing a light yellow tweed jacket with shorts and tight jeans, perfectly outlining her body. Qi Yuanming coughed lightly and quickly shifted his gaze away from her.

As long as Wen Hui knew that he understood, he did not waste any more words. Looking at the people who came with him, they knew the reason why he was here, this item was actually his business, as long as he was rich, he had involved so many properties.

"Don't get in contact with those messed up relationships in the future! "Don't let me see you getting tangled up with other men again, or you'll know what I'm up to."

Wen Hui wanted to say something but hesitated. He had already explained it so clearly, but he still thought that she was wrong.

He thought for a moment and changed the topic, "I can't stay at home everyday, much less decide who to meet after leaving the house. It's as if many things can't be left out."

Qi Yuanming snorted, "My things have to be labeled with my label, you are the young mistress of the Qi family now, stop making me remind you!"

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