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C18 Treating Disease

Lin Ya felt it was funny. "We can eat again tomorrow."

Lin Xiao nodded. That's true, it was enough for today anyway.

At night, Lin Ya weaved while Lin Xiao sewed on his pants. He had a great plan now, if he wanted to get rich, he had to earn money. Even if there was no money here, there were things that could be exchanged equally.

As long as he had the most valuable things, he could use them to hire workers and build himself a house.

He was not a female, and he could not accept the kindness of the people here. If one day these people asked him in writing, he would not be able to satisfy them and would instead be put in a very passive position.

"Lin Ya, what's the most valuable thing here?" Lin Xiao asked as he held the needle in his hand.

But Lin Ya didn't understand what he meant by "valuable?"

"Mm …" is the thing that you guys can trade for the most? " Lin Xiao tried to explain.

Lin Ya thought for a while. They were exchanging according to what they had or were lacking.

Some furs are hard to hunt, like the grey rabbit skin. Then you have to trade more prey, or the cloth I weave, there aren't many people in the tribe who know it, but all the females like it, so someone will be willing to trade food or supplies with me. Lin Ya tried his best to explain.

Lin Xiao understood what he was saying. There was no evaluation at all, it just depended on what the other party had.

This was a bit of a headache for him. If he could not return the money, how could he earn money?

This is a serious problem.

At night, Lin Xiao still hadn't come up with a solution even when he went to sleep. Now that this problem wasn't resolved, it would be difficult to solve later.

The next morning, Lin Xiao went out without eating breakfast. He had to collect the ingredients now, so he would think of a way later.

The moment he walked out of the door, he saw Lin Xiao crying towards his family. He didn't know what was going on.

When he got closer, he knew that the female of the family was sick and that the old witch doctor was praying, but from the looks of it, the female was hopeless.

Lin Xiao smiled mysteriously. Business opportunities really come just as they are said!

He raised his hand and said, "Let me see for your female."

Hearing this, everyone turned to look at him. The old witch doctor also looked at him.

Previously, when he saved Ya Heng, the Witch Doctor felt that it was incredible. However, he never had the time to consult Ya Heng. Now, it was a good opportunity to see his true strength.

"As long as you can save my mate, I am willing to agree to any request."

Lin Xiao looked at his red-rimmed eyes and nodded with a smile. "I'll take a look first."

Walking into the room, he saw a very skinny beastman lying on the bed. His face was pale, his lips were split open, and because of the pain, he was frowning. He was completely lifeless.

Lin Xiao checked it out using his pulse and was surprised in his heart. Why was such an ordinary stomach disease in such a painful state?

When he reached out and touched the female's hands and feet and stomach, he knew the answer.

His body was ice-cold, his vital energy and blood were weak, and there was roasted meat on the table.

A person with a stomach ailment was eating hard barbecue for a long time and drinking cold water. Since his abdomen couldn't be kept warm, the pain only increased. Now, he was faintly showing signs of having ulcers.

If he didn't get treatment, he would probably starve to death or die from the pain.

After understanding the situation, Lin Xiao stood up to inspect the room. The other room was sunny, but the female room was a bit damp.

"You should change the house first. The house over there is a little warmer, it's good for the patient. I'll go out now to look for medicine, it can be treated." Lin Xiao looked at Qiping and said.

Qiping looked at Lin Xiao happily and grabbed his hand with all his might. "Really? Is my partner really going to be saved?"

Lin Xiao was hurt, so he shook him off without leaving a trace, "Sure, let's go to the room now. I don't want to see him still sleeping here when I come back."

"Good, good!" The empty room was originally prepared for the child, but the partner was in a poor condition and had never gotten pregnant, so it was empty. Qiping quickly went to clean up. As long as the partner was saved, he would do anything.

Lin Xiao returned to Lin Ya's room, poured a bowl of his boiling water, and carried it to the other side.

He took the spoon that Ya Heng gave him and slowly fed the warm water into the mouth of the female Ai Yue.

The heat flowed down his esophagus and into his stomach. His stomach that was still in extreme pain a moment ago was relieved. He slightly opened his eyes and looked at Lin Xiao.

Seeing that his expression had eased up, Lin Xiao stood up and left after saying a few words.

Chipping saw that his partner was no longer in so much pain, and holding his hand almost made him cry.

Lin Xiao sewed a bag of his own and carried it on his back as he started to dig for treasures in the woods.

Right now, he was full of energy.

When he reached the river, he saw a man standing there.

His strong muscles were blinded by the refraction of the water light. His short black hair stuck to his head, making his eyes especially big.

He looked at his own eyes that were so deep that they seemed like they were about to drip water.

Ya Heng was holding a fish in his hand and looked straight at Ye Zichen.

Lin Xiao glanced at him arrogantly, then walked away as if he was a stranger.

Although Ya Heng didn't think much of it, but why did he have so many reasons to be angry?

Ya Heng watched as Lin Xiao walked into the forest. He followed and went ashore, throwing the fish back into the water.

He knew that Lin Xiao was still angry at him, but he didn't know how to forgive him.

Knowing that there was someone behind him, Lin Xiao pretended not to see and continued to look for his things.

After picking the chilies and digging up the ginger, he wanted to find something he had never seen before. If he had a main dish, it would be perfect.

While he was flipping and searching, Ya Heng followed behind him without a word, watching his every move.

It was as if every movement of his was captivating, as if there was some sort of magic within him.

Ai Yue's body needed food and treatment, but he couldn't find anything that could be used to make porridge.

If he ate more oily food, he probably wouldn't be able to cure it.

However, after searching for a long time, he still couldn't find anything of value. Thankfully, he had picked a few jujube leaves that were fresh and could be used to dry.

He wanted Ya Heng to help him, but he couldn't open his mouth, so he could only silently walk forward.

Lin Xiao wanted Ya Heng to give him two eggs. No matter what, it would be used to replenish his body, but...

There was still the fish. He clearly saw Ya Heng grab the fish just now, why is it gone now?

These were all good things.

Ye Zichen turned his head to look at the man, then continued to sulk.

Ya Heng saw his actions and felt it was funny, but he didn't show it.

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