Farming: The Beast King Pampers the Hubby/C3 The Wild Man Transforms!
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Farming: The Beast King Pampers the Hubby/C3 The Wild Man Transforms!
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C3 The Wild Man Transforms!

In the evening, Ya Heng took out the fur beast skin that was given to him by Mother and laid it on the bed.

This kind of thing was very difficult to hunt. The fur was very soft and the females liked it a lot. Ya Heng was afraid that Lin Xiao might not be used to living in his own cave.

After he had made the bed, he gestured for Lin Xiao to go to sleep.

Lin Xiao had watched him move for a long time and felt a little sorry. This person saved him and even gave him food. Since he was still taking care of him now, he should thank him.

Therefore, after Ya Heng was done, he said, "Thank you."

Even though the other party could not understand what he was saying.

"I'm Lin Xiao, Lin Xiao, me." Lin Xiao said while pointing at himself, one word at a time.

He knew that the person in front of him should be telling him his name.

"Forest..." "Dawn." The man pronounced it with difficulty.

"Yes, my name is Lin Xiao, what about you?" Lin Xiao pointed at Ya Heng.

"Ya Heng."

Lin Xiao read along. The two of them seemed to have found something interesting as they learned each other's names and chanted non-stop.

Upon receiving the approval of the other party, he laughed gleefully.

Lin Xiao smiled happily. Actually, he rarely smiles like this. Firstly, as a Chinese doctor, he has to keep up his airs. Also, there aren't many things worth laughing about.

Ya Heng felt his heart ache as he looked at the people who were smiling happily. What kind of tribe would abandon such an attractive female like her?

If Lin Xiao was willing, he would bring him back and take good care of him.

Of course, Lin Xiao didn't know what he was thinking. He was always lacking when he first came here, and now that he's too sleepy, he decided to get up first.

The next morning, Ya Heng went out to hunt. His hunting period was ten days, and it was already the fifth day. He had to hunt for food as soon as possible so he could bring Lin Xiao back.

Therefore, when Lin Xiao woke up, Ya Heng was no longer in the cave.

He walked out of the cave, wanting to look around.

He completely forgot about the danger from yesterday.

He strolled through the forest, looking at the towering trees and gigantic birds that he had never seen before.

The creatures here were dozens of times larger than what they were in real life. Every bird was as big as an eagle.

He sneaked out of the stream. Actually, he wasn't far from the cave entrance, where Ya Heng dealt with food everyday.

"It's good that there's no pollution. The water is crystal clear." As he spoke, he used his hands to drink a few mouthfuls of water and then lay down on the grass to bask in the sun.

He didn't notice the beast crawling in the grass behind him.

Kagel also came out to hunt, he didn't expect to meet a female on the way back, and she hasn't been marked yet.

He hid in the grass and watched his every move. He had never seen such a beautiful female before, not even a tenth of the beautiful females in the tribe. He wanted to go up and ask why he was here alone, he wanted to take him back to the tribe, but he didn't know how to go up since he had never met a female before.

Finally, he mustered his courage and stepped out of the bush.

Lin Xiao, who was lying down, heard something behind him. He turned around and said, "Oh my god!"

He stared at the humongous … Wolf! He got up and started to run.

However, when Kagel saw that the female was about to run away out of fear, he didn't know what was going on and wanted to explain.

"You, you, you … Don't come near me. " Lin Xiao turned around to face Kagel, his lips trembling. He didn't want to be eaten.

"Ya Heng, Ya Heng, where are you?" Lin Xiao was on the verge of tears. He had never missed anyone so much before.

Kagel didn't understand what he was saying, and what Ya Heng said wasn't very accurate, so he didn't hear him clearly.

A wolf that was a full circle bigger than him charged forward and knocked him away.

The two wild beasts bit each other.

Lin Xiao looked at the change in front of him in fear. When he wanted to get up and run, he found that he twisted his leg.

The two wild beasts only lasted for a few seconds before Kagel stopped.

"Ya Heng, what are you doing!?" Kagel looked angrily at his brethren who were using their front paws to pressure him.

Ya Heng slowly let go of Kagel and turned into a human body. He looked at Kagel with a cold expression and said, "You are courting death."

On the other side, Lin Xiao, who just stood up and was ready to run, saw Ya Heng's transformation and his three views were completely ruined. He stared at Ya Heng without blinking.

He felt like he was in a fantasy. Werewolf?

Ya Heng did not say much to Kagel, turned around to check to see if Lin Xiao was injured.

Just as he reached out his hand, Lin Xiao subconsciously stepped back, not letting him touch it.

Was the world crazy or was he crazy? He thought that these people were just barbarians.

When Ya Heng saw him retreat, he felt a little hurt. With a cold expression, he turned around and looked at Kagel, who had turned into a human, "He's mine. If I see you harassing him again, I won't be polite with you."

That voice was full of threat. It was completely devoid of the gentleness when facing Lin Xiao.

Kagel shook his head, "I didn't know it was your female. I just wanted to greet him, I didn't expect to scare him."

Ya Heng saw that there was something wrong with Lin Xiao's moving steps. He bent over and carried the person in his arms, then walked towards the cave. "Scram."

This time it was his negligence. He didn't expect the female to be so daring as to come out and run around alone.

Luckily, he was nearby and heard him call out to him. If he wasn't there … He felt scared just thinking about it.

Although males do not harm females, sometimes they lose control of the beastly and force them to mark females.

Fortunately, he managed to catch up.

When Lin Xiao was hugged by the princess, he felt like puffing out smoke from his head, "Put me down!" I'm not a woman.

However, Ya Heng didn't understand.

He hugged Lin Xiao and found that he was really thin. His entire body was filled with bones, but it was unusually comfortable.

The clothes on his body were also something he had never seen before. It was very soft, much softer than the clothes of the females in the tribe, not to mention the beast skin on their bodies.

It was just that there was a hole in his leg when he fell down.

"Wait for me." With that, Ya Heng walked out.

Lin Xiao was just sitting there daydreaming. His heart was in a mess right now, could it be that he was eaten by this monster?

A monster that can transform, and that physique, I can't beat it!

When Ya Heng returned with the herbs, he saw Lin Xiao wiping his tears.

He was immediately anxious. "What happened to you?" Did he hurt you? " As he spoke, he was about to strip him and examine his injuries.

Lin Xiao was scared out of his wits. His tears became even more intense, "Don't touch me!"

Sensing his resistance, he stopped and silently crushed the herb. Then, he applied it on Lin Xiao's swollen ankle and tied it up with beast skin.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you." As Ya Heng said this, he reached out to wipe the tears on Lin Xiao's face, but he was still evaded.

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