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Chapter I: One Poor, Two White, Three Mouth (1)

In the middle of winter, the fine snowflakes were like the purest sugar, rustling down and wrapping up the serene village layer by layer. Gradually, the green steps, the farmland, and the roof beams were obscured, leaving only endless pure white.

"If only it was real sugar."

The fifteen year old Black Bean licked his chapped lips and sighed, as if he was talking to his sick sister on the bed, or talking to himself, "Er Niu, you have to get better soon, your brother Mao Dou is still waiting for you to wake up and eat New Year's Eve dumplings with him."

Mao Dou, who was lying on the side of the wooden bed, heard the noise and rubbed his eyes before sitting up.

"Bro, do we have dumplings to eat?"

How could there be a dumpling made with white noodles in the house? It was just saying it was nice to listen to and coaxing his sister to open her eyes. Black Bean shook his head and remembered that his brother couldn't see anything even if there was no light in the house, so he asked: "Are you hungry? I'll make you a bowl of wild vegetable soup. "

He was hungry to the point that his heart was pressed against his back. When he heard that he was about to get up from the wild herb soup, he was quickly held down by Black Bean.

"Don't get up on such a cold day. Big Bro will bring the bowl to you and eat on the bed. Your sister is still sick, hurry up and press the blanket down, don't shake the wind. "

Mao Dou nodded sensibly, sniffling a few times from the cold. He looked longingly at the stove with carbon still in his stomach, then suddenly changed his mind.

"Bro, I better not drink anymore. I'll keep it for Sis. When she wakes up, I'll give it to her."

Black Bean's eyes immediately reddened. If his uncle's family did not take over three acres of land left behind by his parents, his third uncle's family would have taken away everything they could take. The three siblings would not have nothing left to stutter about by the end of the year.

The wild vegetables in the pot were the ones that he had previously dug up and stored in the sun. Even if the villagers were to dislike the old wild vegetables, they would only pick the sprouts from before the spring. did not even bother to feed the pigs as he had dug all these.

Black Bean wiped the corner of his eyes and said: "You just need to rest assured to eat, there's still some wild vegetables that I dug up, even if your sister wakes up, it's not enough."

Mao Dou nodded his head obediently. With a smile, his eyes turned into crescent moons as he greedily smacked his lips. "Brother, then give me a bowl. I can't eat anymore if I have more Mao Dou."

The soup was sparse, what could there be that could not be drunk. Black Bean knew that his little brother felt sorry for them and purposefully let them go. He answered somewhat uncomfortably, touching the darkness only to see a snow-white light coming out from the crack. He carefully made a bowl of vegetable soup and handed it over to the bed.

"Be careful not to spill the soup onto the bed."

"En, brother, I can't bear to sprinkle the blankets on you. This wild vegetable soup is so delicious."

While the two brothers were talking in low voices, two knocks on the door sounded out from outside. Who else came to burn the cold brick bed during the new year?

"I'll go out and take a look. Once you've finished drinking, bring the bowl to me. Wait for me to come back and get it for you."

After Black Bean instructed his brother, he went to the kitchen door and put on his raincoat, then went outside to open the door.

Seeing the person standing outside, Black Bean frowned: What are you doing here?

Lotus's face turned red. Luckily, it was dark and no one could see her.

"Brother, our family did the wrong thing. I didn't have the face to see you guys at first, but I heard that Little Sister Hong Dou was sick. Did you see the doctor take the medicine?" If I don't have any money, I'll think about it when I get home. "It's a bit of a mess here. My mom doesn't know this, but why don't you boil some meat for me and your little brother? If I get sick, I have to eat some solid food."

As she said that, Lotus shoved a flour bag that she had carefully hid along the way into Black Bean's arms. Black Bean subconsciously said "Who wants your things". Before he could say it, Lotus had already turned around and ran away.

Black Bean stared at the jumbled bag in his hand as if it was filled with thorns. In the end, he was not willing to throw it away and took it into the house.

When Mao Dou heard the door creak, he curiously stuck his head out. "Brother, who is it?"

Black Bean said in a depressed voice: "Your sister Lotus, she stole a bag of noodles and brought it over for you guys to boil."

Mao Dou frowned unhappily. "Aunt's house is full of bad people. They stole our land. We don't want their things!"

Before Black Bean could speak, he suddenly heard a creak from the small wooden bed, and immediately turned to look with rapt attention. He realised that he had misheard, and upon closer inspection, it was his sister who had woken up, struggling to get up.

Mao Dou also discovered it. The two of them were both surprised and happy as they rushed over to help him.

One said in a coaxing tone, "Are you better now, are you thirsty? I'll have Mao Dou go heat up some water. Your Sister Lotus has just sent a bag of noodles, so I'll make some noodles for you to eat later. I'll make a big bowl for you ? "

It was a naive and romantic scene. In the blink of an eye, he had forgotten that he was angry with someone from a moment ago. He clapped his hands in joy: "Big sister is great, big sister is great!"

When Li Yannian heard their undisguised expressions of concern and joy, she felt both sad and touched.

She had actually been awake for a while. Because the facts of his previous life's death were now clear, and Lei Yutian had even opened his computer network and died from being struck by lightning on the head, there were almost no obstacles as he had to accept the fact that his soul had pierced through his body.

When she received the original owner's memories, she couldn't help but sigh at the misfortune of this family. Only three siblings remained in the family. They had lost their parents at such a young age, and now they met such an unscrupulous uncle. Without money and resources, it was truly difficult for them. Fortunately, as the older brother, he had shoulders, so he would rather freeze hungry than the two small ones. If it wasn't for the extreme cold this winter, the original owner of his body wouldn't have gone so early.

Thinking up to this point, she looked at the simple clothes that Black Bean was wearing, then touched the thin cotton-padded jacket that she and Mao Dou were wearing, and remembered that this was the only winter clothes that he had taken from the original owner's parents. When Third Uncle of the Li family came to rob things, this old cotton jacket was worn out beyond recognition. He stuffed it at the bottom of the cupboard and shook it a little. In the end, he did not take a fancy to it and left behind a blue bead.

Fortunately, Black Bean was very meticulous, and thought of the strict winter later in the summer. Taking advantage of the fact that the weather had not turned cold yet, he brazenly begged to go next door to the Wang family and cut the pigweed for them for ten days. Only then did Aunt Ren find the time to help change the coat into two smaller ones, one for Mao Dou and the other for the original owner, Hong Dou. Although it was not as thick as the winter clothes of the other children, it could at least store some heat so that the two children wouldn't freeze to death.

As for Black Bean himself, from summer to winter, he only wore the same clothes he had the day their parents died. With their family property taken over by their uncles, it was difficult for the siblings to even eat, much less have the spare money to buy winter coats. As soon as the day got cold, Black Bean would tie a straw stick to his body, and whether or not it was raining, he would wear a rain cape to block the wind. Only then did he grit his teeth and endured half the winter.

Li Yannian couldn't help but sigh. It was unfortunate, but also fortunate, that she had teleported to such a place. Since the heavens were willing to give her another chance, she must be connected to the original owner to live on.

Black Bean did not know that his own sister had already changed her focus. Seeing that she did not say anything, he thought that she was sick and did not have the strength to speak, so he quickly assigned Mao Dou to work, "Ah, Dou, go cook the stove for me and I will cook for you. Let's eat a bowl of hot food to celebrate New Year."

"Eh, I'll go right now."

Mao Dou kicked off the ground and reached for the stove to add firewood.

For a moment, the room was silent, except for the crackling sound of the small fire licking the dry wood.

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