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It is a disaster that cannot be avoided (2)

The shopkeeper's heart skipped a beat. Letting the third young master know about this was the same as letting the eldest young master know ? He was a seasoned fox after all, so when he thought about it, his expression immediately changed. He smiled at Third Young Master Gu Mingyuan, his tone was warm yet not overly fawning, wanting to send him away quickly.

"Third Young Master, why are you free today? They came to look for our boss, but unfortunately, he went to the manor to discuss business with the merchant and was not in the shop today. If you have any urgent matters, can I ask the boy on the bed to take you there? "

Li Yannian suddenly interjected from the side, her voice became as cold as ice: "Your boss is really busy, didn't she tell me just now that he was trying to interrogate my brother who stole this paper? Why are you talking about business with the merchant now? "

The shopkeeper secretly groaned in his heart. He actually forgot that he had used the young master to make a raft to intimidate this country girl. Now, he had been pinched seven inches.

Gu Mingyuan was originally here for Li Yannian, but after hearing her mention this all of a sudden, and thinking of how her brother had brought in a few days ago, he immediately understood what the shopkeeper was thinking. At that time, he had heard that his big brother had a hidden problem with the shopkeeper's abilities, but he didn't pay attention to the origins of this thing. Otherwise, when he discussed the business of the bookstore with the merchant, the problems with the paper would be easily solved.

Gu Mingyuan could not help but have a cold expression, he stared straight at Shopkeeper Xing, his gaze pressuring: "What happened, what this girl said was the truth. Where is her brother, where did you put him? "Shopkeeper Xing, our Gu family has a righteous path of business, we cannot tolerate our subordinates taking the title of master and acting unscrupulously outside. This will ruin our Gu family's reputation!"

When Li Yannian heard the name of the Gu family, she immediately knew that she had coincidentally bumped into the Royal Merchant's Gu family. Ignoring the ashen-faced Bookstore manager, she turned around and greeted the teenager who was only fourteen or fifteen years old but was surprisingly able to speak.

"I wonder if Third Young Master Gu is the Third Young Master of the Royal Merchant's Gu family?"

Gu Mingyuan was a little surprised: "It's me, you recognize me?"

Li Yannian shook her head: "The last time my brother came to the Manor to deliver paper, he was hit by a horse carriage, and it was with your help. Brother came home and told me about this matter. Today, I unexpectedly met my benefactor, so on behalf of Brother, I thank you again. "If it wasn't for the cold weather, my brother might have gotten home and caused a chill."

When Gu Mingyuan heard her gentle and generous words, he had a good impression of his. He felt that it was strange, although his clothes were rough, his conduct was not that of a country girl, but more like he was raised by someone who knew how to cultivate. Being reminded by Li Yannian, he immediately remembered what happened that day, and instantly felt his face turn red.

This little girl had still saved his face. Wasn't it her second brother, Gu Mingliang, who had bumped into her brother? After all, they were the ones that their family had provoked first.

This time, Gu Mingyuan didn't need to mention anything else as he said to Shopkeeper Xing, "I am an old friend of hers, and he is not the kind of person that Shopkeeper Xing said was capable of stealing from a chicken to a dog, and there might be some misunderstanding. Shopkeeper Xing, on my account, hurry and release his."

What else could the Shopkeeper Xing say? With a bitter face, he entered the rear hall, and after a while, released Black Bean.

"Brother, are you alright?" After all he was still in someone else's territory, and the origin of the paper involved the system's secret. Li Yannian was truly guilty, so he did not pursue the matter further.

Black Bean saw that he was not injured, but his expression was a little ugly. He stared at Shopkeeper Xing for a while, then turned to the girl and said: "I'm fine.

Shopkeeper Xing's face was ecstatic as he repeated his agreement, "That's right, that's right. I just asked a few more questions, but I forgot about it in an instant ?"

His words were pale, and everyone present knew what was going on. However, the Li siblings thought that it was a blessing to be able to get out of this situation, it was better not to fight with wealth, and it was better to not fight with officials. They decided to go back on their words, and did not want to bother with the Bookstore manager anymore.

Gu Mingyuan felt that this was his big bro's territory after all, and that it was not good for him to extend his hand as his little brother. Shopkeeper Xing could be considered an old man in his family, but he would still do such a stupid thing like deceiving others, without needing to do anything himself. In the future, Big Brother would definitely not stop worrying about letting this kind of shopkeeper stay, hence he was too lazy to talk about it.

He turned around and looked at the two siblings' faces, smiled amiably and said, "You haven't eaten yet after all this time. Why don't you go to the next restaurant and let me treat you guys to a good meal as compensation?"

Black Bean still wanted to return the papers he sent his previously, but just as he was about to speak, Li Yannian snatched them away: "There's no need to eat, there's still a lot of miscellaneous things waiting for us to return home. Third Young Master, thank you very much. "Brother, let's go."

Black Bean's heart ached for the carriage full of papers, but seeing that his face was so dark and he did not want to stay in Bookstore any longer, he endured the pain and was dragged out the door by Li Yannian.

"Eh, little girl ?" Gu Mingyuan didn't have enough time to react, he had probably never seen a pair of siblings who left just like that in their entire lives. There wasn't a single trace of guilt in their words, when he went back and gave chase, he would have already gotten onto the ox-cart road. He, the dignified Third Young Master of the Gu family, couldn't possibly pull this along with him on the streets, so he had no choice but to give up.

After returning, he felt a bit stifled. After three slow beats, Gu Mingyuan finally thought of something, and realized that the two siblings were treating the Gu family like a dragon and a tiger's den. Once they got their freedom, they were afraid that they would bite back and stop eating their apologies. Gu Mingyuan found the Shopkeeper Xing even more unpleasant to the eye, and the Gu family's reputation had been completely ruined by him.

When Gu Mingyuan returned to the Gu family mansion at night, he completely tidied up the matter with his big brother Gu Mingde. When Gu Mingde heard this, he immediately asked his trusted aides to come back and ask him about it. When he asked around, it was even more amazing, other than what Gu Mingyuan had said before, the Shopkeeper Xing actually took the initiative to take the morning paper and transport it to another place, neither going to the shop nor returning it to the delivery man. It was obvious that he wanted to hide it from the person up there so that he could swallow the goods himself, and then slowly make his move.

One thousand nine hundred pieces of high-quality Xuan paper, hehe, was enough for Shopkeeper Xing to work hard for the Gu family for three years. The Xing Family really didn't want to work for them anymore. They actually dared to take over their boss's property!

Gu Mingde's prediction was probably correct. The Shopkeeper Xing reckoned that he would not be able to hide the matter of the Li siblings in the end. After all, he did not have much time left in the shop, so he simply withheld the pile of papers that Gu Mingyuan did not know about privately, treating it as his boss's severance fee. In truth, other than the goods that Black Bean had given them, he had also placed quite a lot of them at the front. Bookstore would always use up some of the papers, but no one knew whether or not they had gotten damp and moldy.

Gu Mingde was well aware of the principle that there is no end to water. Originally, Shopkeeper Xing was very experienced in handling matters, and he did not care if his hands and feet were a little dirty, but now that he had made a move, it had deeply touched his bottom line.

What he cared about was not the thousands of pieces of paper. The fifty to sixty taels of silver was not enough for him to spend in a day. Instead, he cared about the thousands of pieces of paper behind them! But this damned Shopkeeper Xing, had foolishly offended such a key character and even let him go!

Where in the world was he supposed to find these two siblings?

"What a failure!" After Gu Mingde scolded them for a while, the rest of the people in the room looked at each other. To be able to infuriate the normally calm young master to such a state, they all felt their hearts tensed up, and did not dare to breathe out.

However, Gu Mingyuan was stunned. "Good boy, that little girl is actually willing to give it up. Several tens of silver coins, is enough to live a lifetime in the countryside."

Gu Mingde turned his head upon hearing the voice, a rare confused expression appeared on his face, but after a moment, his expression became clear and bright, "The silver that I should have taken but I didn't dare to take it, even if I was bullied by that old thing Xing Youfu, I didn't dare make a sound. There's something wrong with these two siblings. "

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