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Black Bean ate the rice porridge in his bowl slowly, as if he wanted to memorise the taste of the porridge deeply in his taste buds. Seeing that his younger brother was a little silly, he couldn't help but put down his chopsticks and ask, "What are you doing eating your fill of idiocy?"

Mao Dou looked at them mysteriously and said in a low voice, "Big brother, big sis, is our family rich now? There's a lot of rice on the ground, even Lizheng's house doesn't have such good white rice to eat! "

Li Yannian looked at him, then turned back to look at Black Bean, and warmly said, "Our family has matters regarding the rice, we cannot speak of it to the outside, and in the future, no matter what Bodhisattva says, you cannot speak of it to the outside world. Even if they say that we are poor beggars who cannot eat, you cannot fight over it, Mao Dou, do you understand?"

Mao Dou covered his mouth and laughed before saying, "Big sis, I know, it doesn't work if you say it." "In the future, we won't starve or get frozen. No one can bully us. Bodhisattva has promised."

These words caused Black Bean and Li Yannian to stare blankly. They thought that Mao Dou had slept soundly, but it turned out that he had heard them all.

Black Bean's eyes flashed, and became choked with sobs: "Mao Dou is right, in the future, we will shut up and eat well, and drink well, and not let others see anything."

"That's right, especially the family of uncle and uncle, they will be angered to death!" Mao Dou clenched his small fists. He clearly treated his uncle and uncle's family as irreconcilable enemies. His appearance was truly a bit adorable.

Li Yannian had not interacted with these two families before, so it was hard to say how deep they were, but judging from the old master's scattered memories, if Big Uncle's family was an open gun, then Little Uncle's family was a hidden arrow, nothing was good.

Come to think of it, it was weird, but to be able to raise such a Li siblings, Li Hongshan and Zhang Sanniang should not be idiots either. After all, a parent was the first teacher in their child's life. But how could Li Hongshan's two brothers, Li Qingshan and Li Jun Shan, who were siblings from the same mother, have such different characters?

What was even more strange was that the three Li siblings s were openly robbed of their family property by their uncles. It was as if the villagers was just watching a show, no one stood up to speak up for them.

Besides, the Li family had no elders. Li Hongshan's parents, who were also the grandparents of the Li family's three siblings, lived at the entrance of the village. The Zhang Sanniang's parents were also not far away, at the top of a mountain behind the Li Village.

However, Li Hongshan and Zhang Sanniang have both been dead for almost half a year, yet the two families had not made any movements during this half a year, and there was no one who came to look after three siblings.

Li Yannian thought back carefully, only that it was a pity that the old master was still young, and could not remember the many things, and only remembered that the Zhang Sanniang never seemed to have taken the initiative to mention his grandma and grandpa in front of them. Her mother's home was so close, so logically speaking, it would be very convenient for Zhang Sanniang to return home, but according to the original owner's memories, Zhang Sanniang didn't seem to have gone home even once.

It seemed that the relationship between the Zhang Sanniang and his family wasn't good, and they might have cut off for some reason. So much so that after such a huge incident with the Lee family and the Zhang siblings, no one from the Zhang family came to support them.

In comparison, her grandparents who lived in the same village seemed even more indifferent. Li Yannian had seen such families before. A one-tailed adult child was in so much pain that he was flustered. It was as if he had just picked up a child from the middle of the house.

Li Yannian shook her head in disapproval. These two Li Family elders were really biased, to the point where they ignored their grandsons and granddaughters. With such a heartless family, if they were to find out the secret of her System in the future, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Thinking up to here, Li Yannian's expression immediately became serious as she instructed Black Bean and Mao Dou, "Brother, little brother, these things were indeed all exchanged by the Bodhisattva for me. The rice and blankets today, were all exchanged with the forage leaf that I used my mother's savings to buy. I'm not too sure about the details, you just have to remember one thing, you definitely can't tell anyone about me meeting a Bodhisattva after I get sick. In the future, our family will have many more things like this. Since the three of us are still so young, no matter how strong you are, you can't stop those black-hearted people from saying that you took the things away. "You're still talking so perfectly. Even if we wanted to come over and reason with you, we can't even be compared to him."

Hearing that, Black Bean clenched his porridge bowl tightly into a fist, his eyes was filled with anger, even Mao Dou was frowning, with a look of deep thought.

Back then, their eldest uncle, Li Qingshan, had held a promissory note saying that their father had borrowed twenty pieces of money from him and snatched away all the land within a few acres that Li Hongshan had left behind. Hong Dou and Mao Dou were still young and inexperienced, but Black Bean wasn't.

villagers's life was miserable and ha-ha ha, whoever's family could still bring out a little over two taels of money during New Year's, would be considered a good person. Where did his uncle's family get such a large sum of money to lend to others! As for what was written on the promissory note, three siblings didn't even see a single word, who knows what was written on it!

However, even though this IOU was full of doubts, Li Jun still handed over the land deed to her uncle's family on the spot. The meaning behind the words was that a few acres of land owned by the Li family were worthless.

Wasn't this what the little sister said, that they could snatch whatever they wanted, snatch things from her more reasonable point of view than others, yet they couldn't even compete with her?!

Li Yannian carefully observed the expression on the two brothers' faces, and seeing that they had obviously been persuaded, she smiled reassuringly, and continued, "Besides, you guys have also seen it. The things that the Bodhisattva has given us are not things that we can buy here. Once outsiders find out, it's still light to come snatch the items away. I might as well use the title of Demon's Evildoer on my head, even if I have been burned alive. If it wasn't for the fact that our family life was really difficult, I wouldn't even take the risk to shake these things in front of your eyes. "

Black Bean and Mao Dou's eyes were filled with panic. Mao Dou actually cried as he said it. He went forward and tightly hugged Li Yannian's arms, as if he was afraid that someone would drag her away in the next moment.

"Mao Dou won't say a word. If you don't want to burn Big Sister, you're not allowed to!"

Obviously Black Bean did not think about it before, but after being pointed out by Li Yannian, his expression became serious. He stared at her for a full minute, not knowing what he was thinking. In the end, he promised his in a serious tone, "Don't worry, Er Niu. I'll listen to everything at home, me and Dou'er will watch my mouth. We won't say a single word that shouldn't be said."

With that, he asked Mao Dou, "Dou'er, don't you think so?"

Mao Dou's snot and tears were all over his face as he cried. He was still hiccuping, but when he heard Black Bean's question, he hurriedly said, "I won't say it, I won't say it, I won't say it even if it costs me my life. Dou'er, don't let Big Sister die! Big Sister, don't die! "

Seeing that he was so angry that he was about to cry, Li Yannian immediately held her in his arms and patted her back to ease his anger. In the future, as long as she and Big Bro keep the family's secret, Big Sis will be fine and will always be with you. "

Black Bean was afraid that she wouldn't be able to hold him, so he reached out his hands to his crying brother and tried to coax her. After a while, he finally managed to coax his.

The biggest problem that laid in front of her was perfectly solved. This time, Li Yannian was finally relieved. Today, their family had finally taken the first step towards getting food and drinks. The days to come were still long in the future. Let's see how they would lead their days on fire and in heat!

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