Fast Transmigration: Save Him/C1 Survived a Great Disaster
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Fast Transmigration: Save Him/C1 Survived a Great Disaster
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C1 Survived a Great Disaster

Qingjiu was dead!

Her almighty fourth uncle said that her soul was missing by one-sixth. To be able to live until 18 years old was already a fortune teller.

In order to let her live again, Qingjiu was thrown into an unknown black hole by her fourth uncle. There was a mirror in front of her to prove that she was still the same silly looking her.

Was he going to use his soul to collect the missing soul?

"After completing the mission, the host will wake up. Would you like to start the mission?" A cold female voice sounded in Qingjiu's mind.

"Yes." Qingjiu lifted her left hand and saw the bracelet on her wrist. It was a milky white jade. It looked like an ordinary bracelet.

The system's voice sounded again, "The mission is about to start. Please prepare."

Qingjiu closed her eyes and felt a slight wind blowing by her ears.

"Qingjiu! Soong Qingjiu!"

Who was calling?

"Pfft!" A mouthful of water was spat out from Qingjiu's mouth. She opened her eyes and saw a handsome face.

She used her hands to prop herself up and sat up. Only then did she realize that she was lying on the grass, completely drenched.

The original owner's memories flooded in. She recognized that it was Ying Xi.

And 'she' was pushed into the water by him because he snatched his phone, giving her the time to fuse with her soul.

She looked up and saw two people beside her. One was Ying Xi, whom Qingjiu had known since she was young. He was angular and gentle, and he looked feminine and handsome. He was looking at her apologetically. The other was his target, Lu Xingshi. He was also drenched, angular, and cold. He looked like a prince charming who did not want to have sex.

How could this handsome man be the one who destroyed this world?

[Ding] Lu Xingshi, Black Level: 888, Combat Level: 444, Intelligence: 899, EQ: unknown, Stamina: 10. His goal was to prevent Ying Xi from killing Lu Xingshi and purifying his Black Level.

The cold voice in the bracelet prompted, and then a warning sounded. "The original owner is crafty and domineering, he likes to bully the target. Host, don't use colored glasses to look at people."

... "" Qingjiu was petrified. Black value: 888. Indeed, her handsome face had thorns.

However, she was willing to use everything to purify handsome people.

As she thought about it, she stared at Lu Xingshi, whose face was full of disdain.

The bracelet read Qingjiu's heart and made a disdainful gesture. She did not understand why her boss would waste his Profound Qi on her.

Ying Xi noticed Qingjiu's bright eyes on Lu Xingshi. She was not as silly as before and felt very uncomfortable. "Well, I was really careless. I did not do it on purpose. You insisted on snatching my phone to see, but in the end..." He lowered his head.

"It's fine, it's fine." Qingjiu waved her hand indifferently and followed Ying Xi's strength to get up. Seeing Lu Xingshi turning around and leaving, she quickly used all her strength to shout at him, "I will repay you."

Lu Xingshi left even faster.

"Ying Xi, what are you standing there for? Take me home!" Qingjiu shivered. The river was quite cold. Fortunately, the original owner's home was not far from here and her parents should not be at home at this time.

Ying Xi came back to his senses and supported Qingjiu to go home. He then turned around to look. He looked at the river with a complicated expression. Why did he feel that Lu Xingshi was not saving people at that time? Qingjiu also seemed to have changed into a different person?

Soong Family.

Qingjiu finished bathing and stood beside the bathroom. She looked at her face that was exactly the same as hers and kept making expressions.

In her previous life, she did not have any expression. She would only say in a daze, "Merging into this body, she feels that there are many differences and it is very strange.

"Host, can you not stand here like a fool? My boss told me to grow up with you, not with you, idiot. "

Qingjiu stopped what she was doing and rolled her eyes at the bracelet, "Why would you speak in my heart?"

"I have always been attached to my heart. Just say whatever you want in my heart and I will be able to hear it. Host, please call me Little White."

Lil' White expressed that he did not want to be a nameless person.

"Alright, Lil 'White."

The two chatted for a while before Qingjiu pushed open the door and walked out.

Qingjiu changed her clothes and sat by the bed. As she looked at the room, she was thinking about what kind of identity she should use to get close to Lu Xingshi.

"As his girlfriend, won't he listen to you? Wouldn't he not turn black? " Lil 'White's words were filled with contempt. He really didn't understand why he would partner with such a person.

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