Fast Transmigration: Save Him/C2 Let's Make a Deal
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Fast Transmigration: Save Him/C2 Let's Make a Deal
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C2 Let's Make a Deal

Be his girlfriend?

Qingjiu remembered the look of disgust on Lu Xingshi's face. She almost wrote it on her forehead: "Qingjiu, don't get too close.

"I have to change his view on me first. Then, step by step, I will attack the city and conquer the land." Qingjiu nodded, stood up, and looked like she was injected with stimulants.

Little White puckered his lips. "You can do it!"

Qingjiu heard a similar sound of someone lying down, "Lil' White, you will still lie down?"

"I'm going to sleep." Little White said vaguely and did not speak again.

Qingjiu pouted. She walked to the front of the desk and opened the second drawer on the right based on her memory. Inside was the dormitory's spare key and class schedule.

Since she didn't have any classes in the afternoon, she could go back to school first so that she could integrate into her new life as soon as possible.

The girls' dormitory 203.

Qingjiu walked to the door and found that the door was not locked. It seemed that her roommate was inside.

She lived in a rare two-person dormitory. Her roommate, Xu Meng, was a gentle and kind girl.

Taking a deep breath, Qingjiu pushed the door open and walked in.

"I'm back." She smiled and walked to the bedside to sit down. Only then did she realize that Xu Meng was staring fixedly at her.

Xu Meng frowned. When did this young miss become so polite? Also, her eyes were bright and not as blank as before.

Qingjiu narrowed her eyes and stood up. She directly sat beside Xu Meng and reached out to grab her arm, "Just now I fell into the river and almost drowned. When I woke up, I suddenly felt that many things were different." She lowered her head and leaned on Xu Meng's shoulder, looking forward to this very casual explanation of hers to reduce her suspicions a little.

"Yes, I believe you." Xu Meng nodded.

Qingjiu looked up in surprise. She did not think that she would be so easy to talk to.

If only Lu Xingshi was like her.

"Well, do you know where Lu Xingshi often goes?" Qingjiu moved a little to the side and looked at Xu Meng.

Xu Meng pursed her lips and thought for a while. "I heard that he often goes to the library, basketball court, and work outside." She held her fingers and only thought of these three.

Qingjiu nodded thoughtfully and a sly smile hung on the corner of her mouth.

This "saving my life," she had to "repay" well.


After Lu Xingshi went back to his dormitory to take a shower, he went straight to the library.

He took a book and found an empty seat to sit down. He deliberately ignored the girls' murmurs and opened the book.

He actually saved that "devil incarnate" today. He really did not know what kind of brain thing was wrong with it.

He sighed and closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, "Devil King of Confusion" appeared in front of him.


He closed his eyes and opened them again. What he saw was still her.

Qingjiu looked at Lu Xingshi who kept opening his eyes and closing his eyes, her face full of doubt. Could it be that his eyes were not comfortable?

"Senior Lu, what happened to you?" Qingjiu leaned forward and approached Lu Xingshi.

Lu Xingshi stood up as if he had seen a plague. He picked up the book on the table and walked towards the stairs.

"Hey!" Qingjiu quickly chased after him and blocked the stairs for Lu Xingshi.

Lu Xingshi's face was dark and his thin lips were tightly pursed. Qingjiu was about to speak when he pulled her into a corner.

"What exactly do you want?" Lu Xingshi lowered his voice, and the coldness on his body spread out. Was he not tortured badly enough by her?

[Ding] Lu Xingshi's favorable impression of her -1.

A system notification sounded.

Qingjiu held back the urge to grab his collar and adjusted her breathing. She looked up at Lu Xingshi with a gentle smile on her face.

"Senior Lu forgot. I said I would repay you well." She deliberately emphasized the words "repay well.

Lu Xingshi was still alert and quickly said, "No need!" He took a step back and put some distance between him and Qingjiu.

Qingjiu rolled her eyes and slowly said, "Senior Lu, it's a long time to see people's hearts. Trust me."

She tilted her head and her eyes lit up.

Lu Xingshi narrowed his eyes, took a few steps back, and ran into the library.

The corner of Qingjiu's mouth raised, and she jogged up to Lu Xingshi, who was running away.

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