Fast Transmigration: Save Him/C3 I Can't Get a Good Impression of You after Such a Long Time!
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Fast Transmigration: Save Him/C3 I Can't Get a Good Impression of You after Such a Long Time!
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C3 I Can't Get a Good Impression of You after Such a Long Time!

He sat in front of Lu Xingshi again and reached into his schoolbag for a long time. Then he held a little thing in his hand and mysteriously raised it in front of Lu Xingshi.

Lu Xingshi slightly leaned back. He was really afraid that she would take out something strange.

"Dang, dang, dang, dang. I'll give you sugar to eat!" Qingjiu opened her palm. A piece of sugar that was hugging a pink paper appeared in front of his eyes.

Lu Xingshi frowned. He was getting more and more confused about this Soong Qingjiu in front of him.

Qingjiu saw that he was lost in thought and directly stuffed the candy into his hand. She laughed foolishly and quickly ran out like a young girl who had successfully expressed her love.

Lu Xingshi took a look at the candy in his hand and slightly tightened his fingers before letting go. He walked to the rubbish bin not far away and threw it in with a swing of his hand.

His deep eyes were filled with coldness. He slowly walked downstairs.

[Ding] Lu Xingshi's Favorability -1.

Qingjiu heard the system notification as soon as she walked into the canteen.

F * ck, she didn't have a favorable impression of her at all. Now, she lost two slots.

Qingjiu took a deep breath and went to the window to buy food and vegetables.

Turning her head, she saw the "culprit" in the crowd.

Qingjiu smiled mischievously and walked to the table next to her and sat down. She lowered her head and prayed that Lu Xingshi would not find her.

After Lu Xingshi finished selling his food, Qingjiu stood up and followed behind him.

As soon as Lu Xingshi sat down, he saw a figure sitting opposite him.

The ghost was haunting him!

"Classmate, there are other seats beside us." Lu Xingshi said coldly and looked up at Qingjiu.

Qingjiu licked her lips. With her left hand supporting her cheek, she said, "Senior, I am repaying you!" She took the drumstick from her plate and gave it to Lu Xingshi.

Lu Xingshi's mouth twitched. He picked up the chopsticks and only ate the dishes he had bought.

Qingjiu looked at his plate. It was full of vegetables. Wasn't he working? He didn't have the money to add vegetables to his plate?

She suddenly felt her nose ache. She picked up the ribs in her plate and stuffed them into Lu Xingshi's mouth.

"You!" Lu Xingshi wanted to spit out the ribs.

"Hey!" Qingjiu pointed at his mouth and said in a threatening tone, "If you dare to spit it out, I will say you molested me!" She narrowed her eyes.

Lu Xingshi had no choice but to eat the ribs.

Qingjiu nodded in satisfaction.

After dinner, Qingjiu followed Lu Xingshi out of the canteen.

Just as she went out, she saw Ying Xi walking over.

"Qingjiu! You are really here!" He walked to Qingjiu's side with a face full of surprise.

Qingjiu blinked, "What is it?"

"There's a new bar next to the school, we..."

"Senior Lu!" Qingjiu saw Lu Xingshi leaving quickly and interrupted Ying Xi.

Lu Xingshi acted as if he did not hear anyone calling him and walked even faster.

[Ding] Lu Xingshi's favorable impression of him -1.

Qingjiu sighed.

Ying Xi looked at Lu Xingshi's back and then looked at the dejected little girl in front of him. Even an idiot would know what was going on.

This idiot had fallen in love with Lu Xingshi?

He felt irritated and scratched his head hard.

"What did you just say?" Qingjiu came back to her senses. She remembered that Ying Xi seemed to have said something about a bar.

"I said there is a new bar next to the school. Let's go play." Ying Xi was a little unhappy, but he still patiently talked to her.

I just happen to have a stomach full of anger!

At the DE bar.

Ying Xi and Qingjiu walked in and sat at the bar counter for a while before entering the private room.

"Qingjiu, you never complained about the noise outside!" Ying Xi picked up the menu on the table and looked at it.

Qingjiu pursed her lips. She pursed her lips and laid it on the sofa. After a while, she slowly said, "It's so noisy that I feel annoyed!" She reached out and pinched her nose.

"Squeak -" The door of the room was opened and a waiter came in.

"What would you like to order?"

Qingjiu suddenly opened her eyes as soon as she finished speaking. Wasn't this the voice of Lu Xingshi?

Qingjiu wanted to speak, but she thought of Ying Xi sitting beside her. She did not say anything and only urged, "Ying Xi, hurry up! I'm thirsty!"

Ying Xi quickly ordered something and did not look up the whole time.

Lu Xingshi took note of the things and looked at Qingjiu.

The light was too dark, so Qingjiu could not see his eyes clearly.

After memorizing, Lu Xingshi quickly left the room.

"Ying Xi, I'm going to the bathroom. Wait for me here!" Qingjiu threw the bag to Ying Xi and walked out of the room.

Where was it?

Qingjiu looked left and right. She did not know where to start.

"Soong Qingjiu."

Qingjiu turned her head and saw Lu Xingshi standing at the corner.

"Follow me." He said something affirmative, and his voice became a few degrees colder.

"No, no." Qingjiu quickly explained, "I just came to play." She blinked, trying to make Lu Xingshi believe her.

Come to the nightclub at night?

Lu Xingshi snorted lightly, full of contempt. "I still have work to do." He said that and then turned around and entered another room.

[Ding] Lu Xingshi's Favorability -2.

'Father... '

Qingjiu stomped her foot and returned to her private room.

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