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Fast Transmigration: Save Him/C5 I Can't Possibly like Him
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C5 I Can't Possibly like Him

Qingjiu waited until she was sure that the three of them had gone far before she slowly stood up.


Qingjiu still had some lingering fear and wanted to run when she heard the voice. But she felt that the voice was somewhat familiar and looked up.

It was Xu Meng.

Qingjiu's tears immediately flowed out. She ran over and hugged Xu Meng as she cried loudly.

"Why are you here?" She sniffled and her hands were still tightly hugging Xu Meng.

Xu Meng patted her back and knew that the little girl was frightened. She said gently, "Senior Ying Xi called me just now and asked me to come out and pick you up." She patted Qingjiu's head.

Qingjiu nodded, let go of her hand, and returned to the dormitory with Xu Meng.


Qingjiu went into the bathroom and took a good shower. Looking at herself in the mirror, she broke out in a cold sweat.

"It was not a big deal." Little White yawned.

"You still have the face to say, where did you go just now? Do you know that I'm very scared!?" Qingjiu said, feeling wronged.

"It's not like I can turn into a physical body to save you." Little White retorted. "Besides, at that time, you still have the mood to chat with me?" She had really tried to communicate with her just now, but she seemed to have encountered an obstacle.

Qingjiu sighed, "Forget it. I won't bicker with you. Go to sleep." She wiped her hair and walked out of the bathroom.

She saw Qingjiu come out of the bathroom. Xu Meng handed a bag to her, "Senior Ying Xi asked me to give this to you just now. There is Anshensan tea in it." Xu Meng told Ying Xi about the matter.

Qingjiu nodded and sat on the bed. She lowered her head and looked listless.

Xu Meng thought that she was scared and quickly said, "This is an accident. You will be fine after sleeping. Don't walk alone at night in the future. If you really can't do it, take a taxi to the dormitory downstairs. " She frowned and nervously stared at Qingjiu.

Qingjiu looked up and smiled at her. "I'm not that timid. I was just thinking about Senior Lu." She remembered that when she met him at the bar, her favorability level had dropped by two.

Xu Meng carefully looked at Qingjiu. She had mentioned Lu Xingshi more than once. In the past, she did not say this name so often. She used to call him "Ying Xi Ying Xi.

"Qingjiu, you don't like Lu Xingshi, do you? Except for his good grades and slightly better looks than Ying Xi, he could not be compared to Ying Xi in any other aspects. "I advise you to give up earlier. He is not suitable for you." Xu Meng spoke earnestly and with a worried expression.

Qingjiu smiled bitterly. Was this something she could decide? She would never fall in love with that cynical and callous freak!

[How is that possible?] I only wanted to repay him." Qingjiu raised her eyebrows and took out the Anshensan tea to drink.

Xu Meng laid on the bed and slowly said, "Life is hard to predict, this cannot be said."

The next morning.

Qingjiu did not stay on the bed for the first time and participated in the lecture with Xu Meng.

They arrived early and just as they sat down, Qingjiu began to look left and right, searching for Lu Xingshi's figure.

Just as she saw Lu Xingshi walk in, her line of sight was blocked.

"Qingjiu, are you alright?" Ying Xi frowned and his face looked a little haggard.

Qingjiu was shocked by his pale face. "What did you do last night?"

Ying Xi reached out and flicked her forehead, "I was worried about you last night, so I couldn't sleep! You have no conscience! "

"I'm fine. Go to your seat and sit down!" Qingjiu pushed him away.

When Ying Xi left, Qingjiu quickly looked around and finally saw Lu Xingshi sitting in the double seat on the third row on the right, but he was alone.

A good opportunity!

Qingjiu picked up the bag, stood up and was about to go over.

"Qingjiu, what are you doing!" Xu Meng lowered her voice, "The lecture is about to begin."

"I'm going over there." Qingjiu winked and gave Xu Meng a kiss before walking over with her waist bent.

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