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Fast Transmigration: Save Him/C7 I'm Worried about You
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C7 I'm Worried about You

"Little White, tell me, do you want me to check on Lu Xingshi's family background?" Qingjiu lowered her head and looked at the lunchbox on the floor.

She did not even eat!

"No, if he finds out, he will even want to strangle you to death." Lil 'White felt like his eyes would fly out if he rolled his eyes a few more times.

Qingjiu pouted. "Anyway, I won't give up." She raised her head, and her originally dim eyes lit up again.

Little White silently gave her a thumbs up.

Afternoon, physical education class.

Qingjiu, Ying Xi, and Lu Xingshi went to physical education class together.

In the past, Qingjiu always went to find Ying Xi to play, but recently she had to play basketball, so in class, Ying Xi also had to train.

She found that Lu Xingshi was also on the basketball team.

Qingjiu stood not far away and looked at him on the basketball court. That was something she had never seen before.

It was so powerful, so sunny.

"Hey! Who are you staring at!?" Xu Meng saw Qingjiu standing there alone.

Qingjiu came back to her senses and stretched out her hand. She scratched her head and coughed a few times, "I saw Ying Xi playing basketball."

Xu Meng followed her gaze and saw Lu Xingshi wiping his sweat.

She put her arm around Qingjiu's shoulder and turned her back to the basketball court. "Qingjiu, you are looking at Lu Xingshi."

Qingjiu did not want to be seen through and as she smiled, she pushed Xu Meng away, "No..."

"Be careful!


Qingjiu, who fell to the ground, had a blank look on her face. She only felt a little pain in her head.

What was going on?

"How is it?" Xu Meng squatted down, lifted Qingjiu's face, and touched the back of her head.

"Hiss!" Qingjiu bit her lips. It turned out that she was hit by the basketball just now.

A big hand pulled over her face and Ying Xi's face appeared in front of her. He had just played the ball and his face was covered in sweat and his brows were tightly knitted.

"Are you stupid?" Ying Xi saw Qingjiu's confused look and thought she was stupid again.

Qingjiu slapped his hand away and frowned as she said, "You are the stupid one. I just feel a little pain. Hey! "

Ying Xi directly picked her up. Qingjiu subconsciously reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck, "What are you doing!"

It was clearly just an ordinary question. But in this kind of situation, she was actually able to hear a kind of shy and spoiled feeling.

Not far away, Lu Xingshi looked coldly at her. He suddenly noticed Lin Qi's gloomy face and the look of wanting to chop Soong Qingjiu into pieces.

Lin Qi was in the same class as Soong Qingjiu and was also known as the campus belle. She was fair, rich, and beautiful. Lu Xingshi did not notice it in the past, but today he knew that she liked Ying Xi.

Lu Xingshi curled his lips and turned around to return to the basketball court.

Just like that, Ying Xi sent Qingjiu to the school hospital in a high-profile manner. Along the way, Qingjiu was almost killed by the girl's gaze.

Ying Xi only heaved a sigh of relief after placing Qingjiu on the hospital bed.

The doctor checked and said, "Nothing serious. Just lie down for a while."

Qingjiu closed her eyes. She was only hit by a ball, not by a meteorite.

"Don't make a fuss." Qingjiu looked at Ying Xi.

Ying Xi reached out his hand and wanted to flick her forehead. He was worried about her head, so he could only put his hand down and pull a chair to sit down. "I am worried about you. I have no conscience!"

Qingjiu nodded and smiled at him. "I know."

After the first physical education class ended, under Qingjiu's insistence, Ying Xi agreed to let her go back to class.

However, when Qingjiu walked into the sports field, she felt that it was a pity. There's something wrong with the atmosphere, especially the "School Beauty Party.

"School Beauty Party" was the way Qingjiu addressed the four girls in front of Lin Qi, or it could be said that they were Lin Qi and her three lackeys.

At this moment, the four of them were staring at Qingjiu.

Of course, Qingjiu did not hesitate to look back with a mocking smile.

"Qingjiu, you walked into the basketball court!"

Ying Xi's voice came from behind. Qingjiu quickly turned her head and bumped into the person in front of her.

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