Pain, tearing pain all over his body.

Qian Liuli struggled to open her eyes and discovered that she was at the center of a round table. There was a three feet high wall around the round table, so it was impossible for her to escape.

At that moment, an ear-piercing sound of discussion could be heard.

"Is this the trash of the Qian Family? I heard he broke the empress's white jade vase and is currently receiving his punishment."

"This isn't a punishment at all, it's simply suicide. Did you guys know, she's fighting a stage four Black Demonic Bear? Demon Bear is ferocious, she's just a piece of trash and will definitely die."

"It doesn't matter whether we die or not. We can just watch a good show anyway."

Loud noises entered his ears, and there were many people on the round table. Their eyes were filled with contempt, as well as schadenfreude.

Qian Liuli furrowed her brows as the pain from her body made her feel much more awake.

Who were these people? She was a dignified killer agent, but these people dared to call her trash. Was there something wrong with her?

What is a Black Demonic Bear of the fourth step? Is there such a thing in their organization?

Before Qian Liuli could react, an unfamiliar memory stabbed into her mind.

Qian Liuli suddenly widened her eyes as her heart shook. This was a world where one practiced battle qi. Battle qi was divided into the first stage to the tenth stage, and above that was the Saint realm, the God realm, and the peak.

In this world, the existence of a Divine level expert was simply a myth.

Qian Liuli was the third miss of the Vermillion Bird Continent's Thousand Clans. She was born useless and simply couldn't cultivate battle qi. Since she was young, she had been bullied quite a few times. The most infuriating thing was that the third miss was extremely cowardly and didn't retaliate even after being bullied.

A few days ago when she entered the palace, Third Miss Trash had accidentally slipped and shattered the empress's favorite white jade vase. The empress had angrily brought her to the animal fighting arena.

The Beast Battling Arena was a good place for young masters and mistresses of aristocratic families to view just the bloody slaughter. Today, this good-for-nothing third young miss was going to fight with a Rank 4 Black Leather Demon Bear, and if she won, she would be exempted from death penalty.

If they lost, they would only become rations for the demonic bear!

At this moment, the person inside the trashy Third Miss was her, a hitman agent of the twenty-first century!

It was just that she had been too careless in assassinating the President, and had died in a huge explosion. Now that she was able to pass through the body of Qian Liuli, who had the same surname and name, she could live on in her stead.

So what if she was a natural born good-for-nothing? She, Qian Liuli, would never sit still and wait for death.

She suddenly raised her gaze and landed on the circular platform. A layer of cold and murderous intent gathered in her pitch-black eyes. Anyone who blocked her would die!

The aristocrats on the round table continued chattering without realizing that the expression in Qian Liuli's eyes had changed.

"Release the Rank 4 Black Demonic Bear."

With a loud shout, a metal door on the wall was opened.

The instant the metal door opened, an incomparably large black bear slowly walked out. The black bear's mane stood up and its round eyes were filled with fury and killing intent. When it looked at Qian Liuli, it was as if it was looking at trash.

Qian Liuli's eyes flashed as she looked at the colossus in front of her.

This was a magical world. Not only could it cultivate Dou Qi, it could also have fierce magical beasts.

If he could contract with a magical beast, then it would have twice the effect of cultivating in the future.

"Black Demonic Bear, right?" Qian Liuli pursed her lips as the cold air condensed in her pupils. "Even if I don't know battle qi, I can still torture you."

As soon as she finished speaking, Qian Liuli quickly picked up a dagger. The sharp tip of the dagger shone with a cold light under the sunlight.

Her eyes were ice-cold. The dagger in her hand agilely rotated at an angle and directly rushed forward … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

"Has this thousand trash gone stupid? He actually charged straight at us? He's simply courting death."

"Even if I don't rush in, I'll die. If I die early, I'll reincarnate."

However, they were destined to be disappointed …

Qian Liuli's eyes were sharp like a torch as the dagger in her hand spun in a circle and pierced straight into the demonic bear's stomach. As the dagger was stabbed in, a bloody hole instantly appeared on the demonic bear's stomach.

The demonic bear cried out and jumped up and down in pain.

Qian Liuli quickly pulled out her dagger and waited for the right moment to attack like a leopard in hibernation.

All the young masters and young masters on the round stage widened their eyes as they looked at the scene before them in disbelief.

Third Young Miss of the Qian Family actually had this kind of ability?

That was a Fourth Stage Demonic Bear, it wasn't some rotten cabbage tofu thing!

Furthermore, the demonic bear's biggest feature was its rough skin and thick flesh. She, a good-for-nothing, was able to use a small dagger to puncture the demonic bear's stomach. This was somewhat outrageous.

"Big sister, since when was that trash so powerful that he could use a dagger to stab the demonic bear's stomach?" The one who spoke was a woman wearing a pink dress.

This woman was the Fourth Miss of the Qian Family. She was extremely beautiful.

Her pair of eyes were sparkling, and her appearance was cute and petite, causing others to feel tender affection for her. However, a hint of coldness flashed through the depths of her eyes.

Another charming woman wearing a light yellow dress said in a strange tone, "Third sister, why are you making such a fuss? This piece of trash is just lucky. In a while, this demonic bear will pierce through her stomach!"

She was the young miss of a thousand families, Qianxue Xi. She had trained in wood magic since she was young, and her magic had already reached rank 4. She could also be considered a genius of a thousand families.

When she heard that, her eyes twinkled and she smiled, "That's right, trash is trash. There's no way they can become strong in an instant."

As soon as the beautiful sounds faded away, sighs rang out one after another.

She lowered her eyes for a moment and instantly felt dizzy.

Oh my god!

The demonic bear's two eyes had already been stabbed blind, and blood was gushing out. The stench of blood assaulted its nostrils. Was this the work of that piece of trash?

Thousand Sunsets was stunned, he lightly tugged at Qianxue's sleeve and asked, "Big sister, why are the demonic bear's eyes so blind? Did you see what just happened?"

Qianxue Xi was startled, her eyebrows slightly knitted together, "I didn't see what happened either!"

It can't be, could it really be this trash who did it?

At this moment, great waves were raging in Qianxue's heart. Even if it was her, a Fourth Order Wood Mage, she still wouldn't be able to so easily stab the Demon Bear in the eyes.

It must be understood that when battling a magical beast of the same level, the magical beast would be even more powerful. This was because the magical beast's body was tougher, and it had more battle experience.

However, that trash …

Qianxue Xi clenched her fingers, and a bad premonition rose up in her heart.

In the Beast Battling Arena, the blind Demon Bear had long been reduced to meat on the chopping board. Qian Liuli's figure flashed as she stepped on the Demon Bear's back and leaned on it, the dagger in her hand emitted a cold light, and with a flip of her hand, she stabbed straight into the top of the Demon Bear's head.

"Awoooo —"

The demonic bear raised its head toward the sky and roared. Finally, the sound gradually stopped and all signs of life completely disappeared.

Qian Liuli patted the blood off her body and jumped off the magical beast's back. "I've already escaped from the demonic bear's claws and even killed it. Is my punishment over?"

When everyone saw this, they were dumbfounded.

This trash actually killed the Magic Bear?

Mother of God, I'm just joking with them.

That was a Rank 4 Demonic Bear. Even they might not be able to obtain any benefits from a Demonic Bear. Could it be that they are worse than trash?

Qianxue Xi brushed her sleeves, being instigated by the uneasiness in her heart. She stood up and said, "This is not good, the demon bear just now must have been sick. We should get another one."

Qian Liuli raised her eyes. Was this her cheap second elder sister?

Taking out another demonic bear was the same as putting her to death!

At this moment, a cold male voice sounded, "The demonic bear from before isn't sick. Furthermore, it's in an excellent condition. The punishment for defeating the demonic bear in one fell swoop is already over, there's no need for her to kill anymore."

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