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Gu Tianyu ruthlessly stayed behind her back, while she could only bite her own fist to prevent herself from making a sound.

"Hey!" Weren't you impatient just now!? "Why are you pretending to be a Holy Maiden now?!"

Gu Tianning tore at her hair time and time again. Ye Shiqi's forehead continuously broke out in cold sweat, while her back felt as if it was about to be torn apart, causing her to be unable to breathe from the pain.

Ye Shiqi just cried silently, and only when his fist was bitten into a bloody mess did Gu Tianyu finally stand up, gasping for breath.

Seeing Ye Shiqi lying on the ground like a dog, Gu Tianyu frowned and was about to leave.

"Tianyu ?"

Ye Shiqi shouted, he... Haven't paid yet...

"My name is Gu Tianyu!"

Gu Tianyu replied in disgust, but he did not turn his head to look at Ye Shiqi, as if the current Ye Shiqi was so dirty that even a glance from him was not worth looking at.

"Gu Tianyu, you haven't given me the money yet ?"

Ye Shiqi quickly changed her words. She silently picked up the clothes that Gu Tianyu ripped off from the ground and draped it over her body. No matter how Gu Tianyu looked at her, she only wanted money.

Even after separating for five years, he still could not believe that Ye Shiqi had become so snobbish. He was only thinking about money.

"Ye Shiqi, the money is here. If you want to take it, come and take it."

Gu Tianyu quickly put on his clothes, then walked to the side and opened the small box that he had brought in just now. Ye Shiqi saw the stack of money inside with a glance.

That was Ye's father's life money. Ye Shiqi didn't hesitate to stand up and walk over, but it was as if her back was ripped apart, causing her to be unable to move.

Ye Shiqi slowly crawled over. She only wanted to get the money to save Ye's father.

Bang! Just as Ye Shiqi was about to crawl in front of Gu Tianyu, Gu Tianyu suddenly lifted the box and flipped it over Ye Shiqi's head.

The banknotes scattered on the ground, just like the heart that was full of holes in Ye Shiqi's heart.

Gu Tianyu sneered on the side, Ye Shiqi knew that he was humiliating her, but she had no other choice, she could only lower her head and kneel on the ground, picking up the money bills one by one.

Ye Shiqi felt that every single bill on the ground was extremely heavy, so heavy that she almost couldn't pick them up.

Looking at Ye Shiqi greedily picking up the money on the ground, Gu Tianyu's teeth itched with hatred. Just how blind was he to fall in love with such a woman five years ago.

"Ye Shiqi, you are so despicable, you are so dirty that I feel disgusted just by looking at you!"

Gu Tianyu raised his leg to grab the suit that he had thrown on the bed. Then, he stepped on Ye Shiqi's palm.

Their fingers were linked to his heart, causing Ye Shiqi to cry from the pain.

She silently lowered her head, she did not want Gu Tianyu to see her like this. He hated her for hurting him, and she only wanted to leave her best for him.

But what was good about her filthy body? Five years ago when they had sworn in the moonlight? Ye Shiqi forced himself not to cry out loud.

If Ye Shiqi's heart did not die five years ago, they would definitely be very happy right now ?

Ye Shiqi did not dare to recall anything until a loud bang sounded in front of him. Then, he realized that Gu Tianyu had already taken the suit and left the room.

Ye Shiqi turned her head and saw the patch of red on the ground.

Would Gu Tianyu believe it? He must have thought that she had gone to the hospital and spent a few hundred dollars to make it ?

"Ye Shiqi, you are so despicable, you are so dirty that I feel disgusted just by looking at you!"

Gu Tianyu's last words still echoed in Ye Shiqi's mind. She really wanted to tell Gu Tianyu that she wasn't dirty at all.

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