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Until Gu Tianyu had already left for a good long while, he was still unwilling to leave the room. The smell of Gu Tianyu's body was still faintly lingering in the room, and she believed that she would never be able to find anything related to Gu Tianyu again.

However, she was going to die, so where would she come from in the future ?

For the past five years, she had been thinking about him every single night, but she was about to die. What qualifications did she have to stay by Gu Tianyu's side?

Five years ago, Gu Tianyu had already resented her beyond control, so let him continue to resent her. As long as he was happy, it didn't matter if she felt wronged.

Only when the scent on Gu Tianyu's body completely disappeared from the room did Ye Shiqi reluctantly leave.

Inside the hospital, Ye Shiqi held on to the money and rushed towards the ward of Ye's father.

In these five years, Ye Shiqi had never been as happy as she was now. As long as she could save Ye's father, she was willing to do anything.

"Dad, how are you feeling today?"

Ye Shiqi held onto Ye's father's hand tightly, but Ye's father who was on the sickbed had long fallen into a coma and no longer had the power to reply.

Ye Shiqi smiled happily, not only because she had enough money to support the Ye's father's operation fees, her main goal was to meet Gu Tianyu.

This must have been the love the heavens had for her, which was why she was able to see Gu Tianyu again before she died.

"Dad, don't worry. You'll definitely get better ?"

Ye Shiqi knew that the Ye's father wouldn't reply to her, but she still couldn't help but mutter to herself.

Ye Shiqi quietly told Ye's father everything that he had wanted to say these past few years but had never said out loud. After that, he smiled and walked towards the doctor's office.

"What?" How could this be?! "

After hearing the doctor's words, Ye Shiqi was so excited that she almost couldn't speak anymore. She finally managed to gather enough money for the Ye's father's operation, she couldn't just watch him die.

"Miss Ye, I can understand your feelings, but with your current condition, there's no way to transplant kidneys to your father ?"

Looking at Ye Shiqi's excited expression, the doctor repeated his words again.

"Doctor, I beg of you ?" Ye Shiqi kneeled in front of the doctor, "My body is very good, I beg you to transplant my kidney to my father, or else he will die ?"

That feeling of hopelessness resurfaced in Ye Shiqi's heart once again. When she was facing Gu Tianyu, she really wished that he could hug her and tell her how much he had missed her all these years, but he didn't.

When Ye Shiqi walked in front of Ye's father after receiving the money, it was as if she had already seen a Ye's father who was about to recover completely.

"Your body isn't suitable for a kidney transplant right now." The doctor's tone remained firm. "Do you have any brothers or sisters?" We can let them try ? "

Brothers and sisters? Ye Shiqi's heart immediately hurt.

Ye Shiqi only had one elder sister, but she ?

There was no other way, so Ye Shiqi chose to bite the bullet and gave it a try.

In front of the Meng Family mansion.

This was the first time Ye Shiqi appeared in front of the Meng Family's mansion five years ago. Five years ago, when the Ye's father was sick, Ye Shiqi's heart also started to die.

In these five years, they had never appeared in Ye's father and Ye Shiqi's world. If it wasn't for them having nowhere to go, Ye Shiqi would never appear in front of them in his entire life.

"Ye Shiqi?"

Just as Ye Shiqi was deep in thought, a woman's voice came from behind her. It was Meng Yina, and she had appeared behind him at some point in time.

"Sis, dad ?"


Ye Shiqi had not finished speaking when he raised his hand and slapped Ye Shiqi's face in a cold manner...

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