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Ye Shiqi helplessly covered her face.

"Sis, I'm begging you, please save daddy, he's dying ?"

Ye Shiqi pulled Meng Yina's hand and knelt down. As long as it could save Ye's father, she would be willing to do anything.

"Pui!" Your dad is going to die! If you dare speak any more nonsense, do you believe that I won't smash your stinky mouth?! "

Meng Yina flung Ye Shiqi's hand away, and then, continuously wiped every inch of his skin that Ye Shiqi had touched with a tissue.

Meng Yina's actions made Ye Shiqi think of Gu Tianyu. She wasn't dirty, she really wasn't dirty at all ?

Ye Shiqi felt so much pain that she almost wanted to cry, but she didn't dare do it.

"It's my dad, my dad is very sick right now, I beg you to save him ?"

Ye Shiqi hurriedly changed her words. She really hoped that Meng Yina could think of the matter of saving her daughter and father, whose blood was thicker than water, but that cold smile on Meng Yina's face made Ye Shiqi feel like suffocating.

"That's your dad, what does his life have to do with me?!"

Meng Yina snorted in amusement. Right, five years ago, they were no longer related to each other.

"My dad is currently suffering from severe kidney failure. Only your kidney can save him, I'm begging you ?"

Ye Shiqi unceasingly knelt there and kowtowed to Meng Yina, fantasizing that he would be moved to the point of touching Meng Yina's hands and feet. But no matter how Ye Shiqi kowtowed, Meng Yina only watched him coldly from the start.

"Heh, what a joke ?" Meng Yina released a burst of laughter that sounded like silver bells ringing, "You must be his daughter, why don't you use your own kidneys to save him?"

Ye Shiqi was shocked, but if she could do it, she would not hesitate at all.

"The doctor said my body isn't suitable for a kidney transplant, so..."

Ye Shiqi said softly at the side. She raised her head and saw Meng Yina's incredulous face.

"You are his daughter, are you not suitable? "Then I'm suitable?" Meng Yina said angrily and then was about to walk into the Meng Family mansion.

"Meng Yina, I beg of you ?"

Ye Shiqi hugged onto Meng Yina's legs tightly, she knew that once Meng Yina entered, he would not appear in front of her again.

"Let go! Take your dirty hands away! "

Meng Yina was completely frightened by Ye Shiqi's sudden action. She screamed as she used her bag to smash it onto Ye Shiqi's head ruthlessly.

Ye Shiqi just held onto Meng Yina's leg tightly and did not let go. That was her last hope to save Ye's father, no matter what, she could not let go.

Hearing Meng Yina's scream, the bodyguards in the Meng Family mansion quickly rushed out and pulled Ye Shiqi away from his body before throwing him to the side.

Meng Yina was still in a daze, making the nanny in the house feel as if she had used a towel to wipe the places that Ye Shiqi had touched before. After he was done, she stomped in front of Ye Shiqi with her Hate.

Ye Shiqi sat on the ground and begged bitterly. If she could get Meng Yina to save Ye's father, she would willingly be beaten to death by Meng Yina.

"Meng Yina, I beg of you, please save my father ?"

Looking at the disgusted expression on Meng Yina's face, Ye Shiqi sobbed silently.


Another clear and loud sound landed on Ye Shiqi's face.

"I don't know if he's dead or alive, but what does it have to do with me?" Meng Yina was so angry that her hands were trembling. She only managed to calm down a little after giving him a big slap on the face.

"But he's also your dad ?"

Ye Shiqi still couldn't understand how Meng Yina could be so cold-hearted. He was her father as well!

Meng Yina, who had originally calmed down a little, instantly exploded in fury once again when she heard Ye Shiqi's words. She angrily gnashed her teeth.

"Someone come!" "Beat him to death!"

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