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The bodyguards immediately surrounded Ye Shiqi.

"Sis, if I can get you to save daddy by beating me to death, then beat me to death ?"

Ye Shiqi quietly closed her eyes. If she couldn't save Ye's father, what was the point of her living?

Hearing Ye Shiqi call him sister and father, Meng Yina couldn't suppress the anger in his heart, he tightly clenched his fists, and hated them so much that his teeth chattered non-stop.

"What are you all standing around for? Fight to the death!"

Meng Yina shouted, and all the bodyguards raised their fists at the same time. Punches after punches, Ye Shiqi was in so much pain that he could not even scream.

Every inch of Ye Shiqi's skin looked like it was about to explode. Without Meng Yina's instructions, the bodyguards did not dare to stop and could only punch him again and again.

Seeing that Ye Shiqi had fainted from the pain, Meng Yina called for the bodyguards to stop.

"Ye Shiqi, you can ask me to save your father, but it's fine too. It's a one million nutrition fee, if you can afford it, I'll go and save your father ?"

Meng Yina walked in front of Ye Shiqi and said. Ye Shiqi obviously knew that Meng Yina was making things difficult for her, she and Ye's father had already become as poor as a pauper five years ago.

"Alright ?" Even if she knew that she couldn't do it, she would still agree to it immediately. As long as she could save Ye's father, she only wanted to save Ye's father.

"I'll give you a name card. You can go there and earn money. It'll be quick to come in, so you won't be tired ?"

After Meng Yina threw down the card, he turned around and entered the Meng Family Mansion. After the door was closed, Ye Shiqi laid on the ground and gasped for breath in big mouthfuls of air.

Ye Shiqi glanced at the name card that Meng Yina had thrown on the ground. That familiar name once again stung Ye Shiqi's eyes.

Ye Shiqi laid on the ground and slept for a long time. She really wanted to continue sleeping this way, but she couldn't.

Ye Shiqi staggered back to his dilapidated home and used cold water to clean up his wounds before he rushed back to the clubhouse.

Inside the clubhouse, everyone was looking at Ye Shiqi with a strange gaze. The wounds on her face were clearly visible, and the injuries on her body were even more shocking.

Ye Shiqi quietly took out the name card that Meng Yina had given him. It was weird, but the receptionist immediately gave up on that idea, and rushed Ye Shiqi back to her room after giving her a set of clothes.

It was an extremely exposed maid attire, and under the ambiguous light, the mottled wounds on Ye Shiqi's body could clearly be seen.

Dong dong dong, Ye Shiqi summoned up her courage and knocked on the door, but she did not expect that the one who opened the door would be Meng Yina!

Seeing Ye Shiqi's dressing, Meng Yina was obviously very satisfied. She laughed and then pulled Ye Shiqi into the room.

Ye Shiqi was still thinking about why Meng Yina would appear here, when she suddenly felt a sense of unease. She turned around and wanted to leave, but luckily Meng Yina did not plan to stop her.

With a "Putong" sound, Ye Shiqi crashed into a man's body.

The man's broad chest was extremely familiar to Ye Shiqi, even the smell on his body was familiar.

"Ye Shiqi?"

Ye Shiqi staggered and fell to the ground. Hearing the man's voice, she immediately recognized his name.

Ye Shiqi did not dare to raise her head to look at Gu Tianyu's face. The moment she did, she astonishingly discovered that there were tens of men following behind Gu Tianyu!

Under the ambiguous light, Ye Shiqi saw greedy gazes one after another ?

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