Fate of Nether World/C1 Underworld Coin for Villa(1)
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Fate of Nether World/C1 Underworld Coin for Villa(1)
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C1 Underworld Coin for Villa(1)

I'd like to see the following story

half of your life is ready


two taels of courage

A pot of sadness

A dozen paper dollars can be exchanged for a villa.

Do you believe it?

Of course you don't.

However, this was a fact.

The truth was that someone did it, exchanging a dozen underworld money for a villa.

That person was called Li Dong Yang.

It was already late into the night.

The street was dim and yellow, with mottled trees and sparse pedestrians. It was very quiet, like the Yellow Springs Road to hell. The wind blew, and the mottled shadows of the trees swayed back and forth, like the sharp claws of ghosts. It was as if a pair of blood-red eyes were hidden in the darkness, coldly watching the pedestrians on the road, perhaps grabbing him when he wasn't paying attention and bringing him to another world.

Every street had a vengeful spirit hidden inside, and the road in front of Li Dongyang was no exception.

At the moment, he was on this street.

Li Dong Yang's heart was pounding. It was already so late, he really shouldn't have invited his friend out for a drink, even though he was very lonely. Loneliness was like a boundless night, tightly wrapping around people and suppressing them to the point where they were unable to breathe. Li Dong Yang was about to suffocate. He walked to the middle of the road and stopped. He thought of the car accident that happened on this street two days ago. It was said that it was very tragic, with eight people dead and one seriously injured. It was a truck colliding with a bus. Both drivers were long-distance runners, and fatigue was inevitable.

It happened at eleven o'clock at night.

Li Dong Yang's entire body trembled, and the wind was very cold. Even though it was the middle of July, he still felt cold all over.

Li Dong Yang muttered to himself that "nothing will happen" as he quickly walked forward, taking out his phone as he walked. He wanted to listen to the song and put it at the top of his voice, to drive away the fear in his heart. When he inadvertently looked at the time on his cell phone, the coldness increased — 23: 00 sharp. It was at this time of the day that the tragedy of the car accident happened. The location was in the annex, or perhaps it was at his feet.

Doubt grew in his heart, and Li Dong Yang laughed at himself. He was suspicious, and now that technology was developing so fast, how come he didn't find any of those so-called undead?

There was no scientific reasoning behind it. Li Dongyang only believed in science.

In the next moment, his faith was overturned.

On the main street, there was only Li Dongyang, walking alone through the long night.

Li Dongyang listened to the song, the sound was loud, and the strong music was so loud that it could shatter his eardrums. This was probably the only way he could get rid of the terror in this silent night! However, terror was always at his side. At that moment, the music stopped and a sharp voice said, "Be careful!"

Before Li Dongyang could react, he heard the sound of a whistle behind him. Li Dongyang turned his head and saw a heavy car speeding towards him with blinding lights. Li Dongyang instinctively jumped to the side of the street and saw another bus charging over from the other side of the street. Its speed was extremely fast, and the two cars collided fiercely!

"Boom —"

The sound pierced through his ears, causing his soul to tremble.

The truck had a lot of strength. It only stopped after pushing the bus a few dozen meters away!

Li Dong Yang gasped for breath as he almost became the victim of the accident. He was truly lucky to be alive. Breathing heavily, Fang Dingdang hurried over. He was a doctor, and it was his duty to save people.

As Li Dongyang ran, he used his cell phone to call 120 — he couldn't get through!

There was no signal on the phone!

Li Dong Yang was stunned. This was within the city, how could there be no signal on his phone?

No matter what, saving people was more important.

Li Dong Yang ran to the scene of the accident. The two cars had been severely deformed. There was no whining or wailing in the car, which meant that the casualties were severe.

Li Dongyang shouted towards the inside of the bus, "How are you guys?" With that, he regretted it. This was the standard phrase. The bus was pitch black.

Li Dong Yang kicked the door and looked inside. He was stunned!

There was no one in the car!


Li Dong Yang then looked at the driver's seat of the truck. Although it was severely deformed, no one could see it. However, there was no one inside.

Li Dong Yang was dumbfounded. How could this be?

Late at night, as Li Dongyang was walking on the street, two unmanned cars collided fiercely with each other. Other than the inconceivable, Li Dong Yang could not think of any other explanation. He wondered if it was a dream. Li Dong Yang pinched his arm; it was hurting. He wasn't dreaming. The truth was right in front of his eyes. Two unmanned cars crashed into each other. There was no signal on his phone. Other than him, there was no one else on the street!

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