Fate of Nether World/C2 Underworld Coin for Villa(2)
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Fate of Nether World/C2 Underworld Coin for Villa(2)
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C2 Underworld Coin for Villa(2)

This was a fact that was even scarier than a nightmare.

Only the police!

Fortunately, there was a police station at the end of the street.

As Li Dongyang walked toward the police station, full of suspicion, he thought of what to say. Was it possible to witness two unmanned cars colliding on a downtown street? Wasn't this a joke? Would the police believe it? The police would ask him to make a statement, make a phone call while he made a statement, then send a group of white robed angels, his colleagues, force him into the car, give him a tranquillity shot, and when he opened his eyes again, he was in a mental hospital, and that would be the end of him!

Li Dongyang thought as he walked. As he walked, he started to run. He felt that this was too terrifying. What was terrifying was that when he was about 30 meters away from the police station, he turned around and saw a blurry shadow on the bus. Those figures floated out. That's right, they floated out! He was as light as a group of paper men. It was as if he could float in front of him when the wind blew.

Li Dong Yang did not dare to breathe too loudly. He quickened his pace and ran!

Li Dong Yang heaved a sigh of relief as the undead did not float over. He squatted on the ground and panted. He finally understood what had happened just now.

That night, seven people died from the tragedy. They were extremely resentful and must have been repeating the actions before their deaths. Li Dong Yang must have been lucky to have witnessed it.

Li Dongyang looked at his cellphone — 23: 00 PM sharp.

Li Dong Yang was startled. Why was it still 23? In other words, that time didn't leave just now? As Li Dong Yang pondered, he thought of an even more terrifying explanation. That he might have accidentally entered another world. Thinking of this, Li Dong Yang was drenched in cold sweat, but soon he was relieved. He stared at the screen of his phone. After a minute, he should have returned to the human world!

Suddenly, an even more terrifying thought flashed through Li Dong Yang's mind.

Why did he intrude into another world?

Li Dong Yang flipped through his phone's calendar. He couldn't believe his own guess and couldn't help but be shocked.

That's right! Today was the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month.

The tragic accident happened seven days ago, and today was their seventh day.

Li Dong Yang held his hands together and mumbled. He should burn some paper for them. After all, it should be considered fate for them to meet each other! However, this kind of fate should be called 'Yin karma'. However, the shop was closed most of the night. Where could he go to buy paper? Li Dong Yang thought for a moment and took a few steps forward. A light bulb lit up in his mind; there would be plenty of people burning paper on the fifteenth day of the seventh month. He might as well borrow some money!

As Li Dong Yang walked along a street, he saw burning paper. There were not many burning paper, and there were also a lot of burning paper.

Li Dong Yang walked to the side of a person. It was a girl. She wore white clothes, and had her head down while burning paper. The light of the fire illuminated her face, but not her face could be seen. Li Dong Yang felt that the girl in front of him had something wrong with her, or maybe he couldn't remember what it was that she was missing.

Li Dongyang said, "Beauty, I hope I didn't disturb you!" He said it very softly, you were shouting so loudly in the middle of the night, perhaps it could scare people, so Li Dongyang politely said in a low voice.

The girl lowered her head to burn the paper and did not say a word.

Li Dongyang said, "Well... Can you lend me a stack of paper, I burn to friends, how much I buy... Or I can give it back to you! " Li Dong Yang was self-conscious. Although there was a saying: "It's not difficult to borrow money," on this matter, I'm afraid that no one wanted you to return it, not to mention that there was no paper borrowing it? It was supposed to be a taboo offense.

The girl was very generous, but she still didn't say anything. She pulled out a stack of underworld money and stuffed it into Li Dongyang's pocket.

"Thank you! "I don't need to return it to you …"

The girl finally spoke up. "Of course I have to pay it back. This is the money I've burned for myself."

The money she burned for him? What do you mean?

Li Dong Yang suddenly remembered. He finally knew what the girl in front of him was missing. He subconsciously looked behind the girl, but the girl was nowhere to be seen under the light of the fire.

Li Dong Yang shouted, "You, you … you have no shadow?"

The girl giggled. "So what if he doesn't have a shadow? Do you think you have it? "

Li Dong Yang looked behind him and his scalp went numb!

He, also did not have a shadow!

"How could this be?" Li Dongyang mumbled to himself. He couldn't believe it, and was even more unwilling to believe it.

The girl slowly stood up. Li Dong Yang could clearly see her appearance: short hair, big eyes, and a pale face. She seemed to have met her somewhere before, but he couldn't recall where.

"I, I, how come I don't have a shadow? How could this be? " He was afraid, he was afraid, he did not know what to do. If one day you walk on the road and you find yourself out of sight, you will be ten times more alarmed than Li Dongyang.

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