Fate of Nether World/C4 Underworld Coin for Villa(4)
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Fate of Nether World/C4 Underworld Coin for Villa(4)
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C4 Underworld Coin for Villa(4)

The undead were in hot pursuit as if they had been given a spell.

Li Dong Yang was dragged by the girl as he ran for who knows how long. He ran in circles, but he was too weak to find a place to hide.

The girl watched.

Li Dong Yang could feel that she was not breathing, and his entire body was ice-cold. Suddenly, he remembered a classic ghost story.

He said that a boy was taking the bus home at night and had to wait for a long time before a bus came from the distance. He was very happy to get on the bus. The passengers on the train were very strange. One of the women told him you shouldn't be in this car. It's not for the living. The boy was scared, but he didn't know what to do. The woman said it didn't matter, I could help you escape. She pulled him through the window. When they jumped out of the car, the boy could still hear the people inside yelling, "He actually ran away." When he finally regained his balance, he let out a breath of relief and quickly thanked the woman. The woman revealed a strange smile and said, "Now, no one wants to steal from me …"

Li Dong Yang thought back to what had just happened. The story was not that different from the classic story. The girl in front of him couldn't wait for the undead to find them, bring him to a graveyard in the wilderness, and smile sinisterly at him, saying that this time, no one will snatch it away from me! And the most powerful piece of evidence was that she had been holding on to his hand as if it were a clamp. At this point, Li Dong Yang struggled free, not moving at all.

The girl whispered, "Don't move, don't think about running around."

That was a warning, not a command. This proved Li Dongyang's judgement even more. Li Dong Yang's heart was dispirited, he never thought that this beautiful ghost girl would have such a venomous heart. Li Dongyang wanted to let you eat me, so he might as well do some charity work for everyone to eat together!

Li Dong Yang stood up and shouted: "I'm here!"

The girl said in a deep voice, "Shut up, what are you shouting for? You will die. "

"Wouldn't it be the same if I put it in your hands?"

"Not good, we've been discovered! Run!"

The undead in the distance buzzed over like stinging wasps.

The girl pulled Li Dongyang along as she sprinted. After a few turns, her vision suddenly widened, but her hopes became narrower. In front of them was a white wall, so white it was blinding. It was like a wall, separating the human world from the netherworld.

The girl said angrily, "I told you not to argue with me, it's going to be terrible this time! If I wanted to eat you, I would have already! Was there still a need to wait until now? Also, those Undeads disappeared the moment they met you. Do you know why? "


"Because you have the talisman on you. It's the stack of paper money I gave you."

Li Dong Yang took out a stack of underworld money from his pocket. The underworld money began to glow with a layer of azure light! It turned out that Li Dong Yang had misunderstood the other's good intentions. His face was bashful and ashamed. Perhaps they had known each other before, he did not know her name, he had forgotten it! It was just that they hadn't forgotten him. Seeing the Undead getting closer, Li Dong Yang asked, "What do we do now?"

"It's fine, they don't dare to come close to you. You have the spirit rune on you. "

"Then what are we afraid of?"

"What are you afraid of? If you're not afraid, then go up and fight them! "

"I …"

"Spirit runes are limited. Sooner or later, I will use them all up. Remember, when you get there, it will become a 'disaster'. So when you get there, you have to get this wad of paper money out of here, okay? "The three of them …"


The girl said angrily, "You're a pig! It's too late, let's go! "

The girl gave Li Dong Yang a violent shove, and he crashed into the white wall.

Li Dong Yang felt a sharp pain in his head as his vision turned black, and he fell to the ground with a thump...

Li Dongyang narrowed his eyes and took a long time to adjust to the blinding light. This was his home, a temporary rented house. Broken shoes and tattered socks were strewn all over the place. Yes, it was his home. What happened just now was like a dream, yet it happened to be so real. Li Dong Yang sat on the ground and took out a cigarette. He wondered if he had fallen asleep. Or did he have a nightmare and fall out of bed?

Li Dongyang took out his phone and saw that there were dozens of missed calls. The time limit was between 23.00 and 0.00, with only one phone every five minutes. When he thought about his terrifying experience just now, his phone did not have a signal at 2300 … How he wished it had been a nightmare.

Reality was even scarier than nightmares.

Li Dong Yang felt a stack of papers in his pocket and immediately retracted his hand. It was as if he had touched the cold skin of a poisonous snake, causing his entire body to tremble. After a series of mental struggles, Li Dongyang finally mustered up the courage to take out the paper from his pocket. It was a stack of underworld money! His heart, on the other hand, calmed down.

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