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C11 The Dinner

When the beast inside me no longer responding, I slowly picked up my toothbrush and took a bath afterward.

To my surprise when I got out of the bathroom, I was quickly grabbed and pinned to the wall.

“You shifted on the field, Emir. We saw you.”

I was not able to prepare to defend myself as Rico swiftly run towards me. His speed was really incredibly fast and furious as I haven’t seen him moving from where he was standing.

“No, I didn’t! I swear.”

“Remember this, Emir, if you kept on doing that, everyone would completely recognize you as a beast. They would know about me, your mom and every werewolf who chose to live peacefully will be in danger.

It is no longer the hunters who will hunt us but every human being you could meet. I know you don’t like it, do you?”

“Okay, I will not do it again. I promise.”

“Rico, release our son,” Cletisa ordered.

After I was released from his gripped, I hardly coughed as I can hardly breathe from being choked for a minute.

“You better be because if not, I’m gonna be enjoying slaughtering your human parents and friends’ throats, including your girl, Ina.”

I soothed myself and faced the mirror.

“Is that how you did to my sister, Samantha?”

I rolled my other eye to them as I noticed them taking aback. They exchange serious glances after hearing me speak about the identity of the dead body we found buried in their own properties.

“So I guessed that was the truth then?”

When I turned back, the two completely vanished like thin air. No words, no goodbye.

After knowing they were already out of sight, I immediately descended heading to the garage.

“Hey, son, I’ll be leaving now. Duty calls. I promised your mom that I will visit you two next week for the Grand Ball.” Dad said as he was waiting for a cab.

“Umm, you don’t have to do it that. I know being a Captain was not an easy job.” I understandably replied.

“No, it’s totally fine, son, in fact, I already cleared up my schedule for that day. Is my son going for a date?” He curiously asked when he noticed that I am in formal wear.

“Umm, no, it was just a dinner with her family. Anyway, hop in dad, I’m gonna send you to the airport.”

He knew that it’s been an hour since he was waiting for a cab to pass by so he decided to hop in and let me send him to the airport.

After I sent dad to the airport, I immediately drove away to Ina’s house. I was full of excitement and nervous all at the same time.

When I reached their house, my heart suddenly felt anxious as there were several men, perhaps, they were also werewolves grinned at me.

“Mr. Mcwell, come on in! Ina is still upstairs. She’ll be down in a minute by now.”

Mrs. Jones politely greeted me when she saw me outside waiting.

“Thank you, Mrs. Jones.”

Their house was really big. It was my first time entering Ina’s house.

“Honey, Eliot, your visitor is already here.”

Mrs. Jones then offered me a glass of water when she noticed that I felt completely uncomfortable at the moment.

Now I know why Draku has also two names. He’s called Eliot as a human and Draku as a wolf while me as Emir.

“Clark, I thought you already chickened out for my invitation?” Draku said while descending from the stairs.

I was about to reply when I saw Ina be following behind to his father who was already giggling and grinning at me.

“Hi, Clark! Thank you for coming.” She said.

“Thanks also for inviting.”

Afterward, we went to their huge wooden table for a dinner. We talked a lot about stuff about school, lacrosse, and family.

I am not just sure yet to open up about the wolf thing at the table.

“So, umm, Ina, since when did you know that you are …?”

I was supposed to ask her about when she knew that she was a werewolf and if she already shifts as a total wolf when Draku immediately interrupted.

Ina grinned and raised her brows in confusion.

“Clark, why not help me bringing up the cake and the wine in the kitchen?”

I can sense that he was up to something when he suddenly needed my help in the kitchen. He could ask Mrs. Jones instead of me.

Mrs. Jones and Ina grinned as if they don’t know anything.

To my surprise, Draku choked and pinned to the kitchen table. I could hardly breathe from his grip as he choked me.

“Don’t you dare talk to my family about us being werewolves? They don’t know anything about me and neither should Ina for you.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

He then released his grips from me.

“I’m sure Rico and Cletisa already told you about us that should be kept hidden.”

“I’m sorry. I just thought the two of them were like us. So that means you’re not Ina’s biological father?”

He simply nodded.

“No, I am not but I treated her as my own daughter and I am willing to defend them both from any harm, especially from you.”

Now I know why Draku wanted me to be on his side. He wanted his family to be safe from the Beast Lord. But could I? I even hated myself becoming one of the beasts.

“Draku, just of curiosity, about your men in the woods, what happens to them?”

“I am trying to retrieve them from the hands of those hunters. I just can’t trace their scent, as if they all just vanished like thin air.”

“Why, is your sense of smell not working?”

“It’s not about the smell, Emir. The hunters exactly know our special abilities and strengths and weaknesses, perhaps they locked them all to places that were out of reach by our senses.” He explained.

I really don’t have any idea about this beast inside me and how it worked out. How could I beat those who hunt us if I myself don’t have any idea at all?

“Hey, is everything okay?” Ina asked.

She followed us in the kitchen as it took us long enough to bring the cake and wine to the table.

“Yeah, we're totally fine, baby. Clark and I were just talking about how good he was in the game, right Clark?”

“Yeah, sorry to keep you waiting. Anyway, we're done talking and we’ll bring the cake and wine to the table.”

Draku and I immediately took off the cake and wine.

After the dinner, I waved goodbye to the Jones as it was already getting late. To be honest, the dinner was not bad after all.

I almost disclose my deepest secret to Ina at the dinner. Thanks to Draku he was able to stop me from telling. If that truly happens, Ina would really felt terrified and hate me for the rest of my life.

As I kept on talking to myself, I was freaking terrified when I run over someone. I intentionally run the car eighty miles per hour as the place was completely a highway and all I could see was this broad forest.

I parked the car and immediately hopped out of the car and switched on the flashlight as the place was entirely dark and saw a girl lying on the ground.

“Help…! Please help me!”

“Ms., I am so sorry. Come here, I will bring you to the nearest hospital.”

The girl suddenly screamed extremely and made a strange reverberation when I touched her hands as if she was in hurting for a long time.

I was completely dumfounded when her strange scream brought and showed me a vague pieces of memories. The same thing as what Rico did in my neck.

This time, it was a beautiful girl wearing a white long dress who lay in an old squared rock with some unidentified manuscript.

The manuscript was ancient as I could read even a single letter from it.

“Emir, help me, please! Don’t let the Beast lord kill me. I need you as you needed me most.”

“Come here, stretched out your hand to me!”

I was about to hold her hand when the girl that I hit suddenly disappeared.

“Hey, you the beast inside me, do you have any idea about the girl?” I was taking chances asking the beast inside me if he knows something.

All I could say was that the girl was in real pain and her body was wholly weakened. Her hands and feet were even locked up.

I didn’t hear the beast inside me responding. All I also knew about him was a feeling. He seems a little exhausted after I touched the girl.

Who is the girl? How did she know my beast name? Were they connected to the beast inside me? I slowly stood up and went back to the car.

When reached home, I immediately called Kevin to tell him everything about me being a wolf and my weird encounters these days.

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