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C12 The Tell

Since I could totally trust my best friend, Kevin, I am going to tell him everything that I have for peace of mind.

In a few minutes, Kevin arrived and immediately ascended to my room.

“Thanks for coming, bro!”

He scrunched his face and stumped his feet heading to my bed.

“I am supposed to start my sweet dream, dude. Make sure that the reason why you called me was more important, or else, I'm gonna break your neck!”

I furrowed as I am breathing deeply thinking about how to start the tell. In order for him to understand more, I started with the topic of me being an adopted child.

“What?” He said.

He stared at my whole face comparing to Rico and Cletisa.

“Yeah, I can see that now. Your eyes, the shape of your face, and physique were all comparable to Rico.”

“I could not accept them right away, dude. I don’t want to live as a beast. I am a human. Totally a human being.”

“But have you already asked your mom if you were adopted?”

“That’s the thing; I don’t know how to ask her. What if she would hate me after that?”

“Yeah, I agree with you on that. But it is your right to know the truth, right?”

The next thing that I told Kevin was about the beast inside me. He could not stop laughing as he couldn’t believe this thing really existed.

“So, you mean, that beast inside you, named, Emir knows everything you do, people you encounter, and even those times that….”

He was referring to those times that I do what a regular boy does.

“Yeah, everything. In fact, he is listening to our conversation right now.”

“Wow, that was totally freaking awesome, dude! I haven’t read any online stories about the werewolf beast inside you that have their own mind. You’re truly one of a kind.”

“Not just it, bro. The beast has more than one tail. Regular wolves just have one tail but when I shifted on my birthday, it grew three tails. Isn’t it that weird?”

“You are really cursed, dude. We just hope it will not come to the point that the beast will have control over your body.”

I sighed dejectedly.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m always with you on this one.”

I laid my body on the bed as I couldn’t help myself answering these questions on my plate.

“Maybe I should prepare myself for whatever possible things might happen, bro. I am terrified that the Beast Lord really existed.”

“Maybe you should ask from an expert, dude. I am only a human. I know several stories about werewolves but they were just stories.”

“So you mean, like asking help from Rico and Cletisa?”

“Who could it be other than them, right? In fact, they were your parents.”

I couldn’t help myself but keep on taking a deep sigh.

“Yeah, probably, you right. But what intrigued me more was about the girl I just run over with my car.”

“What? Did you just hit someone? Wait, did you just kill her and throw her in the cliff?”

“No, you idiot! The girl was a total mystery to me as she showed me pieces of her memories. She was asking for my help, dude!”

“Is the girl, beautiful?”

Kevin then laid his body on the bed.


“Then you should help her, right? Maybe, we don’t know, she’s a princess in your realm.”

“How would I know if it’s true? That was an impossible thing for me to believe.”

“Dude, there is no more impossible thing in Green Hills. Being you as a werewolf’s Child Prophecy already proven it.”

In some ways, Kevin was right. The world was really full of unsolved mysteries.

“But how could I help her? I only have a vague picture of the place. What if it was from the other world? How could we reach it?”

“Dude, you mentioned earlier that you landed here in this world using some ship. Maybe we should just have to know where it was right now.”

“We just have to do some digging about it way back 1990’s where you landed here.”

It was at this moment that someone was knocking at our door. I could not acknowledge the person from her scent but I am pretty sure I could smell blood.

Kevin and I exchange glances. I immediately took off the baseball bat I always kept in my room.

“Hey, do you have any idea what and who it was?” Kevin worriedly asked.

“No, I couldn’t because I couldn’t smell the scent.”

“How could you not smell the scent? Eh, you have done it with the dead body five feet from the ground.”

“I don’t know, okay? I just couldn’t and will you please stop talking? You’re making me anxious.”

I slowly unlocked the door as silently as possible.


We were utterly stunned when there was a bleeding hand waving behind the bush calling for help.

“There, Clark! There’s a person there!” Kevin pointed at the vase.

I was totally right. The person was wounded as I could smell a lot of blood.

“Help me, please!”

That was the last word the person said before his collapse. Kevin and I immediately lifted his body upstairs.

I immediately took mom’s medical kit in the kitchen while Kevin is watching over the person who was totally unconscious at the moment.

“Should we call my father or any Police Officers? Maybe they could help this person.” Kevin strongly suggested.

“I think it’s a bad idea, bro. I am sure that this man was like me."

“What do you mean not human? Like werewolf did this to him?”

“We still don’t know yet. What we need to do right now is keeping this man alive as possible as we can.”

Upon checking the person’s body, I had confirmed that he was also one of us, a werewolf but his body was not healing at all.

The beast inside me provided some instructions on what to do to help the person started getting his consciousness back and from healing.

I held his hand and concentrating on collecting the pain on his body towards me.

Kevin was utterly surprised when there was black blood that runs through my veins out of the person.

The person started to breathe and regaining backs his consciousness after I release my grip from him. I felt a little lightheaded afterward. It appears that the pain this person has absorbed through my veins.

“How did you do that, bro?” Kevin asked in wonder.

“The beast told me? I think he is not that ”

In a few minutes, the person woke up. Kevin immediately descended downstairs to get a glass of water.

“Hey, don’t just move yet. Your wounds were not yet healed.” I politely said.

“I am looking for this person. Do you have any idea where I could find them?”

He then took something from his pocket and passed to me an old photo.

“You’re a wolf!”

He got dazed.

“Yes, I am. My name is Clark, by the way.”

I extended my hands to him.

“My name is Barok and me not from this realm.”

And I know those people. That’s Rico and Cletisa. Why? What do you want from them?”

“I am here to deliver a message to them. It’s about the Beast Lord. He already brought his beasts here in this realm hunting their child, Emir.”

I was completely taken aback when the thing that I’m most afraid of was already here in our world. Worst, I am not even prepared to defend my friends and family.

The man was sniffing.

He was surprised when he saw Kevin entering the room.

He immediately made a mimic sound.

“You have a human with you?” He curiously asked.

“Hey, relax. I know what you are? And I am not afraid of your kind.” Kevin replied as he cautiously putting the glass water above the drawer.

“Don’t worry, he is a friend. He could be trusted.” I told him so he would calm.

“Hey, why not tell us about your sudden appearance in my friend’s house, huh?”

“I am not talking to anyone, especially for the human.”

“Okay fine. Hey, can we talk for a sec?”

Kevin whispered at me and descended downstairs. I have no idea what is he up to so I followed him downstairs.

“Bro, what was your plan for that person? You should not just let anyone know your true identity, dude.” He curiously asked.

“I still don’t know, yet. He needs help so, I simply help him.”

“Dude, he’s a werewolf? What if he is the bad one, huh? And kill me, Ina, or your mom?”

"Then what am I suppose to do? He knows about the Beast Lord and he was looking for Rico and Cletisa.”

“Then you better tell him the Smith was living in the woods. Simple as that.”

Unbeknownst to our conversation, the wounded man upstairs was eagerly listening.

When we get back upstairs, he was already gone and was out of sight. Perhaps, he was heading to Rico’s house now.

After the man’s disappearance, Kevin went home as it was getting late also.

My mind was completely full, enough that I couldn’t think what to do. Now that I know Beast Lord was now on its way, what am I suppose to do?

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