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C4 Alpha Parent

“It’s alright, it’s alright. Umm, do you still remember where it happened so I could send some Animal Control to look for it?’

I felt sympathy after seeing her trembling in worry.

“No! I mean, yes. I know where I hit the dog but…”

She stammered and shaking.

“Where it is?”

“It’s in my car. The dog, unfortunately, couldn’t walk after I hardly hit it.

We immediately went to her car to bring the dog to the clinic. Unexpectedly, we are greeted by the dog’s loud barks.

Ina was in a daze.

“Are you okay? It’s okay, the dog was just frightened.” I worriedly asked.

“That makes the two of us.” She replied.

“Let me see if I have a stroke of better luck. Honestly, I am only an attendee in my boss’ animal clinic.”

I slowly looked at the dog and gave her a very vicious glowing reddish eye.

The dog’s behavior suddenly changed. It seems that she felt terrified of me.

I immediately took the dog out of the car and brought her inside the clinic.

I gently put her to the table.

“I think her leg was broken. I have seen the doctor do plenty of splints. I think I can do it myself and give her a pain killer.”

I completely noticed that Ina was shivering as her whole body was completely soaked from the rain.

I immediately took my extra shirts in my bag.

“Here, use this for a while; I don’t want you to get sick only because you hit a dog.”

The dog whimpered at me when she saw me staring at Ina while taking off her clothes behind the door.

“What? I didn’t see anything, okay?” I told the dog.

“Thanks for doing this. I feel really stupid.” She told me after she went out behind the door.

“So, it looks like she does gonna live. And I’m pretty sure she will even let you pet her now if you want.” I comfortably replied.

Afterward, I lifted the dog back to Ina’s car.

”So, umm, I was wondering, I mean, is it really a family dinner this Friday night, or do you think maybe like going to the party with me?” I courageously asked.

She slowly fixed her hair with his fingers and grinned at me.

“Dinner night was a total lie.”

“So, is that a yes that you will go with me? That same day is also my 18th birthday.”

“Oh, I see. Definitely a yes.”

She then closed the door of his car and drove away.

When I got home from work, I couldn’t help myself but think of Ina. I took a better look outside my window and glared at the half-moon while lying on the bed.

Meanwhile, when I moved my body to the other side, I was completely shocked when I saw myself now lying on the ground in the middle of nowhere.

When I got up, I felt even more terrified after Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s unexpected appearance.

“It’s time for you to know the truth about you, Emir.” Mr. Smith profoundly said.

“Your parents in the generation were not your real ones, but we are. It’s time for you to step up and make the prophecy come true.” Mrs. Smith added.

I felt terrified and confused at the same time. I don’t exactly know what they are referring to. Not to mention, they were talking to someone named, Emir. Who is Emir?

I wagged all over the place as if they were probably talking to someone but unfortunately, no one was with us at the moment except for the three of us.

“I apologize but I really don’t know what the two of you are talking about.” I stammered.

“It is undeniable, Emir. We know something is wrong with you right now. In order for you to know what are we talking about, let me show you.” Mrs. Smith replied.

She then stepped forward, after that; she suddenly made a very weird gesture.

Her eyes immediately changed from her normal bright green to an insane glowing cold blue.

She screamed in pain as her knees reversed direction and her bones shifted inside of her. Her face contorted as the wolf’s muzzle extended out in front of her, and she fell forward onto her hands.

Her screams suddenly turned into a long howl as the dark fur sprouted from her body, and her clothing torn itself from her body as her muscles increased in size.

That’s exactly the same dog that attacked me in the house.

“Now you know the truth about us, it is time for you to do the same for the sake of our bloodlines who have sacrificed their lives for your survival.”

I am out of words at the moment as my skin and bones were trembling harmoniously.

Part of me wanted to run but my feet were completely and my mind wanted to know the truth.

“It was you who attacked me the other night in our house and in the woods, am I right?” I stammered completely.

They both exchanged glances.

“Yes, we were the one who you found in the woods but we are certain it was not us who attacked you. His name was Draku, the alpha of the Night Owls.”

“All of the tribes all over celestial beings were looking for you, Emir. They needed you to have complete control of your true capacity as a werewolf but …”

“Cletisa, we don’t have much time. Hold him now.” Mr. Smith ordered his wife.

Mrs. Smith swiftly runs towards me and immediately gripped my hands with her sharp fangs, enough that I saw my hands completely trickling with blood.

Mr. Smith on the other hand, also came towards me and his hand nails suddenly grew sharply.

He pierced it into my back neck and it suddenly showed me some kind of memories in the other realm.

“What is this?” I curiously asked.

“It was our lives before the Beast Lord destroyed everything and everyone in our Kingdom, Emir.”

“But why?”

“His seer brought him very terrifying news about the unborn wolf in that particular year

purportedly has the power of a true alpha.

The seer purportedly said that the wolf has the power to dethrone him.” Mr. Smith explained.

“The Beast Lord felt worried and made an immediate solution for this unborn child. He ordered his men to kill every mother who was pregnant.”

“We saw everyone in our bloodlines that were mercilessly killed by the Beast Lord’s men. We have no enough capabilities as they were all experts on slaughtering lives.”

They also told me that I am the remaining unborn child who was left alive from his wrath as they were able to escape using their ship that brought us here in this world.

The ship descended from my parent’s farm.

After I was held by my father, Nathan, someone had interrupted our minds. It was all nothing but complete enormous darkness with such terrifying red eyes.

With his one scratch, Mr. and Mrs. Smith immediately vanished.

“I’m coming for you, Emir. Hahaha!”

The sound of the voice was like a buzzing thunder.


I screamed out loud, enough that my mother woke up and felt terrified and immediately ran towards my room.

My body was full of sweat as my heart kept on hammering and my whole body completely trembling.

“Hey, son, come here. Everything will be alright. It was just only a dream.”

She then hugged me and caressed my back.

My body began to settle down after I felt her warm embrace. Part of me wanted to ask her about my

dream, especially about me if am I really their son or not.

I wanted to live a normal life as a human being along with my family and friends, not with some kind of beast, so I let my thoughts pass.

A few minutes later, my body back to its normal state. My mom went back to her room and sleep.

The next morning, I went late to school as I was not able to sleep last night after the bad dream.

I am certain that I am already late for my class so I went directly to my locker to prepare myself for the practice.

When I was about to close the locker, I am completely surprised when Roger furiously came out of nowhere.

He hardly immediately dragged, choked, and pinned to the wall.

“Alright, little man! How about you tell me where you were getting your juice, huh?”

“A what?”

I could hardly breathe as his hand gripped my neck hardly.

He rolled his eyes and stared at me viciously.

“I said, where are you getting your juice?” His sounds were even more terrifying.

I am completely confused by what he was talking about.

“My mom does all the grocery shopping every weekend. Would you like me to tell her you wanted to…?”

I was immediately cut off with my words after he released his hand out from my neck as he hardly punched the locker.

“Now, listen, Clark, you’re gonna tell me exactly what it is and from who you’re buying it, because there’s no way in hell you’re out there kicking ass on the field like without some sort of chemical booster.” He furiously said.

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