FBI AGENT/C5 Chapter Five.
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FBI AGENT/C5 Chapter Five.
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C5 Chapter Five.

"Ah, Hunter. Welcome to my class." Mr Sutherland smiles, gesturing for me to stand next to him. I grimace slightly, the feeling of thirty sets of eyes on me unsettling. I bravely stand beside him, my face expressionless as he introduces me to the class. Instead of listening to his words, my eyes scan over the pupils, looking for Calvin Black.

"Hunter? Hunter?" Mr Sutherland repeats, shaking my shoulder slightly. I snapped out of it and gave him a small smile —


"Would you like to tell us about yourself."

Not really...

"Sure thing," I smile, looking back at the class.

"My names Hunter and I'm sixteen. I like to play sports and yeah." I finish off, shrugging my shoulders. A few snickers from the pupils at the back can be heard and I narrow my eyes, glaring at them.

"Where are you from? Your accent is different," a girl with long blonde hair asks me, sitting in the front row. I shoot her a smile, the scowl on my face disappearing.

"I grew up in the south and moved around quite a lot. My accent is a little muddled." I reply. She beams back at me, nodding her head slowly.

"That's awesome, I like it."

"Thanks," I respond, grateful to have someone look at me in a friendly way. I clear my throat, skimming over the class before turning back towards Mr Sutherland.

"Can I sit down now?" I ask quietly and he nods, gesturing to a seat in the middle.

"Take your pick Hunter."

I slowly weave my way through the tables, ignoring the burning stares. The door suddenly opens and a few of the students begin to whisper in excited hushed tones. As I'm sitting down, I place my backpack underneath the table, getting settled. Mr Sutherland's voice causes me to snap my head up —

"Calvin, you're late again. Sit down."

At the mention of Calvin, I turn my head and meet eyes with Calvin Black. I immediately feel like I've had the wind knocked out of me. The black and white photo I've studied of him over and over again looks nothing compared to the boy standing in front of me. He's built tall and broad, not muscly but definitely defined. His eyes are a dark shade of green, intense with the ability to pierce straight through you. That's when I notice the eyebrow piercing, a single silver hoop in his right eyebrow that wasn't included in the mugshot.

Huh, a new addition.

The thick dark strands of his hair messily falls over into his eyes and he makes no attempt to push it back. He's wearing an all black outfit completed with a dark jacket that looks worn in and over used. His eyes scan over the crowd and he looks bored, like he doesn't want to be here at all. . . Until they land on me.

I hold my stare, knowing I need him to take an interest in me immediately. Despite looking into the eyes of hundred and hundreds of criminals, I feel myself grow nervous. His dark eyes pierce straight through mine, head slightly tilted as his lips twitch up with interest. Part of me wonders if he already knows that I'm an FBI agent, ready to bust him and his father.

I cock my head to the side, my eyes challenging him to give me something back. As he walks slow strides towards me, he never once blinks. Once he's standing beside me, the scent of his cologne hits me and I bite the inside of my cheeks to remind myself to stay calm. I need to act like I want this boy.

"You're in my seat," he snarls under his breath, his voice low and slow. I plaster a fake smile on my face even though I want to argue back with him. His voice oozes arrogance and confidence and I don't like that.

"I'm sorry, would you like me to move?" I ask nicely, holding eye contact with him. His face remains expressionless but he narrows his eyes at me. Instead of replying, he grunts back a response before walking past me and disappearing from my view. I can't help but feel disappointed at the length of our conversation. If I'm to become his girlfriend, I need to try harder than that. I briefly turn around and notice him sitting in one of the seats behind me, his eyes trained directly on me. I quickly spin back around, lowering myself in my seat.

Calvin Black does not look like a guy who's up for having a girlfriend anytime soon . . .


I wait until class has ended and the room has emptied. I walk over to the desk Calvin Black was sitting in, inspecting it over quickly. His scent is still in the air and I can picture his intense eyes staring at me. His scent lingering is the only thing he's left. I let out a small sigh and leave the room, scanning the hallway to try and find him. A voice from behind me causes me to whirl around, my stance ready to attack.

"What are you doing?" Calvin asks me, pushing himself up off he wall and standing directly in front of me. His lips curl up as if he's amused and I raise one brow at him, taking a step back.

"I'm trying to figure out where my next class is." I say calmly, glancing down at the paper in my hand. Calvin's eyes wonder over me before landing on my schedule.

"I'll show you, come with me."

He begins to walk ahead of me and I'm surprised that he's acting so co-operative. A small part of me grows slightly suspicious as to why he's paying me so much attention. I thought I would have to do the chasing however Calvin Black has been pretty easy to find so far.

Does he know I'm secretly an FBI agent?

I study him from behind as we walk, my eyes drifting down his body. I have to do it to size him up and know how to use his body weight and height against himself in a fight. However, he definitely isn't a bad sight to look at...

"Uhm, where are we going?" I ask, playing the part of the lost student struggling to find her next class. Calvin doesn't turn around and instead speeds up. I notice that people dodge him as soon as he enters their path and all eyes are on us as we walk through the corridors. Considering my next class is Science, Calvin is leading me towards the old sport rooms and I begin to grow increasingly suspicious.

"Are we almost there? I don't want to be late," I say sweetly, tapping on his shoulder. I have to stand on my tip toes to reach him but he lets out a grunt as soon as I make contact with his body. I'm starting to think Calvin Black doesn't speak actual words much...

"Just follow me Hunter." He says gruffly, the corridors thinning out until the students almost disappear. I stop in my tracks, frowning.

"How do you know my name?" I ask him, my heart picking up pace. Have I already failed this mission? My hand slowly curves around to the back of my jeans where I have a knife stored incase I need it. He stops walking and freezes, turning around slowly. His dark eyes are shining brightly, lips turned up into an evil smirk.

"Names travel fast around here."

I search his eyes, trying to find out whether he's lying. His expression is completely unreadable and I nod firmly, my mouth set into a thin line.

"Okay," I mumble quietly. He continues walking, chuckling under his breath at my expense. We reach the end of the corridor and he pushes open the double doors, entering inside a dimly lit changing room. I watch as he holds the door open, motioning for me to go inside.

"This doesn't look like Science," I say uncertainly, my hand hovering over the knife once again. It hasn't even been a full day of trying to become Calvin Black's girlfriend and I already feel like I'm busted.

"Hunter, go inside. Don't make me force you." He says darkly. I glance around at the abandoned corridors before sighing —

"Sure, why do you have to be so dramatic?" I joke around, my tone light hearted. Calvin's doesn't smile back and places a hand on my lower back, guiding me through the door. The door slams shut behind me and the noise echoes loudly. It's enough to make anyone jump out of their skin in fright but not me, I'm trained not to. My eyes immediately land on a figure in the back, stood in the shadows. I take a step back and collide hard against Calvin's chest. His hands shoot out, pushing me forward once again.

"What am I doing here? Is this a prank on the new girl? It's not funny!" I glare at him, pretending to be nervous and angry. Calvin smirks at me arrogantly before walking over to the shadow, his strides long and confident.

"Yo, thanks Cal. I owe you one." The shadow says, slapping hands with Calvin Black. I scrunch my face up, already hearing that voice before. . .

"Don't worry about it, she's beyond annoying though." Calvin responds, his eyes flickering across to me. I frown at him deeper however turn my attention back to the shadow.

"Zack? Is that you?" I question, already knowing it is. He takes a step forward, revealing himself with a wide grin on his face.

"Hey Newbie," he smirks. Behind him, Calvin goes back to looking bored, dropping down onto a worn out bench and lighting a cigarette.

"What am I doing here?" I question for the millionth time and Zack walks up to me, a glint in his eye.

"Sorry to scare you. This is where we hang out sometimes, never get caught here by teachers." Zack says casually, gesturing for me to sit down on the bench beside me. I slowly take a seat, my face scrunched up with confusion. He sits beside me, his leg touching mine.

"So, you're the new girl here." Zack starts, clearing his throat. He looks nervous and I nod my head, waiting for him to continue. He scratches the back of his neck.

"I mean, some of the guys have noticed you, m-me included." Zack stutters.

"Okay?" I respond, unsure at what he's getting at. A scoff from the other side of the room causes me to snap my head up and I narrow my eyes at my target. He looks between me and Zack before chuckling, taking a long drag from his cigarette.

"He likes you Hunter."

"Shut up man!" Zack protests, glaring at a smirking Calvin. My eyes widen slightly and I turn towards Zack —

"You spoke to me for a minute and you already like me?" I question him, a little surprised.

"Yeah I know, but you're obviously pretty and I wanted to talk to you before anyone else did. You're the new girl, you know? You're going to get a lot of attention in here." Zack says nervously, his words babbling on.

I feel myself dying inside as I continuously glance between Zack and Calvin, wondering how on Earth I ended up getting the wrong guy's attention.

"Thanks Zack, that's really sweet of you. I should get going though. It's my first day and I don't want to get into trouble." I say nervously, standing up and reaching for my backpack. Zack places one hand on my wrist, holding me in place.

"I'm sorry, is this weird? This is weird, right? I just wanted to talk to you, that's all. Ignore Calvin over there, he's all doom and gloom but I'm not, I swear." Zack says, digging his hole deeper. I give him a small smile, feeling bad for him. If this wasn't an FBI mission, I'd totally be flattered by Zack's words.

"You're sweet and it's only a little weird." I smile before glancing around at the room and at Calvin Black who continues to puff on his cigarette. Maybe I can use him being here to my advantage.

"Are both of you bunking class? I'm totally up for that if I can hang with you," I say casually. Zack's blue eyes light up but Calvin doesn't look too happy about it.

"You're bunking off on the first day? That's pretty confident," he questions, one eyebrow raised. I shrug my shoulders, giving him my best flirtatious smile —

"I'm a pretty confident person."

Calvin looks back at me, interest flashing through his eyes. It's hard to notice but the corner of his lips twitch upwards as he holds out his pack of cigarettes towards me.

"Do you smoke?" He questions, waiting for my response. I feel like it's a challenge and a test to him and I intend to pass it. He holds my stare but I don't miss how his eyes subtly drop down my body and back up again. I walk up to him with the same smile, taking one cigarette from his pack slowly.

"What kind of a silly question is that?" I whisper, reaching inside his front jacket pocket. His hand immediately snaps up, grabbing hold of my wrist. My heart begins to hammer inside my chest as he inches his face closer.

"What are you doing?" He asks dangerously, green eyes flashing with annoyance. My fingers wrap around the lighter and I pull it out, showing it to him.

"How do you expect me to smoke? Amateur," I smile, teasing him. His eyes flash again and the danger inside them melts away. He takes the lighter off me and I balance the cigarette between my lips, leaning forward. I watch as he flicks the lighter, the flame inches away from me.

He lights the cigarette and I inhale deeply, hating the way it tastes. I mask my face over and act like I love it, simply to get Calvin Black's interest. The things I do for the FBI. . . His eyes flash with amusement and he leans closer, his breath hitting my face.

"You're different, aren't you?" He murmurs, his eyes scanning over my face. We both completely forget his friend (who's currently crushing on me) is standing behind us, wondering what the hell is happening. Calvin's words are too quiet for Zack to hear and I wonder whether he did that intentionally.

"You tell me," I whisper before standing up and walking away from him, cigarette in hand. A ghost of a smile flickers across my face as I realise how easy that was. . .

Calvin Black officially knows of my existence.

Phase 1 complete.

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