FBI AGENT/C6 Chapter Six.
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FBI AGENT/C6 Chapter Six.
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C6 Chapter Six.

"So Hunter, tell me about yourself." Zack says, sitting cross legged in front of me. I lean back against the wall, feeling Calvin Black's intense stare from the corner of my face. Whenever I turn to look back at him, his attention quickly flickers someplace else. I bring the cigarette up to my lips, taking in a long drag.

"Why is everyone asking me that question today?" I chuckle light heartedly, blowing smoke in the opposite direction of Zack's face. He simply smiles back at me in response, hair falling over into his eyes. I watch as he lifts his arm up, raking it backwards. The muscles in his arm tense and my lips tug upwards slightly.

"Are you checking me out?" He asks me, his tone teasing. I roll my eyes, leaning forward until my face is hovering inches away from his. I like this boy, I figure he'll be fun to pass the time.

"Yes, I was." I say truthfully and his eyes light up with my response. He leans forward automatically, closing in the distance. Before his eyes can flutter shut, I pull back and grin, flicking my cigarette. If falls onto the floor and I stomp it out with my shoe to make sure it doesn't set anything alight.

"You're a tease Hunter." Zack grins, standing up. I pull my knees up to my chest and shoot him a sweet smile —

"I'll be right back, nature calls." He says and I give him a little wave. Just as he disappears out the door, Calvin Black speaks.

"He likes you."

"Wow, you actually talk." I reply, turning to look at him. He's sat on the floor with his back against the wall, glancing up at the ceiling. His face looks troubled and I take it as my cue to begin prying.

"I know he likes me but I'm not ready for anything like that yet." I mumble, which is the honest truth. I'm scared to fall into a relationship with feelings. Feelings are associated with setting yourself up for pain and failure.

"You should tell him that." Calvin replies quietly. I nod my head, pushing myself up and walking towards him. He barely flinches, eyes trained on the ceiling instead. I slowly lower myself down beside him, leaving a few inches between us.

"I will tell him, I don't want to string him along. He seems like a good guy."

"He is a good guy." Calvin shoots back instantly, turning his face. His eyes pierce straight through mine, mouth slightly parted. Up close, his pale skin is almost flawless and I suck in a breath as I look into his eyes.

"So Calvin, tell me about yourself." I say quietly, my eyes flashing with humour. The corners of his lips twitch upwards briefly before settling back down into a thin line.

"Why is everyone asking me that question today?" He says sarcastically, repeating my choice of words from before. I laugh, stretching my legs out in front of me.

"I mean it, tell me about yourself." I say charmingly, shooting him my best smile. He searches my eyes for a moment, his own slightly narrowed as if he's thinking hard.

"Why do you want to know?" He asks, his words a soft whisper. I don't dare breathe as he inches closer, face hovering near mine. His gaze flickers between both my eyes before falling back down to my lips and then he pulls back, within a split second.

"I - I'm intrigued," I murmur, my heart slightly picking up pace. Stop it Hunter, don't be sucked into his eyes . . .

"You and the entire school. Go away Hunter." Calvin says bluntly, turning his face away from mine. He suddenly switches to being cold and distant and I frown, confused at his actions.

"Did I hit a nerve that easily?" I ask him, one eyebrow raised. He scoffs, slowly turning his head.

"No, this is my actual personality. I'm a prick at all times."

My eyebrow raises higher until it practically falls off my face. "I don't think you're a prick."

"You've known me for five minutes." Calvin shoots back harshly.

"I'm a good judge of character." I snap at him, slightly irritated. How can I become his girlfriend when he won't even have a decent conversation with me?

Calvin Black laughs, the sound of it bouncing off the walls. It dies down into a dry chuckle and he reaches up, pretending to wipe an invisible tear.

"You're funny Hunter. You're judge of character is completely wrong."

"Shut up Calvin." I silence him. He stills beside me, his posture tensing up. I bite down on my lower lip, surprised at myself for being so blunt. He slowly turns towards me, green eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Did you just tell me to shut up?"

I force myself to hold his stare despite my stomach twisting and turning with knots.

"What's wrong? No-one ever said that to you before?" I hit back, my voice a whisper. He raises one brow, shifting his entire body weight until he's facing me.

"No actually, they haven't." His voice is flat, holding no emotion behind it. He slowly inches closer, his hand reaching up and grabbing onto my chin. I let out a small gasp in surprise, his fingers feeling cold as ice against my warm skin. It doesn't scare me, I only need to lash out at him once and he'll fly backwards, smacking into the wall behind him.

The corner of Calvin's lip twitch upwards at my reaction, his thumb brushing against my lower jawline. His grip on my chin tightens slightly and I breathe heavily, looking up into two dangerous dark emerald pools.

"Do you want me to kiss you Hunter? Is that it?" Calvin asks, warm breath hitting my cheeks. A shiver runs down my spine and I swallow, nerves building up inside my chest. Despite being what the FBI wants me to do, I shake my head, protesting.

"No, I barely know you." I mutter. Calvin searches my face, his gaze travelling from my eyes to my nose and lips. The entire time, his face is emotionless but I notice his eyes flash with some sort of emotion.

"But you want to get to know me, right? Is that what all the questions are for?" He murmurs against my lips, the hold on my jaw never once loosening. I remind myself to breathe despite how much his scent is completely invading my mind.

"Stop." I finally give in, my eyelids fluttering closed. I inhale sharply and he finally drops my jaw, pushing himself away from me. My hand reaches up, brushing the skin where his fingers held on to me tightly.

"Like I said, go away Hunter."

I push myself up off the floor, my throat dry with nerves. Just as I'm about to leave, I turn back to look at him. "Okay, I'll go."

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