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Shu Xia

Maoshan Village, a Hundred Li from Beijing

Sixteen years ago, a woman and a two year old girl settled down here. Six years ago, the woman had mysteriously disappeared, leaving the twelve-year-old girl alone.

She was famous in Mao Mountain Village for being deaf and dumb. No one knew her identity, only that she lived here very much. No one knew where that woman went, only that this abandoned girl was very pitiful.

Thus, in this isolated and impoverished Mao Shan Village, the girl grew up eating a hundred meals.

Beneath the cove was an adobe house, its walls cracked from time to time. Inside the house, there were all sorts of broken and all sorts of suffering.

Two rooms and one kitchen. One room was a hall, one was a bedroom, and there was also a kitchen that could not be cooked even if it was raining.

In the hall, there was a table, three legs, and a fourth bamboo. There were four stools, each with a stone cushion under it.

In the bedroom, there was only one wooden board and one bed.

During the day you can bask in the sun through the roof, at night you can see the bright stars through the roof, rain, rain at home, and enjoy the feeling of taking a shower under the shower after thousands of years.

Outside, cats and dogs were barking.

The girl in the bedroom was awoken by the sounds of cats and dogs fighting outside. She couldn't help but swing the broom by the door, open the door, and throw it towards the cat as she cursed with her hands on her waist ?

"Come to death! If you don't provoke rich people, you won't be able to survive!"

This damned cat, relying on her ability to climb walls and trees, she bullies her watchdog every day. It's too shameless, no, such a thick-skinned cat ?

The kitten meowed as it looked at her ferocious appearance, then it hopped back into the house.

Looking up at the sky and touching her stomach, the girl let out a long sigh.

It is nearly dark and time to make dinner again

What would you like to eat tonight?!

Squatting down, the girl touched the yellow dog's head at her feet, "Wangceng, there's no more rice in the rice vat. There's only a bowl of rice flour sent by Aunt Zhang. Sister is going to dig some sweet potatoes out of the ground. Tonight, we're going to eat roasted sweet potatoes."

The yellow dog barked twice, wagging its tail and circling around the girl.

Picking up a broken basket from the yard, he put on a half-rusted sickle and carried the basket on his shoulder. The girl carried a hoe and walked towards the left side of the adobe room.

Her name was Bai Xinyan, the name she used to call her when she was living in modern times. She had somehow transmigrated and occupied the body of this drowning girl. Only by relying on the girl's memories did she know that they shared the same name.

It was just that in this village, no one knew her real name, and no one had ever called her that in front of her face.

Looking up at the sky for the nth time, if you allowed your sister to transcend worlds, could you not let me be the Queen or the Princess? At least let me be a normal person!

In the past two years, apart from talking to cats and dogs, she had never communicated with anyone else.

It wasn't that she didn't want to say anything, but this body, this life that had drowned to death ?

sweet potato field

Bai Xinghan dug the soil while he tidied the sweet potato vines in the ground.

Suddenly, the sound of a heavy object falling on the ground came from behind her. She was startled and turned around with the hoe in her hand.

Before the hoe could fall from her hand, she didn't even see what was coming to scare her. The hoe flew out of her hand and a black shadow quickly covered her vision before pressing her down on the sweet potato vine.

"Don't make a sound, or I'll take your life!" A man's voice sounded, his voice low and cold, full of threat.

Hearing the other party's voice, his breathing became disorderly and he began to pant heavily. Upon seeing the other party's expression, he felt pain and stifled emotions. It was as though he was in a constipated frenzy.

Of course, Bai Xinyan would not make a sound. She had always remembered that she was a deaf and dumb girl. Naturally, she had long since mastered the art of lightning and thunder without panicking. 'Just a wounded man, how could he threaten her? '


Her white ball was grabbed by two hands, which was a bit hard to accept

She looked at the man who was laying on her in a daze. She hadn't spoken to anyone for two years, so she couldn't help but ask, "Brave warrior, how long are you going to grab my chest?"

'This man is handsome, but he can't just eat his own tofu just because he's handsome, can he? '

The man suppressed his painful groans as he stared at the girl below him with a gaze as sharp as a sword. Just as he was flabbergasted by the girl's courage, he suddenly heard her words. His body stiffened and he nearly choked to death.

"Cough ?"

Even the sound of coughing was suppressed, and Bai Xin could smell the scent of blood on his body. Although she couldn't tell which part of his body was injured, she could guess that this man was definitely heavily injured.

It wasn't that she didn't want to keep her reputation, but that she had pushed it, but it was useless. Even though the man's aura was in disarray, his enormous body was as heavy as an ox's.

[I can't open it!]

His white face was his son's food in the future. He couldn't just let him keep suppressing his son like this, right?!

Just as she was about to remind him again, the man rolled onto his back.

With just this one action, Bai Xinghan could only hear him exhaling and not inhaling.

Afraid that such a person would die in her own land and cause trouble for her, she quickly got up, crouched beside the man, and pinched one of his people.

"Go to hell, don't stay here. I don't have the money to buy a coffin for you. You're going to die, at most I'll dig a hole and bury you here."

"Cough cough!" The man suddenly coughed even harder than before. His entire body had clearly lost all of its strength, but his eyes were still glaring at her.

At this time, Bai Xinyan's sharp ears could hear the village chief's voice heading towards them. There were even voices of strangers.

Looking at the man who was still glaring at her in pain, she quickly covered the man with the sweet potato vine and leaves she had cut earlier with her hands.

"Don't make a sound if you don't want to die!"

After completely concealing the man, she grabbed a few sweet potatoes that were dug out from the ground and sat down with her butt facing the man's head. She only heard a muffled groan followed by a "ka ka" sound, as if her knuckles were being pressed down.

Fortunately, the sky was slightly dark. Other than the dense vines and leaves of the sweet potato, he could not see anything out of the ordinary.

She sat on the man's face as if nothing had happened, quietly digging at the soil of the sweet potato.

The sweet potatoes that were dug out were covered in dirt. In addition to the two days of rain, the soil was sticky. Every sweet potato had to use their hands to dig up the soil.

After digging one, she threw it into the broken basket she had brought out, grabbed the other one at her feet, and began to dig.

Until the fourth

"Hey, have you seen a man with a knife appear here?" a man with a knife asked Bai Xinyan.

Bai Xinyan lowered his head and continued to dig the soil on the sweet potato.

"Hey, I'm asking you a question."

"Master San, don't ask her, she can't hear you." The village chief interrupted the man's second question and pointed at his own ears and mouth. He said to the man, "She's our village's deaf and dumb girl. She doesn't even know how to hear. It's useless asking her."

The man glared at Bai Xinyan. He naturally believed in the Village Chief's words. After all, the village chief was working for their master, so it was impossible for him to betray their master.

"I've asked quite a few families and they've all disappeared. That's strange, don't tell me he flew into the sky? How are you going to deal with this person? If you can't find him, then master will blame him. Don't blame Lord Third for not helping you. This is a place under your jurisdiction, after all, he's not here ?" The man's face was cold and arrogant.

Hearing the man's words, he hurriedly wiped away the sweat on his forehead and said, "Search again. Since he has entered our Mao Mountain Village, he must be somewhere. As long as we search carefully, we will be able to find him."

The man sighed and followed her unwillingly.

Looking at the Village Head's back as he walked away, Bai Xinyan frowned.

The body that she possessed two years ago, apart from eating and drinking, truly did not allow her to hear what was being said in the outside world, nor to communicate with others. In this mountain that cut off poverty, life was like living dead.

Before she was twelve, there was a woman who took care of her. She knew that it wasn't her own mother, but someone who took care of her. But in the end, that woman couldn't stand the poverty here and left. The deaf and dumb women who were ten years old lived here alone, depending on the villagers to help them.

Two years ago, she had been reborn into the body of a drowning deaf mute, but for some reason, she didn't dare to reveal that she was a normal person, so she had to pretend to be deaf and mute in order to live her life.

From that day onwards, she replaced Bai Xinghan to feel the cold affection of this world, to feel the kindness and kindness of the villagers, to feel the life that originally did not belong to her ?

Mao Shan Village was a village that was forgotten by the Shuxia Country. Coupled with the danger of the mountain surrounding the village, it caused the village to be cut off and be left behind. Twenty or so villagers lived here. Although they were not rich, they were diligent, kind, and self-sufficient in clothing and food ?

Bai Xinyan was puzzled.

Why did the village chief start to get into conflict with the people outside?

She wasn't a fool, so she naturally knew who they were looking for. It was because this person could tell by his appearance that he did not come from Mao Mountain Village.

Thinking of this, Bai Xinzhi suddenly jumped away, because she discovered that there was no longer any movement under her butt.

Throwing away the sweet potato leaves, as expected, the man had already fainted. But no matter how, she didn't pursue him for now. In any case, she was relieved when she found out that he was still breathing.

After looking over the man's body from head to toe, he discovered that other than a letter, there were also several tens of silver taels scattered on his body.

Seeing the object in his hand, Bai Xinyan's eyes were filled with stars. They twinkled so brightly that it could not be described as anything more dazzling.

Putting the letter and the silver back in the man's arms, she then slapped his face as she pinched him.

"Wake up, wake up!"

A moment later, the man slowly opened his eyes, coughing.

Seeing this, Bai Xinyan did not waste time with him and directly asked, "Do you want me to save you?"

The man squinted his eyes and scanned his surroundings with a cold and guarded gaze. He saw that she was the only one there. With a face as tense and painful as constipation, he lightly nodded his head.

"Alright, I can save you, but you have to give me all your silver." This was her goal ?

She lacked everything in her heart, but what she lacked the most was silver.

She couldn't live her whole life in Mao Shan Village, and she didn't want to be a deaf and dumb silly girl all her life. The indifference of her family made her not want to return and acknowledge her ancestors.

She wanted to leave this place, this place that left her with no sense of security.

casein without silver

This man had money, but she couldn't kill him for such a small amount of money, right? What if she stole his money and was afraid of retaliation in the future?

"The best way is to make him voluntarily hand over the silver!"

The man's sword-like eyebrows creased slightly. His sharp gaze contained a trace of Yin energy as he swept his gaze over Bai Xinghan's clean and white face.

However, in the end, he still nodded his head with a light cough.

Without waiting for the man's approval, she reached into his bosom and took out the bag containing the scattered silver. She weighed it in her hand and was overjoyed.

Wait until dark

Bai Xinyun helped the man into his own courtyard.

"Woof woof woof woof woof!"

The yellow dog that was guarding the house suddenly rushed over and barked at the unfamiliar man.

Just as Bai Xinyan was about to teach it a lesson to calm it down, the yellow dog let out a whimper and then collapsed onto the ground. It didn't even have a chance to struggle; it directly gave a long speech ?

"Wangcang Wang Fangcang!" He couldn't take care of the man who took her dog's life as soon as he did so. Bai Xinyan pounced and hugged the yellow dog as he cried, "My wealth! Why did you leave me like this?! Without you, how are you going to let big sister live on by herself! My miserable fortune! Why don't you take big sister away with you?"

"Dong!" The man suddenly fell to the ground and paid attention to the words on the screen. He was called "Xin Wu." The man suddenly fell on the ground and paid attention to the words on the screen. ).

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