"I'll go too." A Qin hurried forward, and said, "I'll send Sister Hua out."

Queen's corpse could only be placed in her family for two days before the funeral, so Sister Hua treated the people inside Chihuahua as family.

Now that they had all gone and she was the only one left, she had to go and take a look no matter what.

"Follow me."

Hua Jin Ge nodded his head, but then walked towards the other side of the road towards the main hall.

A Qin wanted to say something, but was cut off by Hua Jin Ge.

"By the back door."

In the main hall, Hua Mo Ran who had taken off her plain white silk clothes and changed into a bright red robe was drinking tea.

She was holding a teacup while shaking her head and blowing on the leaves floating on top of the teacup. The corner of her mouth was curled up.

"Father, the funeral of this bitch has already been arranged. I wonder if you care about the marriage of that little fool?"

The two words on the top and bottom of his heart caused Hua Zhan Yuan, who was sitting on the ground, to quiver.

He had asked her to torture that little fool Hua Jin Ge more, it was just that he had kept the scene in the day from Hua Mo Ran to the point where he had not done anything to let her know.

"This old subject naturally has added more heart to the marriage bestowed to me by the Emperor."

Narrowing his eyes, Hua Zhan Yuan replied respectfully.

"Hehe, father better do a better job. After all, His Majesty still values this marriage a lot. Even mother and royal grandmother asked about this.

When she heard that the Southern King whose fame shook the world wanted to marry a little fool, her royal grandmother had already fainted from anger.

"If you were to hear that this little fool is a shitty, ugly being that has been left behind by thousands of people, wouldn't that old woman be angered to death?"

Those two old women, relying on their power in the imperial court, were like the wind and rain in the harem.

Not only did he restrict her movements at every turn, he was also deliberately making things difficult for Feng Ye Yang.

Currently, Feng Ye Yang did not like them at all. Taking advantage of Feng Jun Xie's matter to anger them to death was the best.

"This ?"

Hearing Hua Mo Ran's words, Hua Zhan Yuan's face unavoidably revealed a trace of unease.

"What is it? Could it be that Father is unable to do it? "

With a "pa" sound, Hua Mo Ran fiercely placed the cup in her hand on the table. The emotions in the phoenix's eyes suddenly changed as it stared at Hua Zhan Yuan.

"Or could it be that father is still worried about that slut from the Yun Family and can't bear to lay a hand on her children? Father, you must know that Hua Xi Er is dead now.

The bastard that was born of her was killed by my sword. Now, the crown prince of Great Yue State can only emerge from my, Hua Mo Ran's, stomach.

"If you still care for someone you shouldn't care about and do something stupid, I'm afraid in the future ?"

Standing outside the hall, hearing Hua Mo Ran's words that seemed to want to say something, a bloodthirsty cold glint burst out from Hua Jin Ge's eyes, her fist letting out a "ge ge" sound from her sleeves.

"Who is it?"

Hua Jin Ge glanced at A Qin, then slightly nodded his head and hid his body into the flower rack at the side.

A Qin walked up quickly and kneeled down with a 'plop'.

Perhaps it was out of fear, but his body was trembling.

"My respects to Empress Mo Fei, your servant, your servant is my servant. Master, my servant has heard of the two Miss's return and wishes to visit the two Miss s."

But the servants of the ancestral hall said that they would not release Madame without her orders. Master, I beg you, please let Madame see the Second Miss! "

A Qin's voice was filled with tears, she did not notice that when Hua Mo Ran heard her words, she had already leaped up, her gaze was like a sharp sword that shot straight at Hua Zhan Yuan.

"Father, what's going on? This servant girl said that his mother was in the ancestral hall? Didn't you tell me that your mother was listening to a play outside with someone? "

Hua Mo Ran's words were already filled with a faint chill.

Seeing Hua Zhan Yuan becoming flustered, she was already prepared to stop asking questions, but instead fixed his torch-like gaze on him and asked, "What's going on, tell me!"

"Reporting to Empress, Madame, Madame was angered when she received a slap from Third Miss, so the old master cut off one of Madame's finger.

He also said that in order to prevent bad things from happening in the Madame, he had to imprison the Madame until after the Third Miss got married before he was released. "


Hua Mo Ran slammed the table, with a sound loud enough to shake the world.

She stretched out her hand, pointed at Hua Zhan Yuan, whose face was already ashen, and sneered. "So it turns out that the heart that your father has been talking about, is truly devoted!"

He clearly knew that the mother and daughter pair could not bear to see the two little bitches that Yun Qing Shan had given birth to. Now that one had died, he still had to protect the other.

Well, indeed, very well!

Hua Zhan Yuan glanced at the kneeling A Qin with a dark expression. He did not know where she had come from, as a servant.

It was just that he was not interested in Chen Xiang Yuan, and did not know if she had a servant like him.

He had already told her everything that had happened in the day. Those who knew were either dead or their tongues had been cut off. How did she know about this maid?

He was furious in his heart, and wanted to punish the servant girl, but Hua Mo Ran, who was in front of him, spoke out.

"What are you waiting for? Take me to the ancestral hall!"

How could Hua Mo Ran not know what kind of place the Washington's ancestral hall was?

It was already extremely cold during the day, and once night fell, the water droplets would turn into ice.

When she thought about how her mother was being punished there, and that it was because of that bitch Hua Jin Ge, she became even angrier and kicked A Qin, telling her to quickly lead the way towards the ancestral hall.

At this time, Hua Jin Ge had already appeared in the Ancestral Hall.

Avoiding the many servants in the ancestral hall, she came to the room where Chen Xiang Yuan was imprisoned.

After entering the room, she locked the door.

She looked around the dark room and took out the dagger in her hand. The meat bun in her hand had already been crushed. The black powder was faintly discernible. Her eyes revealed a cold sneer.

On the bed, Chen Xiang Yuan had one of her finger cut off, which made it hard for him to sleep.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, she abruptly got up from the bed.

"Who is it?"

Just as she was about to question him, she felt a cold gust of wind pouncing toward her. A cold gust of wind immediately enveloped her neck.

"If you don't want to die, then don't move."

Lowering his voice, Hua Jin Ge took the chance while she was screaming and stuffed the meat bun in his hand into her mouth.

Then he pinched her cheeks a few times and told her to obediently swallow the meat bun.

"Who are you? What did you give me to eat? What are you going to do? "

Chen Xiang Yuan, still in a panicked state, was fed a meat bun, but later on, she shouted and flung out a series of questions.

Just that, Hua Jin Ge didn't want to answer her question, so he only stood up, swung his left hand down fiercely, chopping at her neck.

Chen Xiang Yuan immediately fainted.

Hearing the rapid footsteps approaching from outside, she smiled again and turned around to escape through a window at the side, leaving no trace behind.

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