The news of Zhao Yiruo being sentenced to death for corruption quickly spread through the streets of the capital.

When Liu Ying was dealing with the goods outside the manor, she was so excited that she ran back to "report" the news without even ordering the goods.

Only, Liu Ying didn't expect that when Hua Jin Ge heard this news, she didn't look as excited as she had imagined. On the contrary, her calm and tranquil appearance made Liu Ying feel that all of this was within her expectations.

Seeing Liu Ying standing at the side, Hua Jin Ge's body, which was sitting in the flower garden, finally moved slightly. She looked back at her with a slight smile in her eyes, and asked: "Did you find out clearly when Zhao Yiruo was beheaded?" If she guessed correctly, Feng Ye Yang was extremely furious at this moment. She wished that she could kill Zhao Yiruo in the Sky Prison, so she definitely could not live for too long.

Tomorrow ?

"I heard the news, tomorrow's beheading at the entrance of the market, it's said that Lord Jing Zhao, Yin Mu, was overseeing the beheading. Hey, wait, just now when I came in from the outside, I saw a group of people coming in through the main entrance, that group of people seems to be the eunuchs from the palace ?"

"Esteemed wangfei."

Just as Liu Ying was about to think of something incredible, Middle Uncle walked in from the outside. Seeing Hua Jin Ge calmly sitting in the Shunliang's garden, a trace of pleasant surprise flashed past his eyes, and then, he changed into his usual bowing countenance. He stepped forward, cupped his hands, and said: "This old servant pays his respects to wangfei, and I hope that wangfei will follow me."

"Where to?"

Hua Jin Ge looked at Middle Uncle. Although he asked this, he stood up, "People from the palace?"

Middle Uncle did not avoid the question and nodded.

"Reporting to Empress, Emperor has ordered that Empress and Prince will go to the entrance of the market tomorrow to supervise and punish this subject, Chen Yi Nuo, together." Middle Uncle said as he led the way for Hua Jin Ge.

Now that Hua Jin Ge had entered the mansion, he took over Shunliang as his own. For the first time ever, Feng Jun Xie did not pinch his neck to death, but allowed his to stay, while he moved to the library to stay. This behavior caused Middle Uncle to not understand greatly, and caused him to have a different opinion of Hua Jin Ge.

Inside the library, Feng Jun Xie was seated on a high seat. The next person to him was an old man in Third Fate, and there were several tens of armored guards standing next to him. This made the atmosphere in the library hall turn exceptionally strange.

"Prince, this imperial edict ?"

Seeing Feng Jun Xie's silence, one of the old men finally could not wipe his face anymore, and coughed twice.

"Is royal brother's imperial edict for me alone?"

Seeing the eunuch speak, Feng Jun Xie's phoenix eyes became slightly cold. With an ice-cold gaze, he shot a glance at the eunuch.

The eunuch originally wanted to say something, but was forcibly nailed to the ground by such a glance. He could not move at all, and could only tremble the corners of his lips. "It was given to the Prince and the wangfei." But in his opinion, wasn't the princess of Southern King's Manor just a decoration?

Even if he was not foolish, even if he had some skills and abilities, Feng Jun Xie would not care about her at all, right?! ? ? (TL: "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU")

So, should this decree even pass through the face of an imperial concubine?

It seems like the relationship between Southern King and the sect wasn't as tense as the rumors said it was!

In this case, the rumors really could not be trusted!

As the eunuch thought this, he did not realize that there were already two people standing behind him.

Hua Jin Ge followed Middle Uncle to the entrance of the library, where the Middle Uncle stood respectfully by the side, indicating for Hua Jin Ge to enter.

Inside the palace, Feng Jun Xie was lazily sitting on the tallest teacher chair, dressed in a black embroidered robe. His appearance was extremely charming, and the sunlight from the hollowed-out jade pillar at the side shone onto his handsome white and black bronze face, vividly displaying the lazy and evil aura in his eyes.

From the moment Hua Jin Ge appeared, his gaze had been firmly locked on her body.

Hua Jin Ge was astonished in his heart, he really did not know what exactly had appeared on his body, which caused Feng Jun Xie to stare at him for an extremely long time with such a misty gaze.

In the face of the three eunuchs who came to issue the decree from the palace, Hua Jin Ge did not lower his head.

"This old servant greets Esteemed wangfei!"

These three eunuchs were elders who had been fighting in the palace for dozens of years, so their eyesight was naturally sharp. When they saw Hua Jin Ge's appearance, they all called out to him respectfully.

Hua Jin Ge slowly nodded his head, "Greetings, three eunuchs."

It seemed that Feng Jun Xie had not served tea to the three of them. As Hua Jin Ge said this, his gaze swept across the few tables beside the three of them and realized that there were no teacups on them.

Did he really hate Feng Ye Yang to the bones?

But it was no wonder, after all, someone who wanted to make things difficult for him was definitely not a good person, for Feng Jun Xie to have such wariness towards Feng Ye Yang, was indeed a good thing.

"I heard that the eunuchs have come from the palace to issue an imperial edict?"

Hua Jin Ge slowly walked to the soft couch beside the armchair that Phoenixine had made for him and sat down. He looked at those few people with a solemn gaze, and his voice was clear and pleasant to hear.

"Reporting to Prince, Princess, it is."

When one of the eunuchs saw this, he did not waste time speaking and continued to hold onto the imperial edict, and looked at Hua Jin Ge, as if he was waiting for Hua Jin Ge to make his next move.


Hua Jin Ge smiled as he looked at him. He straightened his sitting posture and did not notice that Feng Jun Xie's face was becoming more and more gloomy.

The silent atmosphere in the hall grew increasingly awkward.

"Esteemed wangfei, this old servant will announce it now."

The eunuch impatiently warned with a shrill voice.

When Hua Jin Ge heard this, he was neither annoyed nor excited, he merely nodded his head and replied: "I know that a decree is going to be passed down in the public, Young Master, please speak your mind, I will listen." After saying that, he made a "please" gesture, indicating that the eunuch could speak now.

However, she continued to sit firmly on the soft couch, not having the slightest intention of getting up and kneeling down.

When Feng Jun Xie saw this, the ashen look on his face dissipated, and his expression contained even more interest.

It was all for the sake of humiliating him. Even if he did not kneel down to receive the decree as a first stage general, he was certain that the new wangfei would kneel down to receive the decree, and till now, Feng Ye Yang would never have imagined that Hua Jin Ge's bones would not be softer than Feng Jun Xie's.

Outside the Main Palace, Middle Uncle standing respectfully had the urge to laugh out loud when he heard this.

The wangfei that Feng Ye Yang sent to the Duke Palaces was truly a treasure!

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