A Qin seemed to be shocked by Hua Jin Ge's ruthless methods.

At night everything was very quiet.

Hua Jin Ge understood what she was thinking, but he didn't want to explain it further.

Thus, the night passed in silence.

The next morning, she was awakened by the hubbub in the courtyard.

When she opened her eyes, she could not help but reach out to touch her face.

It was still Hua Jin Ge's appearance.

He was both happy and disappointed.

After getting up and putting on his clothes, he saw A Qin, whose face was full of grime, stumbling and entering the house.

Seeing Hua Jin Ge, A Qin grabbed her sleeve as if he was his savior.

"Ge Er, not good, quickly run!"

There was an uncontrollable sobbing sound in her voice, and her small face was covered with scratches and wounds.

Her tattered clothes had been torn into strips, revealing her pure white skin. One could clearly see the bruises on them.

Clearly, someone had bullied her.

Could it still be that bunch of blind things from last night?

Hua Jin Ge pulled A Qin to his side, and just as he was about to ask her, a loud "bang" sound came from the door.

The dilapidated wooden door was kicked open, and countless strong men and women rushed into the room in a line.

Those mama all had a cold expression on their faces as they expressionlessly entered the room to rummage through, but they didn't find anything.

The leader of the group looked deeply into Hua Jin Ge's eyes, his gaze as sharp as knives landing on Hua Jin Ge.

Hua Jin Ge didn't even dodge, and directly stared back with a gaze a hundred times more vicious than hers.

When the old nanny saw this, she couldn't help but tremble.

Only then did he hurriedly walk out.

"Did you find anything?"

Outside,'s dull voice sounded anxiously.

"Reporting to the old master, I didn't find anything."

The old lady was so frightened by Hua Jin Ge's gaze that it almost made her cramp and lose her bones. For a moment, she forgot about her slander.

When he thought about it, he had already said what he had said earlier. Thus, he remembered that he had to change his words, "Only, third, Third Miss seems to be a little strange ?"


How could a fool be so weird?

Since he could not find the source of the plague here, then he would look for it elsewhere. Hua Zhan Yuan frowned and turned to leave, not putting the weird words that he said onto the letter.

"Old master, please stop and listen to me."

Seeing that Hua Zhan Yuan did not even care about his, a trace of white light flashed past the mama's eyes, and he suddenly kneeled down, requesting Hua Zhan Yuan to listen to what he had to say.


Ever since the imperial physicians found out that Chen Xiang Yuan was infected with plague last night, the Washington was no longer at peace.

This morning, two of Chen Xiang Yuan's personal maids were found dead in Chen Xiang Yuan's Snowfall Pavilion's kitchen.

These two maids were discovered by the waiter who brought the dishes to the kitchen. It was said that when he found them, he had bitten his face to pieces.

Even his tongue had been eaten up by the rats.

The scene was horrifying. There was a coroner to confirm that the two of them were infected with the plague. After their deaths, the rat had eaten the flesh on their faces.

Of the two maids, one was Zhang Shi who stayed in the small kitchen while the other was Chen Xiang Yuan's distant relative.

There were even a few disciples from the Snowfall Pavilion who testified that these two were Chen Xiang Yuan's personal guards.

If Chen Xiang Yuan was infected with plague, it was not impossible for them to be infected.

However, at this time, someone came forward to prove that these two people were Tranquil Heart Pavilion s that went in and out of Third Miss Hua Jin Ge's room at night.

Just in case, Hua Zhan Yuan brought people to Tranquil Heart Pavilion to search for a bit.

Since he hadn't received anything yet, how could he waste his time on this fool?

This result was within Hua Zhan Yuan's expectations. Hua Jin Ge was a fool, he couldn't even recognize the poison, how could he know how to bring Plague into the manor?

"This old one feels that the Third Miss does not seem to be stupid."

The old lady paused for a moment before lowering her voice and uttering those words.

"You aren't stupid? Heh, do you think this old man is an idiot? "

Thinking about how Chen Xiang Yuan had gone insane, she couldn't help but mutter these words, causing herself to be ridiculed by the Prunus mume, feeling extremely aggrieved.

Now that this old nanny was making such wild guesses, it was as if he had experienced the humiliation he had suffered that day.

Thus, his expression turned cold, his sword-like eyebrows raised, and his upright facial features immediately darkened as he angrily berated.

"Since you haven't found anything in the Tranquil Heart Pavilion, why don't you all scram to the other courtyards to check?"

In the past, the Great Yue State also had a plague outbreak. After that plague, the Great Yue State was strewn across the fields as if there was no place for people to live.

From then on, the Great Yue State issued a decree to include plague in the list of crimes punishable by death.

If plague broke out again and it was discovered where it had come from, the officials there would be deported.

If they found out whose residence it was from, then they would be brought into the Nine Nations, and all living things in the mansion would be taken care of.

He had originally thought that Chen Xiang Yuan's plague was only a coincidence, but now that two more people died from it, he didn't dare to let his guard down no matter what.

The peddlers and coroners who knew that the Washington might have contracted a plague had all been dealt with.

As long as he could find the source of the plague, he would be able to solve it perfectly.

After scolding the old granny, Hua Zhan Yuan angrily slammed the door and left.

The old granny was flung to the ground, she stared blankly at Hua Zhan Yuan's figure that was rushing away like a gale, she did not realise that behind her, a pair of cold falcon eyes had long locked onto her.

Amma was Hua Mo Ran's wet nurse. Because her mother was Hua Zhan Yuan's wet nurse, she still had a certain position in Washington.

In the past, when Hua Xi Er was still alive, she would only care about her status and didn't dare to do anything to Hua Jin Ge and her daughter.

Now that Hua Xi Er was dead, her movements were even bolder and more fearless.

However, was too stubborn and headstrong, if it wasn't for him finding out some clues himself, asking him to listen to others' persuasion would be even harder than forcing a cow to drink water!

However, there were still a few days before he would be married to the Southern King's Manor. What Hua Jin Ge needed the most was to deceive himself.

"A Qin, Granny An has fallen. Hurry and help her up."

Inside the room, Hua Jin Ge was watching the situation outside through the window. He turned around, took out his hand from his sleeve and lightly patted A Qin's hand.

A Qin was stunned, she did not know what Hua Jin Ge meant by his order.

But even if he didn't know, he knew that she had the intention to do so. He nodded and walked out of the room to help the old woman up.

Amma frowned in disgust when she saw that it was A Qin who had helped him up. She reached out and grabbed her hand, violently flinging her away.

Looking at A Qin who fell to the ground, she snorted coldly, then turned and left with a look of satisfaction.

Naturally, she didn't notice the faint traces of a smile in that pair of clear eyes hidden behind the window.

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