Noon, Hua Jin Ge was tasting tea in the courtyard.

Her slender fingers held the teapot and poured warm tea onto the four teacups placed on the stone table.

He called for the tea water to spread out from the cup's opening, slowly wrapping it all under the warm and moist water curtain.

As he stared at the clear and transparent liquid slowly walking on the black jade surface, he saw that the black Qi had already formed and was flowing along the water current. It had gathered and was playing like a child.

At this moment, the corner of Hua Jin Ge's mouth slowly revealed a trace of a smile.

No one could understand the profoundness in his eyes.

Many of the things in this Tranquil Heart Tavern were trash that couldn't be taken care of anymore, but this black jade tea set was a good thing.

However, the better the item, the fewer people who knew about it.

Hua Jin Ge placed the black jade teapot on the table, gently twirling the teacup and tilting the cup's mouth, causing the warm water in the teacup to pour down and moisten the teapot.

She repeated this action over and over again without the slightest tiredness.

It was only when the black color on the black jade became more transparent that she stopped her movements.

He raised his eyes and looked at the sun in the sky.

It was already noon.

Looking at the time, the news should have already spread all over Great Yue State's capital.

She took out a thin handkerchief from her sleeve and carefully wiped off the tea set before carefully placing it in a shabby wooden box at the side.

Finally, he closed the lid of the wooden box and left the lock.

Her gaze followed the movements of her hands, and as she heard the sound of hurried footsteps coming from outside the courtyard, a trace of satisfaction flashed within her eyes.

The footsteps came closer, and the one who came was A Qin.

"Ge Er." A Qin walked into the courtyard and saw Hua Jin Ge sitting by the side of the table, staring at a wooden box in a daze.

Not knowing what she was doing, she went up and sat down, then said hurriedly, "That news has already spread throughout the streets and alleys of the capital."


Hua Jin Ge extended his hand and heavily knocked on the eastern corner of the stone table three times.

Under A Qin's stunned gaze, the stone table was split into two halves. The inside was empty, but it was just enough to fit the old wooden box in Hua Jin Ge's hands.

He put away the wooden box and knocked on the west corner of the stone table three times.

The stone table slowly closed again, until not a single crack could be seen on the surface.

The closed stone table still looked like a complete stone.

Seeing that, A Qin was stunned.

After a long while, she finally reacted. After Hua Jin Ge heard her narration, he gave an "Oh" and swallowed his saliva.

"I just entered the Washington through the back door. The back door of the Washington was completely blocked by the crowd, those people were extremely angry, they said that they were going to burn the Hua family to prevent the plague from spreading out and harming everyone."

After A Qin finished speaking, she thought about what she saw at the door just now. She still had lingering fear in her heart, "Even Master Jing Zhao Yin Han was startled, and came to the entrance of the Washington, saying that he wanted to give an explanation to the citizens."

"Oh, that's good."

After Hua Jin Ge said this, he extended his long finger and knocked on the hard stone table. With one hand, he propped up half of his face, as though he was thinking about something.

"Good news, Ge Er, how can this be considered good news?!" A Qin didn't understand why Ge Er wanted her to bribe the beggars on the streets to spread the news that the Hua Clan might have contracted a plague.

If this news were to spread out, Emperor would be shocked, and find out the truth of the plague. Not to mention that the entire Hua Clan would be burnt to death, even if they did not die, Ge Er and Southern King's marriage would be ruined.

The Southern King was a place where countless women wished to marry.

Now that this matter had fallen into Ge Er's hands, wasn't she forcefully making this matter come to light?

Thinking about it, A Qin started to worry for Hua Jin Ge.

"Big sister and mother of the Washington were all burned to death. Isn't that a good thing?"

Hua Jin Ge laughed, his beautiful eyes turned, and looked at A Qin who was anxiously rushing to the side, and said: "This cleanliness and happiness, will also save me time and effort."

"Ge Er, do you really think this way?"

Hearing Hua Jin Ge's words, A Qin thought of the day Yun Qing Shan died.

Although she was extremely fierce towards the people of Washington, she knew.

Ge Er's current power was weak. Without relying on the Hua Family, even if she married into the Southern King's Manor in the future, it would still be difficult for him to establish himself.

Think so?

Hua Jin Ge laughed without saying a word.

Of course, she did not think that way. The matter this time, was only to teach the Hua Family a lesson, and also to wake Feng Ye Yang up.

He was on guard against anyone under the heavens, not to forget that he had to be on guard against the Hua Clan, which was enjoying the success of their career.

If not, at a place that no one could see, some dirty stuff would be born, and if it involved his entire Da Yue, all of it would be destroyed, and it wouldn't be worth it.

"But, Ge Er, if it is really like this, you will be burned to death, you ?" Just as he escaped from this big fire, are you going to fall into another big fire?

If this wasn't a fool, then what was it?!

"Do you really think that if I were to be infected with the plague, Feng Ye Yang would burn me to death?"

Hua Jin Ge raised his eyebrows and chuckled.

A Qin stared blankly at her, unable to understand why Hua Jin Ge would ask such a question.

The mansion that gave birth to the plague would definitely be beheaded by the Da Yue's laws. Could it be that there would be an exception in the Hua Family, on an unfavoured Miss like her?

"The reason why I was bestowed the marriage to Feng Jun Xie was to slap Feng Jun Xie's face in the first place. Since I'm possibly infected with plague, doesn't it mean that the people despise Feng Jun Xie even more that he married me?"

After Hua Jin Ge finished speaking, he laughed, and at this moment, a leaf fell from the jujube tree above his head slowly fell beside Hua Jin Ge's body.

The leaves had already endured through the winter, but when spring approached, they left the tree branches they relied on to survive. They became dried up leaves and eventually became mud.

Holding the leaf in his hand, Hua Jin Ge stared at it, as if he was looking at his past self.

How could she not understand Feng Ye Yang's personality? She was afraid that he could kill all the people in Washington, but he would save her life for this.

To make a fool who might have been infected with plague marry the Southern King who could shake the world, how could he be so happy to see the people of the world laughing at Feng Jun Xie.


Feng Ye Yang, do you know that you have always been scheming in my plans?

Hua Jin Ge held the leaf tightly in his hand and crushed it into powder, which he held in the wind behind him.

When he looked back at A Qin, his eyes were overflowing with cold intent, causing A Qin to shiver uncontrollably.

This kind of Hua Jin Ge was so unfamiliar, so terrifying.

However, it was a good thing to rely on.

Just as A Qin wanted to say a few more words, the sound of intense and noisy footsteps came from outside the door, pulling her out of her thoughts.

Hua Jin Ge also forgot about it.

The black mass of men and women rushed into the courtyard, each holding a different type of rod and pincer in their hands.

Only after they stood still did a middle-aged woman walk out from the crowd. She held a long whip in her hand and continued to beat her palm up.

The corner of his mouth hooked up into a bloodstained grin.

The Amma was indeed not afraid of death.

When Hua Jin Ge saw that the person who came was the Amma who wanted to prove in front of Hua Zhan Yuan that he was not stupid, a sneer appeared in his eyes.

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