In the Chihuahua, the orphans and widows who were still immersed in their dreams had all fallen asleep permanently in the midst of this sudden and intense fire.

The people who were awake were busy fleeing for their lives. However, the old mansion was now barricaded like a copper wall. No matter how hard the people inside tried, they could not open the broken door.

There was no hope of escaping. The firelight illuminated half the sky, and the screams of agony seemed to tear the heavens apart.

While his thoughts were in a mess, Hua Xi Er felt someone shaking him.

There was a clamor in his ears.

"Ge Er, Ge Er, get up quickly, we can leave here."

Someone beside him had whispered and talked to him. Hua Xi Er's eyes were wide open as he looked at the person pulling at his little face.

That dirty little face could not be seen, but Hua Xi Er felt that it was a little familiar.

She stretched out her hand and saw that her hands and legs were still in perfect condition. Her brain exploded with a loud bang.

"Ge Er, don't be stunned, the fire is getting stronger and stronger, there is a dog hole here, let's go out from here."

He pulled his girl away to dig into the tall grass at the corner of the wall, then pulled Hua Xi Er over.

A ball of flames suddenly pounced at him from behind, but fortunately, Hua Xi Er was able to dodge very quickly so he was not struck by her attack.

Taking a closer look, what was wrapped under the flames was an aged body. It was curled up on the ground and was still making its final struggles.

The fire, these people --


She remembered now, this was Chihuahua. She had asked her mother to build this place for those helpless elderly women and children, and there were thousands of them.

This fierce fire had destroyed everything.

Without much time to think, Hua Xi Er was pulled out from the dog hole by a pair of small hands.


Just as her body entered the dog hole, a loud explosion came from inside. Although there was a wall separating them, one could still feel the unforgettable scene.

Death, spreading, she was reborn.

This huge fire burned for an entire night.

Overnight, the house was reduced to ashes.

The fire was fierce, it resonated with the fire in the palace at the north side of the city, dyeing half the sky of Great Yue State red.

It was said that no one dared to save this fire, and that the fireman was directly thrown into the fire to be burned to death.

It was said that the people inside this house were created by assassins who trespassed into the palace to assassinate the Queen. They would rather kill a hundred by mistake than let one go, the Emperor ordered the burning of this troublesome house.

It was said that the fire lasted for an entire night, and the screams from the house continued to echo in the air.

Hua Xi Er and the girl that brought her back from the border of death stood shoulder to shoulder on the roof of the house, looking at the pitch black ruins.

His gaze did not leave him for a long time.

"Ge Er, stop looking."

The girl beside her pulled her hand. Her hand was warm, but Hua Xi Er slowly turned his head, looking at her black face.

He had to put aside his hatred in his heart before he gradually began to understand.

Hua Xi Er was already dead. She was Hua Jin Ge, the younger sister of the same father and mother.

It was just that before that, Hua Jin Ge was a fool. When he was born, he was rejected by Hua Zhan Yuan because he was a fool and treated as an insult.

The girl beside her was called A Qin. She was the girl who was begging for help on the streets all those years ago.

"How many escaped?"

Deep, she asked, clenching her fists.

"Just the two of us."

The Chihuahua had taken in close to a thousand people, but now only the two of them had escaped, and the near thousand corpses had turned into ashes.

Hua Jin Ge was not in Chihuahua in the first place, but someone had thrown him in last night and had gone through this huge fire with these people.

A gust of wind blew past, and the burnt building in the courtyard collapsed.

After being blinded by the smoke, Hua Jin Ge wanted to cry, but at the next moment he bit his lips.

Feng Ye Yang, it's not enough to just kill one of me. Are you willing to let all the innocent commoners in Chihuahua go?

Feng Ye Yang, even the heavens can't watch your evil deeds anymore. When I revived, I wanted to kill you to avenge so many innocent people.

She wanted to see it clearly. She wanted to remember it, how the smiles that had once surrounded her had disappeared in the fire.

After a long while, she slowly turned around.

"Let's go."

From then on, Hua Xi Er no longer existed in this world, only a woman called Hua Jin Ge.

A Qin looked at Hua Jin Ge with some worry, but still followed her down the roof and deeper into the alley.

She felt that after escaping from this huge fire, Ge Er was no longer the same. At least, he was not stupid anymore.

The two of them arrived at a bustling street where they heard various versions of the rumors about the Chihuahua and the palace's blood catastrophe.

"It is said that last night, when the Queen was giving birth to the children, they were ambushed by assassins and died in blood." It is said that last night, when the Queen was giving birth, they were ambushed by assassins and died in blood.

On the other side of the street, a white-faced scholar was waving a fan as he told the crowd about the tragedy that had occurred last night.

After Hua Jin Ge heard this, he stopped in his tracks.

Yue Er, her Yue Er is also gone? How could this be, how could this be!

"I never thought that the crown prince would be so hot-blooded. I just wonder if Yun Family will let this go. After all, this Queen is the only eldest daughter of the Yun Family."

The fat man frowned. "But did you catch the assassin that ambushed the Queen? It is said that because of the death of Queen, all of the palace maids and eunuchs were beheaded.

"Of course, the Queen came down to this world. If there is no Queen, then the world will not be a safe place!"

An old man said with a faint smile, which immediately silenced everyone.

A Qin pulled on Hua Jin Ge's sleeves and said softly, "Ge Er, let's go." Sister Hua is dead, the sky of Great Yue State is going to change.

"I also heard that this morning, Southern King had already gone to carry out palace guards' orders to see Queen's corpse, and even said crazy words about tearing the culprit's corpse into a thousand pieces!"

Just as Hua Jin Ge turned around stiffly, he heard these words.

Thinking about that stubborn figure, her heart ached even more. Gritting her teeth, she pulled A Qin and quickly walked out of the crowd and towards the Washington.

At the entrance of Washington.

The two of them avoided the guards of the Washington, and Hua Jin Ge led A Qin into the mother's courtyard.

Now that she was killed by Feng Ye Yang, she was most afraid that he would not let her mother go, no matter what.

Besides, she had to come here to get something, something very important.

The Riverbrook Pavilion where his mother lived was currently very quiet.

Hua Jin Ge hid on top of the wall and pressed his head against the wall, but he could still hear whimpering coming from inside.

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