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Feng Zizai unleashed the Tiger Subduing Fist. The power of his fist art was extremely strong, and the illusions in the air made it hard for one to fathom them. The Witch Queen was not a normal person. Every time she struck out, her palm would shoot out a white light. Every time the white light hit the wall, it would explode and create a big hole.

"Humph!" So it's a Mysterious Dragon secret manual. No wonder the Divine Magus was in such a hurry. " Feng Zi seemed to have guessed what was inside the box.

The Witch Queen replied, "So what if I am? Don't tell me you have to agree before I can take it?"

Feng Zi didn't expect the item in the box to be a Mysterious Dragon secret manual. An item exchanged from a fisherman was actually a Mysterious Dragon secret manual. What was even more hateful was that he almost gave the secret manual to the witch.

Lu Yifeng climbed over the wall and ran into the main street. When he turned around, he saw that a large group of people were still chasing him with sabers in their hands. He quickly ran again.

"Stinky brat, don't run. Stand still."

The pursuer shouted at Lu Yifeng. The group of people were getting closer and closer to Lu Yifeng. They were only two bodies away. Lu Yifeng could clearly hear the sound of a broadsword chopping empty air behind him.

Lu Yifeng was desperately running. Just as he distanced himself a little, a group of people wearing different clothes suddenly appeared in front of him. Lu Yifeng smiled wryly in his heart: "Really? Could it be that steamed buns were worth so much now? Do you want to chase me to the ends of the earth? "

He suddenly turned to the left, avoiding the people blocking his path. At this moment, the people blocking his path were actually fighting with the people chasing behind him.

Lu Yifeng let out a sigh of relief, rejoicing in his heart as he said, "Fortunately, they are not in the same group as me. Otherwise, I would have been hacked into a Muggle." When no one was paying attention, Lu Yifeng once again jumped to the city gate. Just as he was about to sneak out of the city gate, he heard a burst of chasing sounds coming from behind him.

Lu Yifeng was very conscious. He carried his backpack and ran out of the city gate, shouting out Wang Tianba's name the entire way, "Tianba, where are you … Save me, Tian Ba. "

Wang Tianba was sitting comfortably when he heard Lu Yifeng's excited shout and immediately stood up to respond.

"Here it is, what's the matter?"

Wang Tianba beckoned to Lu Yifeng. In the next second, Wang Tianba was stunned. Dozens of men carrying sabers rushed out from outside the city gate, shouting out loud as they tried to slash at Lu Yifeng.

"No way, what is this kid doing?" Wang Tianba asked Lu Yifeng in his heart.

Before Lu Yifeng reached the tree, he shouted at Wang Tianba, "Quick, run!"

Seeing that the situation wasn't good, Wang Tianba quickly mounted his horse, turned around, and urged Lu Yifeng, "Quick, run faster. Come over here quickly."

Lu Yifeng ran with all his might and finally reached the base of the tree. The pursuers behind him also ran to a location very close to them. Wang Tianba pulled Lu Yifeng over. With a swoosh, a saber came chopping down. Lu Yifeng pulled back his leg and brushed past the saber. The distance between the saber and the thigh was only the width of a finger. The two of them urged their horses forward, leaving the people chasing after them to bitterly watch.

"I say, did you steal the emperor's underwear?"

Wang Tianba turned to look at Lu Yifeng.

Lu Yifeng still had some lingering fear as he said, "Motherf * cker, I just took a few steamed buns and several pieces of donkey meat from the inn. I didn't expect that shopkeeper to be so heartless and wanted someone to chase me down for nine streets. It's a good thing my martial arts are powerful, otherwise how could I escape so easily?"

Lu Yifeng was seriously boasting and was out of breath from exhaustion.

Wang Tianba said sarcastically, "Yes, yes, yes, you even know how to use lightness skills. You're the one carrying the horse, otherwise, how can it run so fast?"

In the inn, Feng Tian An used his palm to push out a red light. Yuan Xia Yu also slashed horizontally with his sword to release a white light. When the two lights collided, there was an explosion. The members of the Azure Dragon Society and the red-clothed girl were also engaged in a chaotic battle on the streets. Their swords and sabers were facing each other, and the scene was extremely chaotic. One by one, the pedestrians hid in the courtyards of the houses on both sides of the road. There were some who were unafraid of death who would occasionally poke their heads out to watch the fight.

In the next round, Yuan Xiayu took the lead and jumped high into the air. She waved her sword in the air, each and every one of her sword strikes emitted a white light as she attacked Feng Tianan. Feng Tian An was extremely nimble, and he somersaulted a few times to avoid the streaks of white light. When the white light fell onto the ground, the table on the ground was immediately cut into two halves.

Feng Tian An struck back several times with red light. Yuan Xia Yu was not in a hurry. He brandished his sword again. The sword was split into several parts, and like raindrops falling from the sky, it turned into white light. Dozens of streaks of red light interweaved in the air as explosions rang out. The wine jars at the side of the counter were also shattered by the shockwaves of their attacks, letting out crackling sounds.

Seeing the bundle outside the window at the back door, the Witch Queen immediately flew to the back door and picked up the bag. Before she could check on it, a strong gust of wind had already forced its way in. Raising his head, he saw Feng Zi Zhi in the middle of the air, a red light gathered in his hands. The light was much larger than before, and it was brimming with killing intent.

Feng Ziquan yelled out the name of the move loudly, "Wrath of the Ten Thousand Beasts!"

Send it to the Witch Queen.

"The sixth move of the Tiger Subduing Fist Art?" The Witch Queen thought for a second and then let out an ear-splitting roar. Her hands moved quickly and shouted, "Demonic Art!"

Suddenly, a white light shot out from his hand.

Anger of Ten Thousand Beasts and the [Heavenly Demonic] technique were locked in combat in the air, and the two were on par with each other. Feng Zizai and the Witch Queen also used all their abilities, their foreheads covered in sweat.

Feng Tian An and Yuan Xia Yu, who were in the inn, could clearly feel the two strong waves of inner strength fighting each other. Feng Tian An took the lead and left first. Yuan Xia Yu didn't dare to delay and also gave chase.

Feng Tian An struck Yuan Xia Yu behind him with a red light. Yuan Xia Yu hurriedly dodged and flew to the other side with his Qing Gong.

"I didn't expect that the head disciple of the Mage's disciple, Wu Nu, would be so powerful. I've really underestimated you."

Yuan Xiayu's tone was still as calm as before as he said, "The Azure Dragon Fist Art has a world-shaking reputation. Young Master Feng has a very good explanation for this today, but Young Master Feng's fist art is still slightly tender. I'm guessing that you've only practiced it to the fourth layer."

Seeing that his strength had been seen through, Feng Tian An didn't try to hide it anymore. He said:

"Today, the Azure Dragon will fight with the witch because of our responsibility. If you don't want to become enemies in the future, then stop fighting."

Yuan Xia Yu wasn't a person who liked to fight to the death, and now that Feng Tian An had brought an end to the war, he naturally didn't want to harm the innocent anymore.

"Alright, this is a personal grudge between the two of us, and we don't need to implicate our brothers and sisters."

"Everyone stop!" Yuan Xia Yu gave the order and the rest of the red-clothed women on the street all stopped moving.

Feng Tian An also shouted to the people from the Green Dragon Gang: "Everyone stop fighting, stop."

Only then did the two groups of people stop fighting. There were dozens of subordinates lying on the ground. There was a red-clothed female, and there were also people from the Azure Dragon Society. It was unknown whether they were dead or injured.

The sky began to darken, and only a vague white road could be seen. It was unknown how far Wang Tianba and Lu Yifeng had escaped. When they heard that there was no sound coming from behind them, they slowed down.

"I was almost killed by you. Those big men don't know if they treated you like a watermelon and wanted to chop you down."

Wang Tianba jumped off his horse and sat on the grass by the side of the road.

Lu Yifeng also dismounted and untied his bag with his hand, saying, "God knows what they do, I risked my life to bring you food. Don't say anymore, you haven't eaten anything all day. Come, there are some steamed buns here."

Lu Yifeng stretched out his hand to touch it. He felt the soft cloth inside the bundle.

Wang Tianba looked at Lu Yifeng and said, "Stop playing and take it out quickly. My stomach is growling with hunger."

"It doesn't seem right."

Lu Yifeng opened the bundle and saw that it contained a set of clothes. Under the clothes was a wooden box. Due to the dark sky, he couldn't see the shape of the box.

He revealed an incredulous expression and said, "That's impossible! I had clearly taken the steamed bun and donkey meat. How did this happen?"

He thought for a while and said, "Oh, I remember now. Did I take the wrong bag? Just now, two identical bags were left at the inn's back door. I took the wrong bag. "

Wang Tianba jumped up in anger and said to Lu Yifeng, "Are you serious? If you have anything to eat, don't take it. We don't need clothes for you to take care of."

Lu Yifeng stuttered, not knowing what to say.

In the inn, Feng Zi Qing and the Witch Queen were still battling. The two of them were already exhausted, but they refused to admit defeat. The anger of the beasts and the power of the Demonic Art had sucked the tiles on the roof of the inn, as well as a few doors and windows into the air.

Feng Zizai looked around and found that the package was still on the ground. He thought to himself: If I continue fighting with the empress, it won't do me any good. If I continue fighting with her, it will only end in a loss for both of us, so I might as well put away my martial arts and have a good chat.

He said tentatively, "Empress Wu, if the two of us want to fight, we can fight another day. Fighting here will only harm the innocent commoners."

At this moment, the empress was also very tired. Moreover, Feng Zi was only using the sixth move of the Subduing Tiger Fist. If he were to use the ninth move, it would be difficult for him to block it.

She said, "I also have this idea. Since it's like this, let's spar again next time."

'Whoa! '

The two of them shouted at the same time and withdrew their red and white lights. The tiles in the air and the windows and doors clanged as they fell to the ground.

Feng Zizai walked closer to the Witch Queen, but there was no longer any intention to attack. The Witch Queen picked up the bundle on the ground and quickly opened it.


Feng Zizai was also very surprised. There were only three to four steamed buns and a piece of meat in the package. He grabbed the steamed buns and threw it on the ground, saying angrily: "Could it be that the brat just now …"

"That's right, that stinking brat took the wrong bag, but I've already ordered some people to chase after him, so the profound dragon secret manual will soon be mine. "Hahaha …!"

This loud voice was not the voice of the Witch Queen, but came from the right.

Feng Caizhi and the Witch Queen turned to the right at the same time. A man with a black cloak was walking towards them with tens of his subordinates.

"Xie Wang Ming Tian?" Feng Zizai and the Witch Queen said the name at almost the same time, and both of them revealed an astonished expression. Feng Zi's face gradually turned pale as he pretended to be calm and said:

"What are you doing here?!"

"Hahaha, why should I come? I've come to take the treasure. After fighting for so long, the two of you probably don't have the strength to fight me anymore. It's better to save some energy to go back and rest. "

Xie Wang walked in front of the two of them and stopped. The people following behind them were also dressed strangely. Some of them even looked like demons.

The members of the Azure Dragon Society and the witch gradually rushed to the back door. Feng Tian An and Yuan Xia Yu each stood in their respective teams, and for a time, the backyard was divided into three groups.

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