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Find The Devil/C1 Where to Go for Nothing
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C1 Where to Go for Nothing


"Shua shua shua!"

In the forest, a few shadows passed through the gaps between the branches. From time to time, the sounds of rubbing against branches could be heard.

"Haha, you guys won't be able to escape. Obediently give me your cultivation. Help me train in a demonic art!"

At this time, an evil voice came from behind the few figures. Following which, one could see a round-faced bald man with a fiendish expression chasing after the two figures in front. There was a trace of a cunning arc at the corner of his mouth — he was confident that these two prey would never escape his grasp!

"What, what should we do? Senior Brother, this Demonic Monk is about to catch up! " Amongst the people he was chasing, there was a girl with a terrified expression. She inadvertently turned around and saw that the Demonic Monk had already caught up to her.

When the faster man saw that his junior sister was about to fall into her hands, he gritted his teeth and actually sped up, not caring about his junior sister at all.

"Senior Brother, Senior Brother, save me!" "Why did you abandon me …" When that Junior Martial Sister saw that her Senior Martial Brother did not care about the friendship between fellow sect members at all, and saw that she did not even manage to save him after dying in the hands of a Demonic Monk, she did not know what to do. Adding on that this was the first time she had met an enemy that wanted her life.


Suddenly, the monk grabbed her by the shoulders. She shivered, knowing that her time of death had come.

"Let go of me! Let go of me! Monk, I'll kill you!" The girl quickly recalled the Tao technique her master taught her and a fierce light flashed in her eyes. She gritted her teeth, turned around, and shot out a streak of red flame from her palm.

Unfortunately, the Demonic Monk also gave her a palm strike back with the same hand gesture, both palms striking back, interrupting her Dharmic spell. Furthermore, she was also sent flying backwards, crashing into a big tree, causing her face to immediately turn deathly pale as she spat out a mouthful of blood. Seeing the Demonic Monk approaching, her entire body trembled, unable to muster any strength.

"Master …"

The woman thought back to her master who had always been taking care of her in the sect. When she thought that she was about to leave, she could not help but shed tears once again.

The corner of the demon monk's mouth pulled out an evil smile, "A mere Qi Condensation cultivator is worthy to fight against me, I am the Evil Demon Monk whose name is spread throughout the Zhaonan Continent — Sharp Claws. If it wasn't for the fact that there aren't many cultivators around and I have reached a bottleneck that I urgently need to absorb my cultivation level, would I have taken a fancy to you two insignificant Condensing Reality Realm cultivators? Be a good part of me. It's your honor. "

As the monk spoke, he stretched out his tongue and licked his black lips, "Oh? Is it because your senior brother abandoned you? In this world, other than strength, everything else could be abandoned, especially women. It was normal for them to be abandoned. "But don't worry, I will let him meet with you soon, you won't be lonely."

After the demon monk said this, a 20 centimeter long sharp claw actually appeared on his ten fingers. Each of the sharp claws were like the edge of a sword as they emitted a piercing cold light, and the demon monk's eyes turned blood-red because he was about to enjoy this delicious meal!

"Wuu … wuu …" "Who, who can save me …" The woman was obviously frightened by his appearance. Her arms constantly trembled as she supported herself. She did not want to die like this, especially in such a tragic way.

"Tremble!" My favorite thing is to tear the prey to pieces while watching them tremble, and then eat them piece by piece! "

The expression on its claws at this moment was extremely vicious!

"Don't, don't come over! Help! " The girl still used her last bit of strength, but in this desolate forest, there was not a single person.

"Hahahahahaha …" "That's great, that's great. Then, I won't be polite!" Endless ruthlessness flashed through its eyes, and it immediately raised its claws …

"Ah, I found it!"

Suddenly, a tender voice came from behind the Demonic Monk. Quickly after, a small figure walked past the Demonic Monk and arrived in front of the woman.

The woman was stunned. In front of her was a little girl wearing a green dress. She didn't know what was wrong with this little girl, but she knew that this place was very dangerous, so she couldn't help but cry out.

"Little sister, quickly run away! This place is very dangerous!"

However, the little girl didn't seem to hear her. She squatted down and carefully plucked a pink flower from the woman's side. Then, she excitedly turned around and revealed an innocent smile.

"Bai Bai, is this also a flower?"

The little girl's innocent and tender voice was incompatible with the environment that was formed by the demon monk raising his sharp claws up high and the trembling girl. However, she seemed to be stronger than the other. It was as if she had broken this huge gap.

Not far behind the Demonic Monk, a white-clothed, long-haired man looked at the little girl and nodded. Although he was expressionless, a trace of gentleness was revealed in his eyes.

The monk gritted his teeth, "Do you think I don't exist?"

With this shout, the Demonic Monk did not care that much. Since there were two more people, he might as well become his own cultivation base, even though these two were mere mortals. Therefore, as his sharp claws slashed down, they were clearly aimed at the little girl who had suddenly appeared!

"Give me …" "Go to hell!" The eyes of the Demonic Monk exploded with endless pleasure!

However, in the next moment, the killing intent in his eyes suddenly contracted — — The man in white grabbed his arm when he wasn't paying attention. Moreover, he could clearly feel that the arm that had been grabbed couldn't even use a little bit of strength.

"What's going on?" The Demonic Monk was very surprised. He was already at the Cauldron Refining Stage, and was just a step away from stepping into the air. He had become another generation of Air Stepping level Demonic Cultivators above the Zhaonan Continent, how could he let a mortal restrain him?

The Demonic Monk thought that he was mistaken, but when he felt the other party's aura again, it made him extremely confused. This guy really did not have any aura, but why was he able to grab his arm?

"Bai Bai, what are you guys playing at? Meng'er wants to play too! " Seeing the man's hand grabbing the bald man before her, this little girl called Meng'er raised her plump little arm, indicating that she wanted to join in as well.

"Little sister, you're in danger!" She raised her head and looked at the white clothed man in fear, only to see that his eyes were expressionless, it was simply a field of ice. He only used one hand to grab onto the demon monk's hand, as if he did not care about it at all, she couldn't help but wonder, could such a strong being from the Zhaonan Continent even contend against the notorious claws?

Claws looked at Meng'er with an evil expression. "Hey, that's your good daughter, right? Do you mind if I cut off her tender skin piece by piece?" Suddenly, another kind of pleasure welled up in Claw's eyes. If enjoying the fear of others was one of his perverted interests, then destroying beauty was another.

Looking at the young and ignorant Meng'er, he was even more excited to the extreme. Destroying such a tender and pure life was the most satisfying thing to him.

"Hehehehehe …" "Be good, it won't hurt …" The Demonic Monk's face revealed a sinister smile. His entire body was extremely evil, and he raised his other claw, wanting to kill Meng'er.


An extremely ear-piercing sound swept past everyone's ears, but it wasn't the sound of the demon monk's sharp claws striking down, but the sound of the demon monk's sword clashing against the tree branches as he was sent flying backwards.

The Demonic Monk's face was filled with disbelief, "When …"


The Demonic Monk only stopped after colliding with a tree. He lifted his head abruptly and saw the man in white slowly squatting down, embracing Meng'er.

"Bai Bai, this flower is so beautiful, help Meng'er wear it …"

Meng'er had an innocent smile on her face, as if there were stars twinkling in front of her. The woman couldn't help but be surprised. Who the hell were they?

A trace of gentleness appeared in the eyes of the white clothed man, and then a trace of gentleness actually appeared on his stiff face. "Okay, Meng'er."

"Good …" "What a handsome man …" He had a very handsome face and long black hair that fluttered down on his shoulders. Although there weren't many expressions on his face, with his appearance, he would be a stunning man if he were to be seen anywhere on the Nine Regions.

At the very least, she had never seen a man more handsome than him. On top of that, this man's entire body was emitting an irresistible mature aura. That faint gaze and that gentle smile undoubtedly made her heart tremble.

But unfortunately, those eyes and that smile weren't directed at her. If they were directed at her, she would probably faint from happiness immediately.

The man helped the little girl put the flower on her bun. Meng'er happily opened her arms. "Bai Bai, hug …"


The man carried her in his arms, his strong arms making Meng'er feel completely at ease. At the same time, the man's face revealed a satisfied smile.


Just as the two were preparing to leave, the Demonic Monk who was knocked to the side suddenly called out to them. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

The man gently put Meng'er down and whispered in her ear, "Meng'er, cover your eyes. Don't look this way."

"En!" A smile appeared on Meng'er's face. She then covered her eyes automatically.

All of a sudden, the man squinted at the paralyzed woman on the ground. "Take care of Meng'er for me, don't let her look this way."

After he finished speaking, he turned around to face the demon monk.

The woman was stunned for a long moment before regaining her senses. She hurriedly used her hands to cover Meng'er's eyes. She didn't know what the man meant by doing this, but she didn't hesitate to help him, even if it meant helping him for a moment.

"What, can't you bear letting your beloved little girl see how miserable you were when you lost?" The Demonic Monk's brows twitched as he spoke with a tone full of ridicule.

The man did not say anything. His expression became cold again, and his eyes no longer had the gentleness from before. There was something as sharp as ice, as if there was a world of ice and snow in his eyes.

"What … What kind of expression is that? Is he courting death? " It was as if the Demonic Monk had been provoked by him. His killing intent surged, and his entire body shot forward like a cannonball. His sharp claws were also filled with cold light, making whistling sounds in the air.

"Die!" Under the demon monk's final roar, the sharp claws ruthlessly swiped at the man!


In the blink of an eye, the man gently raised his hand. The demon monk that should have been flying over like a cannonball was actually sent flying back in the blink of an eye. Moreover, he had broken several large trees in succession, and finally collapsed onto the ground.

"What …" Possible... To think that I would fall... "Defeat …"

The Demonic Monk raised his sharp claws with a tremble, then his entire body spasmed and his hands powerlessly fell to the ground.

"So, so powerful …"

The woman was the only one who had witnessed the entire process. She had thought that this would be a fierce battle, since the demon monk was an evil cultivator that everyone knew of above Zhaonan Continent. His strength was something that even her own master would fear, but she hadn't thought that he would be killed in a single blow. Void Discerning Level? Even higher?

Following that, the man once again waved his hand slightly, and the corpse of the Demonic Monk turned into sand and dust under a strong wind. It floated in the air, and the sharp claw of the Demonic Monk was gone without a trace!

"Meng'er, it's time for us to leave." The man became gentle once more as he called out to Meng'er.

Meng'er pushed the woman's hand away and ran to the man's side. "Bai Bai, where's that bald uncle of yours?"

The man picked her up gently and said, "He's gone, it's time for us to go." As he spoke, he prepared to leave.

"That …"

Suddenly, the woman called out to them, "Thank you for saving me, Venerable One. Thank you so much." In this world, the strong were respected. Moreover, this person's strength was far above his own. It was not excessive to call him Venerable One.

The man didn't stop because this had nothing to do with him. From start to finish, he didn't want to save anyone. He only wanted to protect Meng'er.

"Bai Bai, where are we going?"

Meng'er gently laid on the man's shoulder and asked in a very childish and naughty voice.

"Take you around the world for nothing, okay?"

"Hm!" "Wherever we go, Meng'er goes!"


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