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C6 Demonic Path

Qionghua Sect, this cannot be considered famous in the Zhaonan Continent, but it is quite famous in this small town. It is also a small, formal sect, and since it constantly does good deeds for people, it is considered the most long-lived sect in the small sects, actually surviving for over a thousand years.

However, he still couldn't change the name of a small sect. There was only one reason, there wasn't an absolute power in a small sect!

No matter what world it was, the law of the jungle ruled over the strong. It was even more so among the sects. Even though this sect had a thousand years of foundation, if there was no absolute expert to oversee it, then it would still be a small sect, and would not even be comparable to a clan.

Qionghua were the most typical examples. Every year, at the Assembly of Ten Thousand Sects, Qionghua would not appear on the invitation letter. No matter how long one lived, no one would be able to see them.

The most fatal part wasn't this, but rather, in recent years, the number of disciples who had entered the Qionghua was dwindling. The disciples of the Qionghua were generally the people who had received help from the Qionghua, and there were also some descendants of people. This was originally a peaceful place, but in the nearby city area, a new sect appeared, the Star Moon Sect. Because of it having a Heavenly Passage Ranker, one of the sects was recognized as a large sect in the Zhaonan Continent, and they even received the approval of the Continent Lord, publicly starting to compete with the Qionghua for resources.

As the new Sect Leader, Yao Yu naturally began to think of countermeasures. At the same time, she also reported to the Continent Lord that they continuously impeached the Star Moon Sect. However, every time, she would not reply.

And after going through a few years of competition for the resources, his Qionghua was obviously in a terrible state. There were no experts guarding him and no new disciples joining them.

Thus, when Sect Leader Yao Yu began to worry about this matter, she would reveal her thoughts to her senior brother. For many years, during the Sect Leader's battle, when he chose to lose to her, he didn't choose anything else.

With such a thing happening, how could he not worry about her? On the road to quickly raise his cultivation, he had walked on a different path.


To put it bluntly, he fell into the Path of Demon and started cultivating.

In this world, there were cultivators and naturally there were demons as well. What never changed was that immortals and devils could not be separated, and humans and devils could not be separated as well. Therefore, once a person fell into the Path of Demon, they should know what kind of situation they would face.

He didn't care that much. Since he could quickly increase his strength, so what if he was possessed by the devil? He didn't want to see her haggard face again.

Yao Yu still found it hard to believe. Although she had always been seeking help from her senior brother, she had never thought of having him do such a thing. She only wanted to find someone to rely on to help them fight against external enemies.

But she also knew that it wasn't his fault. It really wasn't. He had already challenged the experts of the Star Moon Sect. Without a doubt, he had suffered a crushing defeat and would never step out of the door again. He didn't expect that the moment he left the room, he would fall into the demonic path.

After that, the entire Star Moon Sect was destroyed. They thought that some hero had come to their aid, but who knew that it was actually someone from their own sect who had fallen to the Devil Dao?

"Senior Brother …" "Could it be that you really …"

Yao Yu still found it hard to believe. It didn't refer to the matter of her Senior Brother falling into the path of evil, but rather to the matter of him having an affair with a demon. "One must know that a person who falls into the path of evil still has the possibility of turning back. However, once they collude with the devil creature, they will become the enemy of all living beings on the continent. No, they will become a common enemy of the human world and Immortal Realm.

This was a life and death sentence that would never recover!

The man mocked himself, "Junior Sister …" "Sorry …"

If he admitted it, then he didn't refute it.

Before he could finish his sentence, he turned around to face Bai. His gaze naturally fell on Bai and bowed to him. "Many thanks, Senior …"

Thank him for what?

Others might not know, but he was very clear that he had not acted according to his will just now. Even if he had fallen into the evil way, he only had one goal, and that was to eliminate the enemies of Qionghua, not to eradicate Qionghua itself.

He was controlled by the monster just now, and this person's attack had dispersed the consciousness of the monster, allowing him to be free.

Bai's eyes were still cold, cold as if there was ice. He didn't say a word.

It seemed to him that it was only temporary. The real monster hadn't been eliminated yet and it was not something worth being happy about. Moreover, he would not be happy for these people. What he did was not to help them, it could be said to be a waste of time.

In the next moment, the man collapsed to the ground. Although he could still turn his head when he was bedeviled, his current appearance was as if he was powerless to go back to the heavens.

It wasn't that Xiao Bai's attack was too strong, but that after he lost control of the demonic energy, his mortal body was unable to control the power of the Devil Dao. It was likely that the power of the Devil Dao had started to devour his body.

"Senior Brother, how are you …" Yao Yu shed painful tears. If it wasn't because she was useless, how could she have let him suffer such pain?

Shui Wuyi, who was standing at the side, also burst into tears. She had seen her martial uncle's feelings from a young age. Now that they were separated, how could she not be sad?

"Senior, please save Martial Uncle!"

No one would have thought that Shui Wuyi would kneel down in front of Bai Yi, begging him to save her martial uncle who had fallen into the path of evil.

Even her master, Yao Yu, didn't expect that she would only raise her head to look at Bai. She wasn't sure if he had the ability to do so, but it was true that he had a powerful cultivation, so she might as well give it a try.

Xiao Bai didn't say anything. Meng'er, who was in her embrace, clenched her fist tightly, as if they had made a ruckus.

"Cripple your cultivation."

The word 'simple' came out of Bai's mouth like a bolt of lightning, striking everyone's heart.

That's right, the backlash from the power of the demonic path was actually the backlash from his own cultivation. If he could cripple his own cultivation, he might even be able to save his own life. However, once his cultivation was crippled, he would never be able to recover to his current state.

He then looked at her deeply and said, "I don't care. I just want to be with Yu'er."

"Senior apprentice-brother …"

After so many years, how could Yao Yu not understand his intentions? From the deliberate defeat of the Sect Leader in his battle to the days of him never leaving, he was the only one who could survive through so many difficulties. How could she not have any intentions towards him? It was just that she did not dare to have any thoughts about the position of Sect Master, as it would affect her entire Qionghua due to personal matters. But now that he thought about it, all of this didn't matter anymore. It really didn't matter anymore …

Xiao Bai did not say anything as they stared at each other. He did not want to bother with them either. However, time was of the essence. If this continued, the person would die and the clues he obtained with great difficulty would come to an end.

Therefore, he held Meng'er in his other hand and lifted his palm. Immediately, an extremely vast energy enveloped the man. The man only felt a terrifying aura, and in an instant, the energy in his body was like a flood, draining away from him at a crazy rate!

As he could not stand the sudden loss of power, the man almost cried out in pain. However, in the blink of an eye, his cries were blocked because Meng'er had already fallen asleep and could not be disturbed.

The most painful thing was that the man couldn't scream. It might have felt better if he cried out. Bai's method of crippling his cultivation was unbearable. It was like peeling off the skin alive, stripping out all the cultivation in his body. This cultivation level was originally stored in the human body, forcefully stripping it off, wasn't that the same as peeling off flesh alive?

How could he bear it?

Even the two girls who were watching at the side couldn't help but cover their mouths. The scene before their eyes was too shocking, no matter if it was the method of crippling cultivation or the pain of crippling cultivation.

Xiao Bai didn't care about this. While he was crippling the other party's cultivation, his originally expressionless face suddenly frowned. However, it only lasted for a split-second before he relaxed, as if nothing had happened.

It was rare to see a cultivator's cultivation base, but it could be crippled in a day and a night. Xiao Bai only used a single move to extract all of his cultivation base and instantly turned it into a cripple.

He knew that this was his punishment, and he was willing to do it.

Xiao Bai did not say anything. The cultivation that was taken out was actually hiding a trace of dark spiritual energy. This was the Qi that Xiao Bai had been bitterly looking for. He had finally found it!

This dark aura was not conspicuous. Even Yao Yu and the others present did not realize it. Perhaps it was because they were concerned about the injuries of that man. Being concerned was a little chaotic, so it was normal for them not to realize it.

After a while, the dark aura turned into a wisp of smoke and floated into the distance. It was as if it wanted to escape. It was as if no one else had noticed its existence.

Yes, it was true that no one had been able to discover its existence, except for Xiao Bai, who had been paying attention to it.

The moment he fled, Bai Yi, with Meng'er in his arms, chased after him. He knew that his target was right in front of him. He had finally found the first one!

Seeing Bai left quickly, Shui Wuyi was at a loss what to do. She thought that Bai Yi wanted to leave the Qionghua, but she actually caught up without even thinking.

Since Yao Yu had to take care of her senior brother, she tactfully allowed her to catch up.

That sliver of aura could not possibly know how this person had discovered its existence. It only felt that it was extremely terrifying, and that even if it was a little bit closer, it would still feel a sense of destruction, which was why it had to quickly leave, returning to its master's side.

However, it did not expect that person to actually follow it. It thought it wanted to destroy it, so it accelerated. Only its master could fight against this human.

The reason why they called him a human was because they had never felt a trace of a cultivator's aura from him. Even Yao Yu and the others hadn't felt it.

When it reached the foot of the mountain, the dark spiritual aura suddenly stopped and turned back to look at Bai chasing after it. It could not help but become interested, because it had finally escaped to its master's side, its master who possessed absolute strength!

In the biting cold wind, his long hair was scattered all over. He did not have much on his body, and it should be said that he was only wearing a long robe without any clothes, yet his chest was exposed.

This was nothing. The most important thing was that there was a large scimitar behind his back. It was emitting a terrifying killing intent, as well as the blood-red light in his eyes.

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