Finding My Baby Daddy/C3 Hold Onto Me
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Finding My Baby Daddy/C3 Hold Onto Me
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C3 Hold Onto Me

Pandora shook her head in amusement and checked herself one last time before walking out. All the way down the lobby, men turned their heads and ogled her.

It didn’t take her long to find the club Milton had recommended to her. She entered the club and looked around, hoping she would see him. When she didn’t see him, she headed to the bar and ordered again.

After a few minutes, a guy approached her and smiled. “Would you like to dance?” he said.

“Sorry, I’m not up for that.” The guy left, leaving her to her alcohol. Still, she was not drunk enough to bust out moves. “I need a shot,” she told the bartender.

“Out for a good time?” the bartender asked.

“I think so…”

The bartender cocked his head and recommended a drink. “Ask for Royce if you want a drink. I’ll take care of you.”

“Thank you, Royce. Keep the drinks coming,” she said, tapping the bar.

As Royce placed down Pandora’s drink, she felt someone come up behind her.

“Royce, can I have some Jack?” the guy said and Pandora found herself chuckling, she didn’t know why.

“Something funny?” the husky voice said into her ear. She could smell a hint of whiskey on his breath.

“I’ll have a Jack too,” she told the bartender and pushed her shot away.

“Thought you were doing shots? You’re cheating if you go down to Jack.”

Pandora shrugged. “My friend here reminded me that I can change my mind.” She said, placing her hand on the man’s arm.

“Oh, am I your friend now?” the guy said. “I am not sure I like that. We don’t even know each other's name.”

“Dora,” Pandora said, not giving her full name.

The guy cocked her head. “Fake names, is it? Call me Nemo then, because I sure as hell am glad to be found by you.”

The joke did so well with Pandora that she threw her head back in laughter. She calmed down and looked at the guy. Her breath caught in her throat and she hissed under her breath. “Fuck me,” she blurted out as she got lost in his piercing grey eyes.

“Do I hear an offer?” he asked, his eyes dancing over her body.

“Maybe?” She couldn’t see how nicely he was built because of how covered he was.

“On what?” he asked deviously as he leaned in.

“On what you look like under that leather jacket,” she answered.

He frowned and looked down. “I suppose I won’t be sad to see it go.” He slid it off, revealing an arm full of ink. It was so hot that she eyed the paintings hungrily.

‘Fuck me,’ she thought.

“I am planning on it,” he replied to her thoughts. Pandora had always had a thing for ink but Derrik never got anything and forbade her from the same. “What do you say? Like what you see under the jacket?”

“I just wanted to know if you are in good shape, but now I am fascinated.”

The mystery man turned to the bar and yelled, “Royce! A bottle of Jack!” Finally, his eyes found hers. “Join me?” he asked and Pandora nodded numbly.

“See you, Royce,” she said without looking at the bartender. She took the man’s hand and followed him without another word.

Pandora had already looked at his left hand to make sure there was no white line or a ring on there.

As they spoke, she realized that they were from two opposite parts of the country. She felt her heart drop a little, knowing that this man was really a stranger and she would never see him again.

He seemed to sense it. “Don’t be sad, Dora. We have tonight.”

Pandora chuckled before nodding.

“I know just the thing to cheer you up.” In an hour’s time, Pandora was straddling his lap and kissing him. The man kissed her back right away, pushing his tongue inside her mouth.

“Dance with me,” he urged as he removed his lips from her. Without waiting for an answer, he wrapped an arm around her waist and led her to the dance floor.

As their bodies moved together, she felt his other hand move to her side and his lips moved to her neck. He kissed her jaw, making her weak in the knee.

“Please…” she said, her stomach burning with need.

“Yes, ma’am,” he complied. He pushed her out of the dance floor and pressed her up against a wall, kissing her the whole time. She felt both his hands on her and at that moment, she suddenly remembered the bottle of Jack they should have had. She soon forgot all about it when he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his body.

She gasped when she felt him push his underwear to the side and stroke her inner thigh.

“Please take me,” she said yet again. Pandora had never felt this way before. This man could use his fingers. She had to say, they were doing God’s work at this point.

“Do you want me to?” he asked, pulling away a little from her.

“Do what?”

“Do you truly want me to take you?”

She looked at him deeply and nodded. He went back to kissing her, slowly going to her neck and chest. He was surrounding her completely. She heard the sound of his zipper and her eyes popped open. She finally realized that they were still in the bar, but away from everyone.

Her eyes landed on Milton who was with his wife, looking around.

“Eyes on me, baby,” he said, entering her. Pandora gasped and clung to him.

“Oh god,” she sighed and tugged at his hair.

“Hold on tightly. This will be quick. But once we are done, we will go back to my room so that I can taste every bit of you.”

Pandora nodded dumbly. “I want to taste you, too,” she told him, spurring him up.

He swallowed her cries until it was time for him to grunt in release. “Come on, baby…” he said, rubbing her leg as he set her down. “We have time and I want you all to myself.”

He wrapped his hand around her shoulder and guided her out of the back door. “I want your real name and I want you to say my name when you come all over me,” he said firmly.

Pandora nodded, making him grin and kiss her. And then both of them stopped by for another drink.

- - - - -

Pandora’s mouth was as dry as the Sahara Desert. She was sure a migraine was a better option because of how badly her head hurt. She stopped the alarm and then fell asleep once again.

Soon after, she heard her phone ringing and picked it up grumbling. “What?” she tried to respond normally, but it came out as a pained cry.

“Are you still sleeping?” Keira asked, clearly perplexed.

“I would be if you didn’t wake me up so surely,” she grumbled. She wanted to hang up and go back to sleep.

“Woman! You have to check out. Do you want to pay extra or be locked in?”

Pandora bolted out of bed at the words. She looked at the clock and remembered that she also had to catch a plane. She could have missed the plane if she didn’t have another important meeting to attend at the office the moment she touched down.

“Damn it!” she yelled and stumbled out of bed. She hung up the call and started to walk.

“Why am I so sore?” she groaned when her legs almost gave away. Her head was filled with a night of drinking, dancing, and a man kissing her. “Oh, shit…”

Again, she got some flashes and unlike with Derrik, they made her tingle with desire. “I had sex,” she whispered and plopped back on the bed. She rubbed her face, trying to remember the guy’s face, but all she could think of were grey eyes and tattoos. She also remembered the name ‘Nemo,’ but that was just a joke. She forgot to ask him his name!

“No time for this!” she reminded herself and moved to the bathroom. She scared herself at the horrible condition of her face. Her makeup was running. She had to scrub herself to get the filth of the night before out of her pores. With it, the feel of the mystery man’s warmth also washed away. Almost.

She picked up a plastic ring placed right beside her phone and she shook her head. She threw it into her purse and frowned at the thought that she didn’t know why she would have something like that with her.

But she didn’t have time to think too much about it.

As she got into the cab, she saw Milton walking out of the hotel. His wife was talking to a man on the side. She shook her head, knowing she would miss her flight if she spoke to Milton. So, she slid into the cab and asked the driver to rush to the airport.

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