At this moment, Mu Xuege had already arrived outside the woodshed. As the people of the island were busy with Princess Red Jade's wedding, the guard of the woodshed was quite relaxed.

Seeing that there were only three people outside the woodshed, Mu Xue took out three stones and threw them towards the three people outside the door. Without making any sound, the three of them fell to the ground.

Mu Xuege smiled lightly and walked out from the dark. So what her master had taught her were all ultimate moves. In the modern era, there were sabers and spears, so she didn't need the Pressure Point Technique at all. Now, she could really use her master's ultimate move to show off her skills.

Mu Xuege gently pushed open the dilapidated door, causing the interior of the woodshed to become dark.

"Spring Festival?" "Spring Festival?" In her subconscious impression, that little girl would always have an innocent smile on her face. She had been punished and accompanied her, and now that she was caught as the scapegoat, she was still by her side, suffering as she was before.

They had never experienced suffering together, but it was something they had experienced every day.

"Snow ?" "Snow Song." A weak voice came from a dark corner and Mu Xuege immediately ran over after hearing the voice.

"Spring Festival?" Looking at the pale and bloodless face, then looking at the shocking wounds all over her body, Mu Xuege was shocked. These people were really vicious. They didn't even let a little girl off!

"Xue Ge, it's really you. I thought I would never see you again." Chun Xiao hugged Mu Xuege excitedly as tears welled up in his eyes.

"Hiss ~" Mu Xuege couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air. From the moment she had woken up and was only concerned with the danger before her, she had forgotten that her entire body was covered with wounds.

However, to her, these wounds from the whip could still be passed over.

"Snow Song ?" Chun Xiao lowered her head and gently pulled away Mu Xuege's sleeve. How could she understand the situation on Mu Xuege's body if she only used the words' heavily injured '? Even Mu Xuege didn't expect that such a small body would have so many hidden wounds. Not to mention the new wounds that had yet to form into scabs, just the old ones were enough to shock one.

"Xue Ge, did they torture you again?" In the darkness, Chun Xiao's pair of shining eyes made Mu Xuege exceptionally warm.

In her previous life, as a special police, she trained and trained all day, and there were no friends around her. She did not even know who her family was, she only knew that she was born to train under her master, and when she grew up, her master sent her to the police station. Since then, she became a special police, other than that person ? No one had ever cared about her safety.

And the little girl in front of him was the person Mu Xuege wanted to protect from the bottom of her heart.

"It's fine, let's go." Mu Xuege supported the feeble dawn of spring as they walked out of the woodshed.

"Where do you want to go?" Suddenly, the Sea Island King and his guards surrounded the small woodshed. "I never thought that a little slave girl could be so capable!"

"Get out of my way." Mu Xuege's tone was light, and didn't have any intention of being humble.

"You, do you know who you're talking to!" Sea Island King was a little angry as he glared at Mu Xuege and Chun Xiao, who was in her embrace.

Chun Xiao was also shocked. Even if she had the courage, she wouldn't dare to speak to the Sea Island King like that with the Snow Song she knew.

"Good dogs don't block the way. Say it again, get out of the way!" Mu Xuege roared in extreme impatience.

"You actually dare to call a king a dog, do you want to live?!" Ah Da scuttled out from behind Sea Island King. Just now, he was tied up by Mu Xuege and thrown into the ground. He even broke both of his hands, making him look like a big disgrace.

When Chun Xiao saw Ah Da, her entire body trembled. Mu Xuege immediately understood. Looks like this person called Ah Da had bullied them many times. Just now when he was dislocated was just a small lesson. Now ? Heh, a hint of a smile rose on Mu Xuege's cold lips.

"I was only saying that dogs don't walk the right path. I was clearly talking about you, an eyesore, and yet you put this' dog 'on top of the King's head. I don't know if you're cursing the Sea Island King, or me? "This little girl has no sense of virtue or talent, and does not have any knowledge. Wang Ming, please consider." Mu Xuege smiled lightly as she looked at the Sea Island King with sincerity.

Ah Da trembled with fear. He was in a hurry to scold this slave just now, but he didn't expect that he would violate so much by scolding the Sea Island King. He hurriedly kneeled down and said, "Please spare my life, I didn't mean that. It's all because of this slut."

"Hmph." The Sea Island King scoffed. He originally wanted to punish Mu Xuege, but this Ah Da must have made a mistake. Wasn't it obvious that he didn't put him in his eyes?! " Someone, drag Ah Da into the slave hall and he will be demoted to a slave. " If such a person stayed by the Sea Island King's side, wouldn't he care about a servant who dared to speak of him in public?

"Your Majesty, please don't! Your Majesty ?" Ah Da's voice gradually faded away.

Even though she had dealt with Ah Da, Mu Xuege's heart was still tense. Looking at the situation, it was still possible for her to escape by herself, but there was still Dawn who was covered in injuries ? The two of them probably wouldn't be able to escape.

"Why would the Sea Island King need to trouble the masses? Didn't you want me to marry Princess Red Jade into the Kingdom of Zi Feng?" I will marry! " Mu Xuege looked at the Sea Island King with a profound expression.

At that moment, not only was the Sea Island King shocked, Chun Xiao was also very anxious.

"Xue Ge, have you gone mad!?" Chun Xiao anxiously pulled Mu Xuege's hand.

Mu Xuege lightly patted Chun Xiao's shoulder, indicating for her to be at ease.

"Are you willing to marry?" A joyful light flashed through the Sea Island King's eyes. If he went there, it would most likely be disastrous. He did not expect that there would be someone willing to marry him!

"Not only are you willing to marry me, I am also willing to keep this a secret between you and your princess. However, right now, my identity is Princess Hongyu!" Mu Xuege chuckled. Marry? What a joke! When she ran away halfway and provoked the wrath of the Kingdom of Zi Feng, she would die on the entire island. There was no need for her to protect his safety, and she did not want to stay any longer in this place that lacked humanity and humiliated the rightful owner of her body. However, she would take revenge for this sooner or later!

Flatten the island, that was something that would happen sooner or later! Only, not now.

"Really?" The Sea Island King obviously did not expect things to go so smoothly. He thought there would be a major setback, but he secretly smiled in his heart. This female slave must be silly, but as long as she was willing to marry, so what?

"Of course, but I have a condition. I want Chun Xiao to be my maid." In fact, in her heart, Chun Xiao had already been her sister for a long time. Marrying a maid was just an excuse to bring Chun Xiao along.

"Alright!" The Sea Island King laughed. She was just a servant. He wanted her to bring him there. After going there, it was impossible to say whether he was alive or dead.

She knew that she did not have a home here, so she did not know what a home was. She slept with the servants every day in the slave hall, but leaving was actually just a better way for her to recuperate and store up energy.

"Tomorrow morning, the Purple Phoenix Congress will send someone to escort you." In fact, he didn't know why the black-faced Yama King wanted his daughter to marry the Violet Phoenix King. However, since he had already spoken, how could he dare to disobey?

The ice-cold eyes of the man in black riding the horse appeared in the Sea Island King's mind once again. Even though ten days had already passed, when he thought about it again, he couldn't help but shiver.

At this moment, Mu Xuege had already walked out of the woodshed and, relying on her memories, returned to the room that she had awakened in.

In her memory, it was as if this was the only place to go after she had been kidnapped. Although it wasn't that shabby, it still left a deep disdain in her heart.

It was a good thing that she had agreed to marry the Island King on his behalf. Although the people on this island didn't have the slightest respect for her, they didn't directly go against her wishes. The Golden Sore Medicine that they had prepared for her was already in the house.

"Snow Song!" As soon as they entered the room, Chunxiao started to cry on Mu Xuege's body.

For a moment, Mu Xuege was at a loss of what to do. After all, in the modern era, she had never seen someone so weak. At that time, her companions were like people who were beaten with iron.

"Stop crying. From today onwards, no one will dare to bully you anymore." Mu Xuege smiled as she held down the morning light. After wiping away the Golden Sore Medicine, she lightly smeared it on her body.

That night, the moon was bright and the stars dim. That night, the two women were hugging each other to keep warm, it was extremely peaceful.

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