After a night of peaceful sleep, the memories in Mu Xuege's subconscious became clearer.

It turned out that she was living on an unknown island in the Qi Yang Continent, but because she was near the sea and had been named an island for ten years, she had no parents, and because the original owner of Mu Xuege's body was only fourteen years old, she had only married the old man from the Zi Nation because of a jade pendant carved with the word Xue Ge. From the moment she could remember, she had been on the island, getting whipped, tortured and suffering all sorts of hardships.

Mu Xuege's heart turned sour. She never thought that there would be such a pitiful person in this world.

However, since she, Mu Xuege, had taken over her body, she would make the person who had hurt her pay the price!

In the morning, there was no wedding procession, only a small carriage parked in front of the courtyard. Beside the carriage stood a slightly noble looking leader and a dozen guards.

Mu Xuege pursed her lips and smiled. Her fiery red wedding clothes covered all the wounds on her body as she leisurely walked into the carriage with an elegant figure.

Mu Xuege was resting on the carriage along with Chun Xiao. The curtain of the carriage was gradually lifted as she looked at the few people accompanying her. It would be easy for her to escape if she wanted to.

However, there was no way out of the village now. It would be better to wait until he reached a crowded place before escaping.

It would be better to say that it was a substitute marriage than to have Mu Xuege change places to continue being a female slave. But since the heavens had given her a chance to be reborn, she had to live a wonderful life in the ancient times.

Sea Island King or Zi Feng Kingdom King? Let them all go to hell!

She slowly closed her eyes. When she traveled to ancient times, it was as if she had just experienced a dream, thinking that everything in modern times should have been impossible. She smiled gently, still unable to believe it, as her slightly rough hands touched her cheeks, not knowing what the main body looked like.

The carriage jolted for several days and unknowingly, they had already left the island. They were traveling on the border of Zi Feng Kingdom.

Along the way, Chun Xiao took care of Mu Xuege and sincerely treated her as her mistress.

"Lord Yun, the emperor's decree has arrived." The sound of a guard reporting disturbed the tranquility of Mu Xuege in the carriage. She frowned impatiently as she hated people disturbing her before she woke up the most.

She lifted the curtain and looked at the guard outside the carriage with a displeased expression, as well as the person leading the carriage.

This man was dressed in simple green clothes and had a grand appearance. His stern face and tall figure exuded a sense of prestige that couldn't be underestimated.

"Emperor's decree? I will only listen to the general's orders! " Yun Feng was expressionless as the carriage continued to move forward. It was not affected by the arrival of the emperor's decree at all.

Mu Xuege pursed her lips. This man was quite daring. He didn't even dare to accept the imperial edict, much less listen to some general. She really didn't know who was the master of Zi Feng Kingdom! However... What does this have to do with her, Mu Xuege? It doesn't matter! She put down the curtain, lay back in the middle of the carriage, and closed her eyes to rest.

"Lord Yun, the general has orders, we are to listen to his majesty's arrangements along the way." The little guard said in a low voice, but Mu Xuege, who had sharp ears, still heard him.

"Alright, stop the car and receive the order!" Indeed, upon hearing the general's order, Yun Che immediately stopped his army and looked towards the person who issued the decree with a face full of respect.

The actions of this man called Yun Er made Mu Xuege a little curious towards the general they were talking about. She really didn't know how arrogant this general was to the point that even his subordinates dared to look down on imperial power.

"In accordance with the will of the heavens and the decree of the Emperor, we hereby bestow upon you the title of wife, concubine, and servant of the Princess Red Jade of the Sea Island, bearing in mind the merits of General Jun's attack on the island and the mutual courage of the Kingdom of Zi Feng."

Yun Yang tightened his grip. Give it to the general? How could a girl without any status be infected with the status of a general? Just as he was about to refuse, he was caught off guard by a small guard beside him. In a low voice, he reminded, "Lord Yun, do not be rash. The general has asked you to listen to his majesty's arrangements for the time being."

Mu Xuege flew into a rage within the carriage. She had taken the place of Princess Hongyu and married the monarch of Zi Feng. This monarch had actually handed her over to someone else. Did they have any intention of asking her!?

At this moment, Mu Xuege had already forgotten that she was not in the twenty-first century, where everyone was equal, but in the ancient era where imperial power reigned supreme! As for her, she was just a slave who was at the mercy of others.

However ? Was she, Mu Xuege, someone who was at the mercy of others? Good! She had wanted to run away from those people who held great power and were extremely dangerous, but now, she had to go back on her word. She wanted to see just what kind of people would deliver her like goods!

The carriage didn't change at all due to her dissatisfaction. It continued to bumpy travel as Mu Xuege leisurely sat in the carriage. Listening to the clamor outside the window, she could feel that they had entered the capital of Zi Feng Kingdom.

"Princess Hongyu, get off the carriage and enter the general's estate." A little guard walked in front of the carriage and said in a disrespectful manner.

That's right, she was a princess of the barbarian region, yet in Zi Feng Kingdom, she was no different from a slave? Mu Xuege was too lazy to care about it with a little servant. She raised her foot and revealed a pair of wooden clogs embroidered with flowers in front of everyone. She slowly got off the carriage and walked towards the fiery red bridal sedan.

Chun Xiao followed Mu Xuege out of the carriage and stood at the side of the bridal sedan chair with her back straightened.

Mu Xuege could feel someone lifting the bridal sedan. This kind of bumpiness did not decrease in the slightest from the bumpy ride on the carriage just now. Along the way, it made her want to puke.

"Hey, have you heard? The princess of a dying small island nation was given to General Jun by the Emperor. " The pedestrians on the street turned their heads to look at the big red palanquin as it walked past.

"I heard, I wonder how many generations that princess has had." Passerby B continued.

"Sigh, no one in the Kingdom of Zi Feng doesn't know that the general doesn't like women. This is only dealing with the emperor's decree." Passerby Bing sighed.

"But, General Jun is quite handsome. It would be quite unfair if he were to grant a woman a marriage in such a crude place." The bystanders could not bear to see this any longer, so they interjected.

"What do you know? Who knows if this girl will live or die after arriving at the general's estate?" Passerby A pouted once again.

"Shh, don't spout nonsense. Can we even figure out the royal family's matters as we wish?" The passersby were all silent.

Along the way, Mu Xuege was sitting in her palanquin and heard the most gossip talk about the Great General Jun. Mu Xuege's marriage to him was like a pile of cow dung falling on a fresh flower. Did she, Mu Xuege, care about that?

"Miss, are you really going to marry?" Ever since Mu Xuege rescued Chun Xiao from within the sea of fire, Chun Xiao had already changed her address towards Mu Xuege as' Miss'. However, Mu Xuege repeatedly said that she was still the same as before, and she just refused to listen as she let her be.

"Don't worry." Mu Xuege comforted her.

In the blink of an eye, the sedan chair came to a stop a block away from the general's manor.

"It's an important matter and the general has to leave the manor. It's inconvenient for him to come forward to escort the bride. He sent his best assistant, Chasing Wind, to escort the bride." A heavy voice entered the palanquin.

Mu Xuege pursed her lips and smiled. Inconvenient for a bride? He just sent someone else to marry her? What a joke!

Outside the sedan chair, a roar of laughter suddenly burst out. Mu Xuege listened attentively to the laughter of the people outside the sedan.

"General Jun is really dissatisfied with this marriage. The helper, Chasing Wind, is just a horse?"

"General Jun's horse is perfect for this barbarian princess."

"General Jun's horses aren't all Ferghana Horses that accompany men in war; it's enough to match this lowly princess."

The voices of the people outside the sedan became more and more unpleasant to hear. Mu Xuege clenched her fists tightly. "General Jun must be here to humiliate me, right?" Send a horse for the bride, all right! Today, she would let him see if she, Mu Xuege, was someone who could be crushed by others as they wished!

Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out beside their ears. The eyes of everyone present blurred, and red light suffused the air as dust flew into the air.

The big red bridal sedan chair exploded into pieces from the center, and wooden planks of varying length were thrown everywhere in a disorderly manner. People who heard it could only hear waves of surprised exclamations from passersby.

Mu Xuege, dressed in a red wedding dress, appeared in front of everyone in an indifferent and elegant manner. Her emerald red tassel jingled in the wind, revealing a sharp and elegant chin.

She gently stretched out her jade wrist and pulled off the red veil that was covering her, causing it to sway with the wind.

An ordinary face appeared in front of everyone's eyes. The surrounding people suddenly woke up from their shock and pointed at Mu Xuege who was standing in the middle.

"I thought she was such a devastatingly beautiful woman. Turns out she's just a wet behind the ears little girl."

"No wonder the Great General wanted the horse to escort the bride. His status was low and his looks were ordinary, how could he be worthy of the Great General Jun."

"That's right, that's right."

Mu Xuege indifferently stood there, her cold lips slightly curled. Her almond-shaped eyes seemed to hide countless sharp swords, yet also seemed like countless flaming snakes spitting out their tongues. Looking at the people around her, those who were blabbering about, forcibly took a step back.

She slowly paced to the front of the Ferghana Horse that was coming to escort the bride. Her slightly rough palm gently stroked the mane of the pure black horse. The feeling in her hand was extremely good. It was indeed a good horse.

Chasing Wind barked softly, as if he was very fond of this woman's touch.

"Your name is Windseeker, right? "Come, take me back to your master's house." When her voice fell, Mu Xuege jumped on her horse. Her movements were clean, and before she left, she didn't forget to tell Chunxiao, "Find an inn to stay at, I'll come find you." Then his figure gradually disappeared into the distance.

Chun Xiao cleverly rolled her eyes. While the crowd's gaze was fixed on Mu Xuege, she had stealthily slipped away. She remembered that Xuege told her to find an inn. She believed that Xuege would definitely come find her.

Manager Li was already stupefied. When he recovered, Mu Xuege was nowhere to be seen on the street.

"Chase, what are you waiting for? Chase!" Manager Li shouted to the dazed crowd beside him.

In an instant, the streets were filled with people. The servants who came to escort the bride chased after Mu Xuege as she rode away.

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