Flames of the heart/C3 Chapter three.
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Flames of the heart/C3 Chapter three.
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C3 Chapter three.


I had already finished dressing up which consisted of a brown baggy cargo pants, a white shirt and my white Jordans. I hummed a tune as I prepared my coffee and ate the sandwich I had already made. I scrolled through my Instagram until a call distracted me.


Nathaniel is one of the few friends I made when I was in college. I was more of a quiet kid, or not really. I sighed as I picked up his call.

"Motherfucker where you at?!"

I rolled my eyes at his exaggeration as I poured myself a cup of coffee. "Bro," I called as I dragged the 'o' "I'm on my way." I lied.

"You are lying." He said plainly.

Damn, this guy knew me too well.

I chuckled and then took a sip out of the coffee, "I'll be there soon. In the next ten minutes." I said glancing at the black wall clock in the living room above the fire place.

"If you are not, I'm going to cut your balls off." He threatened

I laughed loudly into the phone almost spilling my coffee, " Fuck you man."

He chuckled, "see you in ten." And then hung up.

"Fucker." I muttered and quickly gulped the whole cup. If you were wondering if the coffee was hot, yes it was.

That was the most stupid decision I've ever made.

I parked my car in the lot and then made my way into one of the largest art buildings in New York. Myself and Nathaniel, we planned on advertising one of my latest art work to the largest Museum in New York known in having interest in arts.

I was not nervous one bit, I mean, I've dealt with contracts bigger than this over the world and they all turned out well. What can I say, I'm the man.

I brought out my phone when I heard a ding from it, a message from Nathaniel.

Bro, I'm going to fucking kill you!

Chill, I'm a few feet away from you I typed back as I entered the elevator.

"Good day Mr Daniel." The white lady behind the desk, the receptionist, gave me a small smile. "The board room, over there." She pointed towards a black mahogany door.

I gave her a small smile and then made my way towards the room. I sighed as I entered the room. We exchanged greetings and then got straight to work but not before Nathaniel giving me the middle finger.

About two hours later with me and the dickhead, Nathaniel, convincing them why they should sign the contract with our art company, they finally agreed.

"When are you going back home?" Nath asked as we entered the floor number in the elevator.

I unconsciously played with the car keys in my hand. "Tomorrow." I replied as we got out of the elevator. "Is that why you are so worked up?" He asked curiously.

"I'm I?" I asked back.


"I don't know," I shrugged a little and then sighed, "I just don't want Dad to be on my neck again about taking over the company."

"Bro, you are a grown man. I don't expect your dad to still be forcing you into things you don't want to do." He opened his car door, "let him understand what you want and if he doesn't get it, then fuck it." He shrugged.

I nodded my head in understanding of what he said. Not like I was going to actually tell my dad 'fuck it' but I knew what I needed to do.

"Where you headed?"

"I'm taking Valentina out for lunch." He grinned as he entered his car.

Valentina is Nathaniel's girlfriend. Though they just started dating a month ago, courtesy of me. She was also one of the few friends I had made. And just so you know, she's one pretty crazy lady.

"Okay, I'll get to you later." I gave him a small wave and then made my way to my black Mercedes. I had already planned on going to the airport straight from here, it was easier that way.

I grinned as my grandma's name popped on my screen. I started the engine and then revved out of the parking lot.

"Good afternoon ma." I said immediately I picked up her call.

I heard her sigh before she said, "Donc, si je n'ai pas appelé vous ne vous dérangeriez pas de m'appeler" ( so, if I didn't call you would not bother to call me) in her french accent.

I understood little french that was how I was able to understand what she said. "No ohh, it's not like that ba! It's work ma."

"Ehhn, well done ohh. Don't forget you are coming home next week ohh." She reminded me. Little did she know.

"Yes ma." I chuckled at the thought of her seeing me when I get home tomorrow.

"Have you talked to your father?"

I rolled my eyes, "no ma." I grumbled in reply. She knows I'm not going to call him no matter what.

"Ahhn ahhn! Daniel, make sure you call him. He's your dad, ehhn oko mi. Have you heard? Please call him." She pleaded over the phone.

I sighed as I replied, "ok ma."

We talked about a few things and I told her to greet my younger brother for me. She told me about the new nurse coming to work for her and that she has made a few arrangements.

I ended the call as I parked my car in the parking lot of the airport. I carried my bags out of the car and made my way inside.

The Airport was filled with people, obviously, families included. There was a man and a woman sitting on one of those iron blue chairs placed in airports. It was obvious they were newly wedded, the huge diamond ring on the woman's finger confirmed it.

She had a huge smile on her face, the guy sitting beside her, her husband had his hands placed on her large stomach, looks like they are expecting.

I was about to fall in line when a little girl bumped into me. "Hey, careful." I smiled at her as I bent down to her level. Its obvious she's a Nigerian, her hair was packed into two buns, small almond eyes.

"Why are you running around?" I asked her. She looked a little sad.

"I'm looking for my mommy" she whispered with tears at the rim of her eyes.

"How old are you?" I asked her concerned.


"Okay come on." I took her towards the security and told them to make an announcement about a missing child.

What type of woman would leave her child to roam alone in this large place.

Well, maybe the child got distracted

Or, maybe the woman herself got distracted.

I'm arguing with myself again.

Few minutes later the girl ran away from my side towards a woman. She looked oddly familiar. "Momma!" The woman bent down to her level and hugged her.

"Baby! Thank God you are okay!" She pulled the girl closer to her. And that voice, I could identify it from anywhere.

Oh no.

I was standing there awkwardly as the woman hugged her child, she still hasn't noticed me.

Please don't let it be who I think it is. Not here.

"He helped me." The girl pointed to me smiling.

The woman stood up, "thank you for-" she started but then stopped when she saw who I was.

"Oh God."

I just stood there like a dumb person.

It was her, it was really her and she had a child, a child?

"Daddy!" The five year old girl moved away from her mother's grasp and them ran to her dad.

Trust me you would not believe who it was.

Are you fucking kidding me now!

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