Flames of the heart/C4 Chapter four.
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Flames of the heart/C4 Chapter four.
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C4 Chapter four.


"Aara!" My mom scolded me as I stuffed more egg and bread into my mouth. "Do you want to be late for your first day ni!"

"No." It came out muffled because of the bread and egg that was stuffed in my mouth. "The appointment is still by ten na" I frowned ad I replied her after swallowing the food in my mouth.

"And what does the time say?" She asked as she rins d her hand from the running tap water. My siblings had already gone to school already.

I glanced at the large wall clock, "9:15" I grumbled putting more bread and egg into my mouth.

Hey! Don't blame me! You should try it too.

She made a funny face at me when she saw me stuffing more bread and egg into my mouth.

"I'm done, I'm done." I said as I stood up and cleared the table. I washed the plate and made sure no water spier on the floor or else my mom was going to have my head.

I took a bottle of water from the refrigerator to drink.

"Oya, start going!" My mom picked up my bag from the three seater couch and handed it over to me. I laughed, "maami, Shey you will not miss me ni?"

"Nikini" I laughed at the face she made as I made my way out.

"Odabo ohh!" (Bye!) I smiled

She waved at me and then disappeared back into the house. I trekked to the junction of our street to board a cab to my destination. I knocked on the huge black gate at exactly ten o clock.

I had to knock the huge black gate two more times before a young boy around the age of seventeen came to open the gate.

"Aunty good evening." He grinned as if he knew me from somewhere.

I gave him a pleasant smile, "I'm here to see Mrs Folorunsho."

"Yes, she's expecting you ba?" The young boy asked as he opened the gate wider for me to enter into the compound.

It was huge!

What did you expect? A mud house? My subconscious made a snarky remark.

"Yes." I replied.

The whole building was painted white , well on the outside, I don't know about the inside. It was a duplex.

The boy gave me directions into their house and he explained carefully so I wouldn't get lost. Yh, the house was that huge.

I smiled as I made my way into the house with a determined mind. I was about to meet one of the most influential people in Abuja, I have to do this right.

I knocked on the brown door and a young woman, probably in her late forties came to open the door. She had a warm smile on her face as she spoke to me.

"Aunty Aaraoluwa good morning."

"Good morning ma." I smiled back at her as I knelt down a little. At least to show a little respect

"Grandma is already waiting for you in her room."

She told me to take the stairs to the second floor. Then by my right there would be a row of rooms, the second one with a white door is her room.

"Thank you ma." I prayed silently as I made my way up the stairs. God please help your daughter.

I knocked softly and then entered into the room. The room was painted white it had a brown bookshelf in a corner and another one with pictures.

Mrs Folorunsho was sitting on her bed with a bowl of fruit beside her bed. She grinned at me as she stood up from the bed, and walked towards me.

"Good morning ma." I knelt down, but not fully.

"My child, how are you?" She pulled me in for a hug which surprised me.

"I'm fine ma." I replied as I pulled away from the hug.

She told me to take a seat on the white couch beside her bed. And then ordered the woman I met earlier to bring a cup of Orange juice for me even after I declined so many times.

"Thank you ma." I collected the cup from the woman that brought it in.

After the woman had left she stood up and brought out my file from one of the drawers in her wardrobe. She smiled as she read through it carefully. I rubbed my sweaty palms on my trousers a few times.

"No need to be nervous. I already like you." She looked up from my file and grinned at me.

I smiled back at her and nodded.

"How would you like to start living here?" She asked out of the blue.

"Ma..." I trailed off not knowing what to say. I had to think about it. I can't just leave my parents and siblings at home by themselves. They needed me.

"I don't need you to answer now. You can tell me your response later?"

"Yes ma." I sighed a sigh of content.

"So, what do you need to do with me?" She asked.

I took her vitals and recorded them in the card the hospital already made available for me. I asked her about her daily activities which she said included just waking up, eating her food and walking around the compound sometimes.

"No stress activity?"

"No, not at all."

I nodded as I took note down. I closed the file and put it back inside my black leather bag.

"We're done ma."

" Well, that was quick!"

"Yes, since it's your first time."

We heard a knock on her door and both our heads swung in the direction of the door. "Come in!"

"Ma, Uncle Daniel is around!" a young girl about seventeen said, grinning.

Mrs Folorunsho stood up from the bed eagerly. "Eh! Thank God ohh!" She followed the girl out of the room. You could sense she was happy with the way she kept bouncing.

I think she forgot me here.

Whoever this Daniel is must be so important to her. I just sat on the chair, nervous, looking around.

Okay, I think I should stand up.

Ehhn ehhn sit there. My subconscious replied sarcastically.

I carried my bag and made sure I tucked the file into the bag tighter. I made my way out of the room and made my way towards where I could hear voices. Downstairs.

I heard a deep baritone laugh, "It's a surprise. I knew you wouldn't be expecting me."

"I'm happy you decided to come home early!" I finally got downstairs and saw the woman's small frame hugging the person I suppose is Daniel. He was bigger than her, so that made the scene cute.

He was grinning widely at her. He had a very neat haircut, his beards were in place and I definitely liked his style.

Mumu! Be staring at another man!

I snapped out of my gaze as I heard Mrs Folorunsho call my name. "Aaraoluwa!"

I moved closer to her and gave the guy a small smile in which he returned. "This is my grandson, Daniel."

"Daniel meet Aaraoluwa, my personal nurse." She held his arm.

"It's nice to meet you Aara." He stretched his hand to shake mine

End me! The way my name rolled out of his mouth. I swear I could feel heat pooling in between my legs.

"Same here." I placed my hand in his and smiled at him as we both stared at each other.

I cleared my throat, "ma, I will be taking my leave now. I'll see you tomorrow." I held my bag tighter.

I need to get out of here. The way he's staring at me is making me imagine things I shouldn't.

Aara, when did you become like this?! You this innocent child!

"Oh, okay my dear! Thank you."

I gave her one last smile as I made my way out of the house, feeling someone staring at me.

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