Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C10 All of you get out of here
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Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C10 All of you get out of here
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C10 All of you get out of here

"This Wang Ma ?" A stern look appeared on Yu Meili's face. She had long hated that weak servant since she wanted to find a new servant to replace her.

Liu Rumeng called out to her again after hearing that she had no response. Only then did she come back to her senses, "Oh no, I just wanted to ask if you have a good chat with that man today."

Hearing that she had asked about this matter, Liu Rumeng could not help but sigh, "Your sister decided to meet that man today ?"

"What?" You said she was going to marry that lame one? That's great, Mom! "

When she heard that Yu Xiaoxiao wanted to marry Qi Qingfeng, Yu Mei could not help but increase her decibel levels.

The corners of her mouth curled up in a smug smile.

This was great! Even the heavens were helping her! She finally didn't have to marry that lame man!

Yu Xiaoxiao, this is your life! You deserve to marry that kind of man! Yu Mei squinted her eyes and smiled sinisterly.

"Beautiful, how can you say that about your sister?"

Liu Rumeng felt a headache coming on. How could the two sisters turn into such a state? One was stealing her sister's boyfriend, and the other was smashing the wall in her sister's room.

Hearing that, Yu Meili stammered a few sentences, then thought that since Yu Xiaoxiao was going to marry that man, she did not need to be afraid of him anymore. She had to take advantage of the heat when it was time to strike the metal, to "comfort" her little sister when she was feeling very uncomfortable.

"Mom, I'm not talking to you anymore. I'm going back now."

After that, without waiting for Liu Rumeng's reply, she hung up the phone.

What? "Come back?" "No, no, Beautiful. Listen to me, don't come back yet ?"

Hearing the "Du du du" sound of the busy phone, Liu Rumeng powerlessly put down the phone and sighed. What should they do now? The two sisters probably wouldn't be able to live peacefully when they met again.

Just as Liu Rumeng had thought, once Yu Mei walked in the door, her face revealed a trace of suspicion after hearing the constant sounds of walls being broken from upstairs. She held onto the handrail and carefully went upstairs.

An unknown object was kicked at her feet. Yu Meili stopped and squatted down to take a closer look. Only then did she realize that it was a custom-made mirror. Now, only the corner of the mirror was left at her feet.

Yu Mei's face turned green from anger and screamed in shock, "Yu Xiaoxiao! I will kill you! "

With a "thump thump", she climbed up the stairs. The "grand occasion" piled up in the corridor nearly made Yu Mei faint.

All the designer clothes in her closet, all the designer cosmetics on her dresser, all the shoes, were piled up in the hallway like a small hill, and some of the unbearable cosmetics had shattered like overturned plates of paint.

Yu Mei's fingertips trembled in anger. Without saying anything further, she rushed into her own room. Caught off guard, a cloud of dust entered her nose, causing her to cough uncontrollably.

After struggling to regain her strength, she waved away the dust in front of her eyes. She saw a few worker-like people trying their best to smash their hammers into a big wall in the room. The wall was almost completely opened, and Yu Xiaoxiao's room next door also appeared.

"Everyone stop!" Yu Miaomiao screamed without a care in the world.

The workers stopped hammering as they heard the sound. They looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

Avoiding the bricks and stones on the ground, Yu Mei stumbled all the way to the wall and yelled harshly, "Get lost!" Get the hell out of here! "

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