Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C12 None of them are useful
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Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C12 None of them are useful
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C12 None of them are useful

Yu Xiaoxiao held her arms in front of her chest and raised her eyebrows in disdain.

Upon hearing that Yu Xiaoxiao had hit Yu Mei, and thinking that Yu Mei was still pregnant, Liu Rumeng immediately shouted, "Xiaoxiao, how can you hit your sister? You... Do you know that she is pregnant? She can't move. "

Upon hearing Liu Rumeng's words, Yu Mei immediately covered her stomach and pretended to be in pain. Her hands held tightly onto Liu Rumeng's arms and said with difficulty, "Mom ? "Mom, my stomach hurts so much ?"

"Huh?" Liu Rumeng hurriedly helped her slide down, panic written all over her face.

Yu Xiaoxiao couldn't help but roll her eyes, and said indifferently: "Mom, don't be tricked by her. When she took out something and threw it at me, she was too energetic! "You only know how to pretend. Other than putting on an act, what else do you know, Yu Meili?"

"You!" Yu Mei's face turned green after being exposed in public. She could not wait to gouge out Yu Xiaoxiao's sarcastic remarks with her eyes.

"Alright!" Yu Yibo, who had been silent all this time, let out a low growl. All of the women present were shocked.

"Dad ?" Yu Mei shouted in grievance.

"Big noise!" He only knew how to argue all day! If anything happens to the family, none of them will be of any use! "

Glancing at the sulking Yu Xiaoxiao, whose back was facing forward, a trace of light flashed across Yu Yibo's eyes.

He turned to look at Yu Meili and said sternly, "You said that you always know how to cause trouble. First, you had done this to your sister's man, and now you still want your sister to marry that man in your place. You still don't know how to give up to her!" "Don't only create trouble for our family all day!"

"Dad!" Yu Yibo kept scolding her, which made Yu Mei extremely unhappy. She broke free from Liu Rumeng's hand, walked in front of him and said angrily, "Why did you only scold me! This isn't fair! Didn't you see her throw away all my things! Look at that wall, she had it smashed! "

Yu Mei pointed hatefully at the wall that was pierced through. Yu Yibo turned and glanced at her coldly, "Stop causing trouble for me. If you don't like your sister that much, marry me into the Qi Family!"

Yu Mei's heart skipped a beat. Let her marry that lame man? She wouldn't do it!

Yu Mei pursed her lips and lowered her head, "I..." I understand. She's younger than me, so I won't argue with her. "

"It's good that you understand." Yu Yibo said coldly, his eyes glancing at the motionless Yu Xiaoxiao, as he left the room.

"You, how can you contradict your father!" Liu Rumeng looked at Yu Meili in annoyance and patted the back of her hand, "Your father is already very troubled about the company's matters. You two sisters don't need to give him any more trouble, do you understand?"

"Got it, Mom." Yu Mei quickly curved into a sweet smile, acting so cutely that Yu Xiaoxiao's goosebumps could not help but rise.

Staring fiercely at Yu Xiaoxiao's back, Yu Mei arrogantly pulled Liu Rumeng's arm and walked out of the door, "Mom, let's go. Where am I sleeping tonight?"

After hearing the voices of the two people as they left, Yu Xiaoxiao finally relaxed her posture and released her arms, hanging them powerlessly by her side.

He closed his eyes and went back to his room through the wall. He lay on the soft bed and closed his eyes.

As the sunlight shone down, Yu Xiaoxiao muttered to herself for a bit. Her eyelids slowly knocked and after a while, even sounds of breathing could be heard, as though she had entered into dreamland.

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