Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C13 He suddenly started to worry about qi qingfeng's safety
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Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C13 He suddenly started to worry about qi qingfeng's safety
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C13 He suddenly started to worry about qi qingfeng's safety

The next day.

The sunshine was great, but Yu Xiaoxiao's mood was extremely bad.

He couldn't help but raise his wrist to look at his white female watch. Yu Xiaoxiao took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, telling herself to remain calm.

To kill a thousand times, did that man not even have the common sense to date so early?

Who knew if Yu Yibo was afraid that she would go back on her word, but he actually made her register at the Civil Affairs Bureau the next day.

He was pulled out of bed early in the morning by Liu Rumeng. After hurriedly washing up and eating breakfast, he arrived in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau and checked his watch.

He thought that the man would arrive early as a gentleman, but after waiting for half an hour, he still hadn't shown up.

Yu Xiaoxiao felt like her lungs were about to explode, she never thought that Mr. Qi would be so late!

Yu Xiaoxiao angrily kicked a stone pillar to the side. She was dressed in a black dress that reached down to her knees, making her look very beautiful. The people who passed by all looked at her, but after being glared at by her once again, they all consciously looked away.

In a black Maybach not far away, the man couldn't help but laugh as he looked at the woman's frantic appearance.

"Sir, should we go now...?" I think Miss Yu is getting impatient. "

Ye Ran who was sitting in the driver's seat could not help but ask.

Seeing the strength of Yu Xiaoxiao's kick on the stone pillar, he suddenly started to worry about Qi Qingfeng's safety.

"Let's wait a little longer. The appointed time is not up yet." Waving his hand, the man's gaze did not leave the charming figure in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Looking through the rearview mirror, he could see the smile on Qi Qingfeng's face. Black lines covered his entire forehead, he never expected that the usually strict Qi Qingfeng would actually have such an evil taste.

Thinking about it, it seemed that he had seen this kind of symptom from the Miss Yu outside. Ye Ran couldn't help but shiver, and silently prayed for Yu Xiaoxiao.

"Alright." Since his superior had already spoken, he naturally didn't dare to object. Wiping the sweat off his forehead, Ye Ran suddenly felt some sympathy for Yu Xiaoxiao.

With his hands folded under his chin, Qi Qingfeng looked out of the window with interest. His smile continued to deepen.

The reason why he never appeared was to see what she would do. The most surprising thing was that she arrived an hour earlier. It seemed that the Yu Family was in a terrible situation.

With a raise of his eyebrows, the man's line of sight followed Yu Xiaoxiao's figure and stopped at an ice cream shop not far from the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Pushing open the door of the ice cream shop, he walked in front of the counter and ordered several different types of dishes in one go.

Humph! It seemed that before the time was up, that man would not appear.

Since he was going to arrive on time, there was no need for her to just stand there foolishly and wait for him to appear. It would be better ?

Yu Xiaoxiao licked her lips, her lips that had been pursed into a beautiful curve.

He reached out to take the ice cream from the shop assistant and paid. Yu Xiaoxiao hummed a tune and went out to find a shade tree to eat.

Qi Qingfeng could not help but frown as he watched Yu Xiaoxiao sitting on the stone bench and swinging her legs around.

When he remembered the sweet taste of the ice cream ball that was like a small mountain, Qi Qingfeng's brows creased even deeper.

Looking at his alloy watch, the hour hand unerringly pointed to the appointed time. Qi Qingfeng then said to the assistant in front of the driver seat, "Let's go."

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