Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C15 I will never regret marrying you in my life
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Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C15 I will never regret marrying you in my life
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C15 I will never regret marrying you in my life

Yu Xiaoxiao felt that her face instantly became unbearably hot. What did this man just say? Had she heard wrongly?

"What the hell!?" I... "I'm just afraid to crush your legs. I'm very heavy, isn't it painful for you to sit like this?"

Hearing her words, Qi Qingfeng suddenly paused, the corner of his lips slightly raised, as he muttered to himself while looking at the woman's bright eyes: "It doesn't hurt, in fact ? It has completely lost consciousness. "

Hearing this, Yu Xiaoxiao felt a little awkward, and thinking about it, she felt that it was right. Since Qi Qingfeng needed to sit in a wheelchair, then it meant that his legs had problems.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to ask."

Seeing Yu Xiaoxiao's apologetic expression, the man's beautiful Adam's apple slid twice. She resisted the urge to kiss her and replied in a slightly hoarse voice: "It's fine, you can't be blamed."

Finished speaking, Qi Qingfeng laughed, and with a bit of seriousness in the corner of his lips, he said: "As long as you don't regret, I will never regret marrying you in this life."

Hearing that, Yu Xiaoxiao raised her head, surprised that the man would say such a thing.

But thinking about it, maybe Qi Qingfeng had said it casually, after all, they had only known each other for two days.

But facing Qi Qingfeng's gentle eyes, which were filled with emotions, Yu Xiaoxiao just stared blankly. She actually felt that Qi Qingfeng seemed to be speaking the truth.

What a strange man...

Yu Xiaoxiao shrugged her shoulders as a response. Not long after, two people, or to be exact, three people, with the assistance of an assistant, Qi Qingfeng entered the Civil Affairs Bureau together with Yu Xiaoxiao.

Picking up their marriage certificates, the office staff couldn't help but look at Yu Xiaoxiao and's faces. After the two of them took their certificates and left, they couldn't help but cover their mouths and gossip with the other woman beside them.

"Look, this girl, Liangliang, the guy, tsk tsk, she's even as handsome as a model at the bridal theater. "Aiya, it's just a pity, that man is sitting in a wheelchair ?"

The other woman quickly patted her hand and glanced at her. "You're going to die. You don't even know how far away you've gone, yet you dared to say it out loud. The two of them are living together. Do you need to worry so much about eating salted radishes?"

"Hey, look at what you're saying. I was just gossiping." The woman mumbled to herself.

Outside the door, Yu Xiaoxiao blocked the sunlight with her hand. It was noon, Yu Xiaoxiao touched her stomach, if not for the ice cream that she bought for Qi Qingfeng, her stomach would have been rumbling right away.

Seeing her rubbing his stomach, Qi Qingfeng understood and said to her: "I know there's a restaurant nearby, the food seems to be good. After so long, you should be hungry, right?"

Yu Xiaoxiao looked at Qi Qingfeng who was smiling innocently, raising her eyebrows, the marriage certificate in her hand was fresh out of the oven. Since they were already husband and wife, then shouldn't it be alright for the husband to treat his wife to a big meal?

Nodding, Yu Xiaoxiao agreed without hesitation.

Seeing that she did not even try to put on an act, Qi Qingfeng could not help but laugh. She was truly different from other women.

Qi Qingfeng raised his hand and signaled Ye Qing to push him to the black car parked by the side of the road. However, Yu Xiaoxiao pushed past the assistant and grabbed the handle of the wheelchair, waving at Ye Ran and saying, "It's still me, you go drive the car over here."

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