Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C19 She definitely won't take the blame for this
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Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C19 She definitely won't take the blame for this
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C19 She definitely won't take the blame for this

Yu Xiaoxiao wanted to immediately send him to the next life just for a promise she could make in this life.

"Xiaoxiao, can you give me a chance to explain?" Huo Shaoning said to Yu Xiaoxiao in a low voice, knowing that she was in the wrong.

The people coming and going saw the two of them entangled and looked away. Huo Shaoning felt that he couldn't get any face out of their eyes, so he tilted his head to the side. He didn't want others to see his face.

Looking at his useless appearance, Yu Xiaoxiao became even more furious. She did not know what she had taken a blind eye to, to actually be together with him.

"A chance to explain?" Yu Xiaoxiao snorted coldly, rolling her eyes, "Are you planning to explain to me about the process of species reproduction, or about the specific details of how you guys are going to combine forces?"

Huo Shaoning almost failed to catch a sentence as he choked. He did not expect the normally gentle Yu Xiaoxiao's mouth to be so venomous.

Species breeding? Biological combination? This kind of scolding was really uncomfortable.

"Xiaoxiao, it's not what you think it is. Actually ?"

Before Huo Shaoning could finish speaking, Yu Xiaoxiao shot him a glance and said coldly: "You'd better get lost now. I have just eaten my fill, look at you, you nauseous."

The last two words that Yu Xiaoxiao had uttered were very soft, but to Huo Shaoning, it was undoubtedly a heavy, critical strike.

"If you don't listen to my explanation, I won't... "Ahhh!"

Before he could finish his sentence, Huo Shaoning instantly howled in grief and bent down to cover his stomach that was instantly hit by Yu Xiaoxiao.

Yu Xiaoxiao took the chance and retracted her arm, and rubbed the area where she was caught in, cursing in her heart, Serves him right!

Disregarding this disgusting scumbag, Yu Xiaoxiao lifted her leg and was about to leave.

"Yu Xiaoxiao!" A sharp female voice came from behind, followed by the sound of "gege gege" from far away and close to the ground.

Yu Xiaoxiao turned around indifferently. There was no need to think too much into it, the person who had just arrived was definitely not a merciful person. It was her foolish sister, Yu Meili.

"Yu Xiaoxiao! How shameless! I have already become pregnant with Shao Ning's child, yet you still refuse to let him go, even while pestering him to death! "

Yu Mei glared at Yu Xiaoxiao with her hands around her waist fiercely, her fingertips stabbing straight into Yu Xiaoxiao's pen.

Yu Xiaoxiao couldn't help but twitch the corner of her mouth. She glanced at Yu Mei and then glanced at Huo Shaoning.

Which of her eyes saw her pestering Huo Shaoning to not let go? It seemed like Yu Meili wasn't just brainless, she was also blind...

This one and two people are in a hurry to compete in a thick-faced competition, aren't they?

Speaking of being shameless, Yu Xiaoxiao felt that she wasn't even worth a thousandth of this big sister in front of him.

Now that she, as the main target, had been pointed at and cursed at by Little San, she definitely wouldn't be blamed for this!

The corner of Yu Xiaoxiao's mouth curled up, and a cold glint faintly appeared in her clear eyes.

"You should ask my good brother-in-law now. Who was it that kept tugging at my arm without letting go?" As Yu Xiaoxiao said till here, her indifferent gaze drifted towards Huo Shaoning.

She pursed her lips and gave a slight snort of disdain, "People like brother-in-law who look down on people in the wok while eating from a bowl are simply an example of cheating, don't you think?"

Hearing her words, Yu Mei instantly exploded. Her fingers were trembling with anger and her face was ashen.

He did not expect Yu Xiaoxiao to directly retaliate against her. Looking at the slowly gathering crowd around him, Yu Mei's eyes darkened, seeing that Huo Shaoning had recovered, he stood up and immediately rushed over.

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