Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C20 Who are you and who are your family
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Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C20 Who are you and who are your family
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C20 Who are you and who are your family

Yu Mei pitifully hugged onto Huo Shaoning's arm, her captivating red lips curled up, almost falling down to her tears.

"Shao Ning! Look at her, she's getting more and more out of hand. You don't even know that last night, she had someone to tear down my room and beat me up, "As he said this, Yu Mei gently stroked his slightly exposed stomach and continued," I'm pregnant now, but she didn't show any mercy at all. "

Hearing that Yu Xiaoxiao had beaten up a pregnant woman, the surrounding people immediately burst into discussion, many of them looked at Yu Xiaoxiao who was calm and unperturbed, clicking their tongues in disapproval.

Clenching her fist, Yu Xiaoxiao frowned. In her heart, she really wanted to tear off Yu Mei's fake look, but she didn't have the ability to talk back.

Not wanting to care about the crowd, Yu Xiaoxiao also couldn't be bothered to explain to so many people. Those who understood her didn't need to explain, and those who didn't need to explain.

Just as he was about to finish his battle and leave, his wrist was held once again. Yu Xiaoxiao turned around, her face extremely gloomy.

She definitely didn't look at the calendar when she went out today. Otherwise, why would so many people grab her wrist and not let go? Are you done yet?

"Little girl, I know that you hate me for being together with your brother-in-law," Reaching this point, Yu Mei's expression turned sorrowful as she caressed her belly. She looked at Yu Xiaoxiao with her eyes filled with tears and continued, "I already have your brother-in-law's child.

With such a big bowl of sh * t buckled down, Yu Xiaoxiao felt that she could no longer hold back the power in her heart!

If it were not for the fact that the remnant of her rationality had not been broken, Yu Xiaoxiao would probably have let Yu Mei "give birth" to this child on the spot.

The sounds of discussions around him continued to increase. Huo Shaoning, who was standing between the two women, felt awkward and coughed lightly. He stepped forward and pulled Yu Meili's hand back.

Seeing Yu Mei's puzzled expression, Huo Shaoning finally raised his eyes to her and said, "Xiaoxiao, I admit that it was indeed my fault earlier ? But, but it has already happened. Your sister is already pregnant now, so no matter how much you hate her and me, you shouldn't hit her. "

Hearing that, Yu Mei instantly became proud of herself. She raised her white chin and looked at Yu Xiaoxiao provocatively.

"Huo Shaoning," Yu Xiaoxiao coldly looked at the completely misled Huo Shaoning and scoffed, "Do you know what you're saying?"

Although she didn't expect a trash like him to believe her, she wouldn't be the one to blame for something so casual!

Being startled by Yu Xiaoxiao's sudden smile, Huo Shaoning was unable to answer for a moment. Was the woman who gave off such a cold aura really the Yu Xiaoxiao he knew before?

Seeing Huo Shaoning's imposing manner weaken, Yu Mei gritted her teeth and said, "Xiaoxiao, no matter how much you hate us, we will not blame you. You are my sister after all, so no matter what happens, we will always be a family ?"

"Who's your family?" Yu Xiaoxiao laughed coldly, causing the people watching to shudder: "The whole family is doing this to steal my sister's boyfriend? This kind of family really made me look at them three times! And there's also Yu Meili, I don't even need to beat you up. I can't even line up against the people who want to beat you up in the entire hospital! "

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