Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C3 This time the yu family was saved
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Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C3 This time the yu family was saved
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C3 This time the yu family was saved

On his knees, there was a laptop, and the screen showed the image of the room Yu Xiaoxiao was in.

Yu Xiaoxiao complained from inside the computer. Qi Qingfeng stopped what he was doing, put down the cup, and tapped the computer twice with his slender and smooth fingers.

"Ye Ran, tell Miss Yu to meet her at the coffee shop at XX Market."

"Yes, sir." Ye Ran looked at the scene on the computer, and then expressionlessly took out his phone.

The phone next to Yu Xiaoxiao's hand vibrated gently, interrupting her thoughts.

Seeing the number on the display, Yu Xiaoxiao felt that it was a little familiar.

Ye Ran!

She quickly picked it up and slashed it open.

"Hello, Mr. Ye, is Mr. Qi coming soon?"

"I'm very sorry, Miss Yu."

Hearing Ye Ran's words, a bad premonition flashed across his heart. She was startled, and quickly regained his senses and asked: "What's wrong?"

"Miss Yu, I'm afraid I have to ask you to come over. Since it is inconvenient for mister to come here, I would like to invite you to meet me at the coffee shop at XX Marketplace."

Qi Qingfeng lazily lifted his right arm to support his lower jaw, staring at Yu Xiaoxiao's reaction with interest.

Hearing that, Yu Xiaoxiao squeezed out a smile, and words practically came out of her mouth one by one.

"Coffee shop?"

She could not help but raise her voice, "Mr. Ye! I have waited from 10: 30 in the morning until now, when you suddenly told me that it is not convenient for the Mr. Qi to come here? "

Even though Yu Xiaoxiao had a good temper, hearing those words, she could not help but be angry.

"Miss Yu ?"

Ye Ran was startled, he did not expect Yu Xiaoxiao to suddenly become angry, and wanted to say something, but was cut off by Yu Xiaoxiao.

"Sorry, Mr. Ye, I still have things to do at home, so I'll be going first." Yu Xiaoxiao stood up and was about to go out. She glanced at the dishes on the table and stopped in her tracks, "Thank you Mr. Qi for being my host. I will thank you very much when I have time!"

She emphasized the word 'thank you' even more.

With that, he hung up the phone.

Ye Ran heard that there was no sound on his phone and frowned. He looked at Qi Qingfeng.

"Mister ?"

Qi Qingfeng waved his hand, signalling for him to leave.

Looking at Yu Xiaoxiao's leaving figure, he squinted her eyes, the smile on his lips became even wider.

This woman was much more interesting than Yu Mei...

After closing the computer and placing it on a table, Qi Qingfeng picked up the coffee and took a few light sips.

Since Yu Yibo wanted to 'sell' his daughter, he didn't mind changing it to Yu Xiaoxiao.

"Ye Ran." After making up his mind, Qi Qingfeng shouted lightly. When Ye Ran stood firmly in front of him, he instructed, "Call Yu Yibo, tell him about it."

Hearing that, Ye Ran bowed slightly, and then took out his phone, and quickly broadcasted it to Yu Yibo.

Yu Family

Yu Yibo, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room, saw the name displayed on the screen of his phone.

"Assistant Ye." Yu Yibo's expression changed, the cold look on his face quickly disappeared, and he politely asked: "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Sir asked me to tell you that you've agreed to your previous proposal." Ye Ran squinted his eyes under the lens as he said indifferently, "We can have Miss Yu Xiaoxiao replace Miss Yu Mei and marry her."

Hearing that, Yu Yibo's face was immediately filled with a smile, he was so happy that he could not hide his smile.

Now, the Yu Family was saved.

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