Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C4 Maybe she had taken a fancy to it
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Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C4 Maybe she had taken a fancy to it
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C4 Maybe she had taken a fancy to it

Thinking of this, he was extremely excited.

"Cough, cough." After being by himself for a while, Yu Yibo realized that he was on the phone.

When he thought about how the Yu Family still hadn't received the required funds, he couldn't help but calm down. He probed, "Assistant Ye, has Mr. Qi mentioned the problem of getting the required funds ?"

Yu Yibo spoke very carefully, afraid that Qi Qingfeng would not help if he was unhappy.

Because he had been in a voice amplifying state the entire time, Yu Yibo's words naturally reached Qi Qingfeng's ears.

A trace of coldness flashed across Qi Qingfeng's eyes. He pursed his lips in a slightly mocking manner, played with the empty blanket and said unhurriedly, "I will send someone to deliver it in a while, Mr Yu, do not worry."

Upon hearing that it was Qi Qingfeng's voice, Yu Yibo immediately explained with fear, "Mr. Qi, what are you saying? There's no hurry, let's do it according to your time."

"Is that so ?" Qi Qingfeng responded indifferently, smiled playfully, and continued to speak, "Since Mr. Yu is not in a hurry, then we'll send the funds over when the marriage ceremony starts."

"This ?" Yu Yibo's face suddenly turned extremely unsightly. Thinking about the Yu Family's financial situation, he hesitated.

"What is it? Is there any difficulty with Mr. Yu? " Qi Qingfeng seemed to not be clear about Yu Yibo's situation, and spoke while feeling 'confused'.

When Yu Yibo heard this, his face turned ashen and he clenched his fists tightly. He threw away his pride, clenched his teeth, and spoke the truth, "To be honest, Mr. Qi, the Yu Family really needs that money right now."

Pausing, he added, "It's more urgent."

"Mr. Yu." Qi Qingfeng sighed, and raised his brows, "Since you need the money, I will immediately send someone to deliver it to you."

"After all ?" After pondering for a moment, Qi Qingfeng's indifferent voice came out of the phone, "Soon, we will be family."

After hanging up the phone, Yu Yibo's ugly expression improved a little.

Liu Rumeng held onto his handkerchief and asked nervously, "Master, how is little girl?"

Yu Yibo glanced at her and snorted, "It's still considered useful, Qi Qingfeng is very satisfied.

"But Master, Qi Qingfeng isn't..." Seeing that Yu Yibo did not have any other reactions, he added, "Then wouldn't my lifetime of happiness be ruined?"

Yu Yibo frowned and snorted, scolding sternly, "What a merciful woman, if you didn't have Qi Qingfeng's funds to fill the Yu Family's loopholes, the Yu Family would have faced bankruptcy. At that time, think about what to do!"

Thinking of the possible consequences, Liu Rumeng bit her lips, but was still unwilling to accept it, "Old master, is there no other way?"

"If I have a way, would I have to let Xiaoxiao marry Qi Qingfeng?" Yu Yibo stared at his and explained, "After all, she is my daughter."

That man was generous, only he could help the Yu Family.

Hearing that, Liu Rumeng lowered her voice, and quietly sat there, not saying a word.

"Enough, don't even think about it. Anyway, let's get over this first. The Yu family's foundation can't be destroyed by me." Seeing Liu Rumeng sitting on the sofa and feeling sad, Yu Yibo sighed and comforted her, "Xiaoxiao might have fallen for Qi Qingfeng too. I'll ask her about it later."

Even though she knew that this was an almost impossible task, Liu Rumeng still felt much better in her heart.

She replied in a low voice, "I understand, master."

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