Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C5 How could he fail to break off the engagement
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Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C5 How could he fail to break off the engagement
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C5 How could he fail to break off the engagement

"Wang Ma, go make some black tea, I'm almost back." Liu Rumeng mustered up her spirits and ordered Wang Ma who was at the side.

Wang Ma acknowledged, then turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

In the afternoon, the sun was scorching hot. A light breeze blew across his face, sending waves of heat billowing out.

A taxi stopped in front of a grand and luxurious villa. Yu Xiaoxiao opened the car door, her heart still feeling indignant.

Shouldn't business people keep their promises the most?

The more Yu Xiaoxiao thought about it, the angrier she got. Walking on the white marble road, Yu Xiaoxiao casually kicked a small stone to vent the dissatisfaction in the bottom of her heart.

His trip was a waste. He had not managed to break off the engagement with Yu Meili, but had instead nearly suffered from heatstroke.

Thinking about it, Yu Xiaoxiao's impression of Qi Qingfeng, who she had not met before, became even worse.

Yu Xiaoxiao went to the front door and pressed the doorbell. She was thinking about something as she waited.

The door quickly opened from the inside, and when Wang Ma saw that it was Yu Xiaoxiao, she immediately opened the door, revealing a kind smile on her face, "Miss, you're back? "Come on in, the master's wife was still thinking about you just now."

"En, Wang Ma, sorry for troubling you." Yu Xiaoxiao smiled, passing the bag in her hand to Wang Ma. She walked to the entrance and changed into a comfortable pair of shoes.

Hearing the commotion at the door, Liu Rumeng got up and waved to Yu Xiaoxiao, then said affectionately: "Xiaoxiao, you're back, is everything alright?"

"Not too smooth ?" Yu Xiaoxiao curled her lips, saw Yu Yibo, who was obviously in a good mood sitting at the side, and directly walked over.

When she said that it would be a failure to end the engagement, Yu Yibo's expression would probably not be so good.

Yu Xiaoxiao sat on the sofa opposite of Liu Rumeng. Her beautiful eyes slightly moved as she glanced at the black tea on the table. She carelessly picked up a cup of tea, tested the temperature, and lightly sipped on it.

Liu Rumeng chuckled, and tried to break the awkward silence in front of him. "What kind of situation is it if things don't go according to plan? Are you not satisfied with this Mr. Qi? "

Liu Rumeng tried her best to speak in a very soft tone, but her nervous expression still appeared unerringly in front of Yu Xiaoxiao's eyes.

"Satisfied?" When Yu Xiaoxiao heard this word, she creased her eyebrows inconspicuously, her voice carrying a hint of displeasure, "I'm very dissatisfied! I can't annul Yu Mei's marriage for her. Mom, find someone else to annul it for you. "

It was just a simple meeting, but they had already changed to three different places. She really didn't have the time to waste on him.

Hearing that, Liu Rumeng was startled, she looked at Yu Yibo weirdly, she did not understand what Yu Xiaoxiao meant.

Didn't Qi Qingfeng say he was satisfied with her little sister? How could he fail to break off the engagement?

With that in mind, Liu Rumeng immediately asked, "Xiao-you, but Mr. Qi just called and said that she was very satisfied with you, and agreed to let you marry in place of Beautiful."

"What?" Yu Xiaoxiao squinted her eyes, she did not care about the black tea that was scattered on the side of her skirt, and anxiously asked: "What do you mean I should marry her? Aren't I going to cancel the engagement for Yu Meili? "

Once these words were said, Liu Rumeng's heart heavily jumped twice, and her gaze unwittingly shifted towards Yu Yibo.

Yu Xiaoxiao bit her red lips as a bad premonition flashed across her heart.

Could it be ?

Looking at the similarly astonished Liu Rumeng and Yu Yibo who had her head lowered while tasting the tea, Yu Xiaoxiao blurted out the guess in her heart, "Could it be that this time I'm not going to end the marriage, but rather let that man see if she's satisfied, and then let me marry him?"

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