Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C6 What are you dissatisfied with
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Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C6 What are you dissatisfied with
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C6 What are you dissatisfied with

Speaking to this point, because he was angry, Yu Xiaoxiao's voice was even somewhat sharp.

She clenched the thin handle of her cup tightly and looked straight at Yu Yibo, waiting for his reply.

Yu Yibo put down the teacup, put his fist to his lips and coughed lightly, "You guys also know, if you're beautiful and pregnant, you can't marry. But Qi Qingfeng married our Yu Family's daughter, so why can't you marry him?"

"And why not?" Yu Xiaoxiao could not help but sneer, she coldly looked up at Yu Yibo, and raised an eyebrow, "Then are you lying to me, saying that you are going to end the engagement?"

"What do you mean cheating?" When Yu Yibo heard the most unpleasant words, his voice turned cold, "I just forgot to tell you, furthermore, regardless of what your background is, Qi Qingfeng is one of the best in S City, what is there that you are not satisfied with?"

"Are you satisfied with what?" As Yu Xiaoxiao listened, she almost threw the teacup in her hands onto her father's face.

Seeing that the father and daughter pair were about to start a fight, Liu Rumeng hurriedly pulled at Yu Xiaoxiao and whispered: "Xiao-Xiao, your father definitely did not do it on purpose."

Saying that, Liu Rumeng looked at Yu Yibo's face, and tried to smooth things over, "Don't be angry, your father might be too busy, and forgot to tell you."


Hearing this, Yu Xiaoxiao could not help but sneer.

Yu Yibo had definitely not forgotten to tell her, but he was afraid that she would not keep his promise.

"Since he can forget about it, then I hope that he will continue to forget about this marriage!" Yu Xiaoxiao stared straight at Yu Yibo, and said word by word. "In any case, I won't marry his!"

"I'll turn you around!" Hearing that, Yu Yibo clapped his hands, and fiercely glared at Yu Xiaoxiao, "I've already met Qi Qingfeng, so it can be considered that I understand now, why can't I marry him? Do you really want to see the Yu Family destroyed by you? "

Hearing Yu Yibo's reprimands, Yu Xiaoxiao's heart grew colder.

The business of the Yu Family was ruined by Yu Yibo. Yu Mei was the one who broke the engagement even though there was clearly a marriage contract. Why was Yu Yibo making so much trouble just because of her alone?

"Little ?" Watching the situation unfold one step at a time, Liu Rumeng couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed Yu Xiaoxiao's hand and shook her head at him, signalling him to stop the conflict between her and Yu Yibo.

Yu Xiaoxiao frowned, she was close to saying all that she needed to say, but she kept it all back.

"I've never seen him on this trip." Yu Xiaoxiao removed her hand from Liu Rumeng's hand without leaving a trace, but her tone was even colder than before.

"Impossible!" Hearing that, Yu Yibo immediately retorted: "Qi Qingfeng just called me, he said that he was very satisfied with meeting you, how can this be false?"

Thinking about how she had sunned herself for a few hours, Yu Xiaoxiao explained with a cold face, "I went to wait for a long time, the appointed time is over, I was about to leave, in the end, the assistant from the Mr. Qi told me that I was delayed because I had something to do, and would be late."

Yu Xiaoxiao felt that her mouth was parched, he picked up the black tea on the table again and drank a few mouthfuls.

"Qi Qingfeng is managing so many businesses, of course he's rather busy. Just hold on for a while." Yu Yibo took the opportunity to interject, "Besides, didn't you already ask for leave today?"

Not only did he not side with Yu Xiaoxiao, his words even carried a hint of accusation.

Yu Xiaoxiao laughed and ignored him, continuing with her previous words, "Mr. Qi ordered a meal nearby, but after I finished eating, his assistant told me to change the location!"

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