Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C7 I hope mr yu doesn't break the contract
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Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C7 I hope mr yu doesn't break the contract
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C7 I hope mr yu doesn't break the contract

"Qi Qingfeng helped you order a meal and expressed his apology. What else do you have to say for yourself?" Without waiting for Yu Xiaoxiao to finish speaking, Yu Yibo had already found a suitable reason for him.

He simply did not give Yu Xiaoxiao any chance to retaliate.

Yu Xiaoxiao looked up and glanced at him, ridicule flashed past her eyes, "Since you are acting this way towards Mr. Qi, you should marry yourself ?"

If it really didn't work, then with Yu Meili, one old and one young, he would buy one free for two!

"You ?" Yu Yibo suddenly slammed the table, he stood up and bellowed: "Are you trying to anger me to death?"

"It was Lady Yu who wanted to anger you to death ?" Yu Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes and returned the gaze back at her without thinking.

Yu Yibo was trembling from head to toe with anger, he almost wanted to pounce over and teach this unfilial daughter a lesson. But right at this moment, a bell suddenly rang from the entrance.

Yu Yibo's face froze for a moment, before gesturing for Wang Ma to open the door.

Not long after, a man with gold-rimmed glasses strolled in and slightly nodded his head, "Mr. Yu."

Seeing who it was, Yu Yibo's face immediately changed. He immediately stood up with a face full of smiles and greeted, "Assistant Ye, why did you come here today?

After Liu Rumeng heard this, she also stood up and walked to Yu Yibo's side to welcome him.

"Mr. Yu, no need to trouble yourself. It was Mister who asked me to come and send you something." Ye Ran tactfully rejected, standing in place, he took out a thin cheque from his briefcase and handed it over to Yu Yibo, "This is the money that you urgently need."

Yu Yibo received it and quickly scanned it. Ten million.

Seeing this number, he happily squinted his eyes, and quickly thanked, "I am extremely grateful to Mr. Qi, and I will have to trouble Assistant Ye to come visit me personally."

"No problem." Ye Ran pushed his glasses frame, and a profound look flashed past his eyes, as he said unhurriedly, "Sir said that he will prepare the wedding, and that he will inform the young noble when the time comes."

"Alright, alright, alright. When the time comes ?"

"I don't agree!" Without waiting for Yu Yibo to finish speaking, a clear yet determined voice cut into the conversation.

Yu Xiaoxiao quickly walked in front of Ye Ran and snatched the cheque from her hands. She then pushed it back to Ye Ran, "Assistant Ye, I am completely unaware of this marriage, it cannot be counted."

"This ?" Ye Ran was startled, as he did not expect the situation to be like this.

"Nonsense!" What nonsense are you saying! " Yu Yibo pulled Yu Xiaoxiao behind him and warned him sternly.

Then, he quickly took back the cheque and smiled embarrassedly, "Assistant Ye, I've let you down. Xiaoxiao likes to joke around, I will talk about her properly, this marriage will definitely happen."

"Who said ? "Mmm mmm ?" Yu Xiaoxiao still wanted to say something, but Liu Rumeng, who was at the side, firmly covered her mouth, afraid that she would say more.

Ye Ran frowned. No matter how silly he was, he could tell what had happened.

Ye Ran glanced at Yu Xiaoxiao and politely smiled, then turned his gaze towards Yu Yibo and said, "This is Mr. Yu's family business, I have already fulfilled the agreement, I hope Mr. Yu would not break the agreement ?"

Yu Yibo could hear the warning hidden within his words, he wiped away the sweat on his forehead and nodded, "Yes yes yes, I will take care of it.

"Right." Ye Ran slightly nodded, and said immediately, "Then I won't disturb you any further."

With that, he turned and left.

It was only until Ye Ran's figure disappeared into the distance did Yu Yibo finally turn around and berated him, "You must tie the knot for this marriage! There was no discussion! "

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